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“Blood for blood”, “Must get up at 5 am…”, “Must work 360 days per year…” legacies are enduring

The tradition of “Blood for blood” revenge is a very common heritage on all continents, inherited and practiced not long ago, but enduring, and not about to vanish with current civilization trends.

Mankind started and developed as “River specie“ in plains, virgin forests, and on river shores.  This specie lived on fish and fruit trees and whatever vegetable nature offered.

Due to increase in number of the clan members, and the need to split up for cohesion reason, and rivalry among clans for fertile environment, and climatic changes…“River specie“ had to transferred to colder, dryer, and eventually to mountain plateau regions…The new breed of mankind is known as “Mountain specie“.

The “River specie“ who were displaced to desert environment with scarce water resources were called the nomad specie

Mountain specie  fled to borderline lawless regions, separating settled and urban civilizations, and had to live herding goats and sheep.

Mountain specie grew harder bonesheavier legs and buttocks, and swimming was becoming a much harder exercise to undertake for fishing. Eating red meat poisoned the Mountain specie, physically and mentally, and they acquired violent mood swings and insanity was prevalent among them:  They killed their own kind more frequently, and occasionally ate their victims.

The life-span of Mountain specie was significantly (statistically) shorter than the river specie because of the more dangerous activities, more prevalence of aches and pains in the lower back, swelling knees and ankles, heart attacks… They preferred to attack neighboring clans who were more settled and were engaged in agriculture, and they abducted females to serve them in old age (around 30 year-old at best)…

River specie disseminated falsehoods that the mountain specie had great characteristics and physical strength…just to encourage more of vacating the crowded river region. The river specie knew full well that the clans perched on mountain tops were actually a bunch of cowards:  They preferred to have their ass freeze rather than come down and reclaim their right to “eat fish” and fresh food.

Nomad specie and mountain specie share the characteristic of blood for blood legacy, of looting customs and living the day-to-day culture…

In the 18th century, Scotch-Irish from the lowlands of Scotland, the northern counties of England and the Ulster in northern Ireland immigrated to America and converged to the Cumberland Plateau in Kentucky and the southern States with identical environments: High plateau, borderline not delimited “debatable lands”, contested territories without established government or the rule of law…

Before they immigrated to America, these people were scraping out a living on rocky and infertile lands and they herded goats and sheep and lived a lonely and individualistic life-style. The other side of the coin is that these people were clannish by nature and formed tight family bonds and paying loyalty to Blood above all else.

For 3 centuries in the southern States, the highlanders practiced the blood for blood revenge legacy. Two families in a small village, cut out from civilization, would start hating one another and the killing of dozens in the two families would backfire for centuries. Like this mother who gets upset as one of her boys enters the house, moaning and screaming in pain from a fatal wound shot and she snails: “Stop it now. Die like a man as your brother died before you...”. These kinds of crap…

Nomads scraping a living in deserts have acquired the same kind of blood for blood legacy.

Culture developed in plains and river shores depends on the cooperation of others in the community. The culture in the Far East that depend on growing rice is called “Rice paddy” culture legacy.

Growing rice is the hardest and most meticulous agricultural work, and people harvest around four times per year small paddies.  This legacy is: “No one who can rise before dawn 360 days a year fails to make his family rich…” (an idiom in South China around the Pearl River Delta of rice paddies)

Doing well in math or physics or solving problems is not so much of ability as of attitude:  The longer you persist in resolving a problem the better your attitude to understand complex and difficult problems and topics.

The longer you insist on attacking a problem from different angles and perspectives the higher the chance of reaching this critical phase of “Yah! I get it. Eureka…”

If you are the type of people who acquired the patience of not leaving a blank in a 100-question sheet, you are most probably a success story…

Cultures that pragmatically places the highest emphasis on effort and hard work are best in doing math, in spite of their lower IQ scores compared to the biased questions of the western culture. Pragmatic means to actually do and finish any task/job thrown at you since childhood, whether you dislike or like the task…

And the reward? To be recognized by the community as a hard-working member that the community can rely on…

Six decades ago, the two species (River and Mountain) have been merging. How?

1. Water sources are polluted and toxic: Fish, fruit, vegetable, cereal…are all poisoned from herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers,  toxic waste…Mankind is poisoned in the womb…and growing violent by the years and certified insane…

2. Except in the rich and developed States with affordable indoor chlorinated swimming pool and accessible clean beaches to the common people…mankind is churning out mountain specie type at increased rate, and more violent, and heavier in the hips, and suffering from musculoskeletal chronic ailments...What of those people hoarding reserves for the coming calamity of end of time?

3. With the advent of computer and TV… our standing position skeletal is less and less performing…

I can conjecture that within less than another 6 decades, mankind with revert back to the “”four-legged posture:  The hands will not touch the floor directly because extension appliances to the arms will be adorned by “hand-shoes” for restricted short-distance ambulatory exercises around the restricted studios…

Note 1:  Part of the article was inspired from a chapter in “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell

Note 2:

How the dog pack Homo Erectus became weak and brutal? Keep running properly

I listened to the talk of Christopher McDougall on TEDx at a regular meeting in Awkar (Lebanon).

McDougall claims that Homo Erectus survived for 2 million years without any weapons, in an environment of carnivorous animals far more equipped genetically to chasing and killing prays.

Mankind is at a disfavor in all aspects of sensory capabilities, speed, and killing means than most animals.  So how did this specie managed to survive for so many years?

Christopher McDougall claims that Homo Erectus went hunting, all of them, as a tribe, men, adults, women, children, and even babies.

One factor that Homo Erectus outdid the performance of other animals is that he could cool-off while running, and thus, as other animals needed to stop to refresh, our dog pack of homos kept running and wearing out his chase to a stop, encircled, and then killed at leisure.

I am wondering:  How the homo erectus killed the pray?

They must have used some kinds of weapons like a heavy stick or stones.

How they managed to skin the pray?  They must have used some kinds of knives.

Do you believe ancient homo erectus ate the meat with the fur? Did they have more performing teeth mechanism or different finger nail shapes?  Or these lucubration are beside the topic?

(I have seen documentaries of African hunters chasing antelopes for 8 straight hours and forcing the victim to kneel down and say: “Okay, I outran you, I did my best to avoid you and blend in the environment.  You win. Please, kill me quickly.”

They were three Africans specialized in these long chases; they were naked and carried spears; most probably a few of them carried a sort of knife.

The documentary didn’t show what portion of the antelope they carried back to the community:  The antelope must be far heavier than the three hunters combined. The documentary failed to mention how the hunters returned, walking or running, and how long the return trip lasted. And how they carried the meat…

Are these pieces of intelligence beside the subject matter?

It is amazing the kinds of skills these hunters must have acquired to achieving this feat.  Does anyone believe that if he is equipped with modern technologies like GPS locators, compasses, and…he can find his way back after 8 hours of running in the jungle?

McDougall said that there is a tribe in Mexico that survived the Spanish Conquistadors’ holocaust by keeping on the run as a tribe since the year 1600.

his tribe emulated the hunting strategy of the Homo Erectus to survive all these years.  I bet this tribe learned to fabricate weapons so that they don’t have to run 8 hours every-time they need to feed.

I don’t know from where McDougal gathered his statistics that the members of this tribes never experienced feet, leg, or back injuries from running.  Is that too beside the point?

A regular attendee, William, has been experimenting with McDougall suggestions; not the hunting part, but the running methods.

William hand-made his flat thin sandals (as the one used by the Mexican tribe) and has been running with his dog Misha.  William said that he suffered from his knees before wearing the special sandals.  To double check that the former sneakers were the culprit, he wore his regular running shoes and the pains in his knees returned.  That is not all.

Even his sandals eventually hurt his knees and back for his 10 km run.  Thus, William experimented with the running posture and discovered that an erect posture, the groin forward, relying on the buttocks muscles, and managed to eliminate the leg and back pains.

William calls this posture “Fucking the dog posture”.  Obviously, this image is misleading, since you cannot fuck anything in this posture, not even an inflated man-made doll, but the male attendees nodded their head in agreement, simply because it is the “virtual posture” they like to  dream of.

Experiment in physics have demonstrated that bare feet have better coefficient of friction than any manufactured shoes, running or climbing shoes.  The bare foot opposes better resistance to slippery roads. Actually, African hunters go bare feet; maybe a few of them fabricate appropriate footwear from their hunting experience.

Maybe mankind evolved to run and run.

It is not organizing marathons or participating in marathons that will reverse the sedentary life-style of mankind.  When have you decided to go to work on foot?

Can cycling be another alternative to running?  Are we evolving into Homo Cyclist?

Instead of relying on buttock muscles, what other muscles we might rely on?

Note 1: Christopher McDougall said that, two decades ago, women were discouraged from running Marathons by disseminating the false information that the uterus will fall off and women will no longer be able to bear babies.  In  a few marathons, you see women breast feeding while running!

Note 2:  I suggest to design shoes by elevating the insole and having the outside sole thicker than the ball of the shoe so that the ball of the foot does not hit the ground first. That is my trademark design.




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