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This is a rough brush of general public perception, details are skipped for the time being.  If the picture does not agree with your perception, do correct me.

Do you know of serious and important institutions with only two doors?  One door is to enter and one door to exit.  Each door is guarded by autonomous administrators with exclusive rules, regulations, and criteria.

To enter the institution of “knowledge production”, the gate-keeper has to check you out thoroughly; he has to know every single detail of your existence prior to entering; the gate-keeper goes to such a length as to submit you to a battery of lie detectors; he demands that you write an essay of why you feel such an urge to visit and be admitted in the institution.

Indeed, why do you want to spend time among sadistic jailers, for many years, in a prison for knowledge?  Are you sure you didn’t commit a crime that you feel the need to be subjugated to this harsh punishment?

Most probably, you fell prey to ads that told you “get higher job positions with lucrative pay” if you just manages to pass the exit door, sane, healthy, and hopeful for a better future.

The only restriction to be allowed to be handled by the maniacal professors is to pay your tuition in order to submit to their humiliating behaviors and get accustomed to indignities.  Mind you, there is no honorable exit before your tuitions are fully paid.

The purpose of a university diploma is a certification to multinational companies that you passed the test of loyalty to the education system for over 23 years and that you were indoctrinated to follow orders that may go contrary to common sense moral values; basically, that you were trained to act amoral and ethics free in the harsh world of strict companies dedicated to profit, the quicker the better.

The multinational companies and public institutions are very similar in their attitude to neutral moral standards in their employees’ social aptitudes:  They want first to test “what kind of metal you are” to withstand horror conditions and antagonistic conscious situations before you are judged a valuable asset.

Higher education systems are becoming the ideal gate keepers giving access to the privileged classes, the members of select clubs.

Higher education systems are real financial holding companies, offering pragmatic programs for practical applied disciplines to services and goods industries.

Higher education systems received the order:  “Your mission is to pre-select  potential first-rate students among the upper middle class students.  You are to guarantee that the successful graduates have passed the final judgement as to their long-term aptitudes in intelligence and characters conforming to companies standards.  As to lower class students, in order to be admitted in your sacrosanct temple, they have to demonstrate extraordinary “innate talents”, sort of hybrid explosive genes inheritances…

Lower middle class citizens have never been judged of possessing “convenient attitudes” to succeed academically:  They are suffered in society since someone has to volunteer to die in battlefields, cruelly clubbing peaceful demonstrators, and doing menial jobs for the daily upkeep, maintenance, functioning, and running of routine chores.

To lower middle class students, graduating is like a sink hole of life insurance gimmicks:  You pay consistently every month, all your life and earn irregular wages at irregular periods  in order to getting nothing in return, except a lifetime of hope that you’ll retire comfortably, or more exactly, die properly and according to the clauses of the contract.

Has anyone of you cashed anything from a life insurance policy?  By the time you get ready to cash a promised sum of money then, the company goes bankrupt.

Note:  The topic was inspired by “Reflections on university” by Noam Chomsky




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