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Responses to “Misha the idiot dog”; (October 19, 2009)


            A previous post recounts the recent behavior of Misha; Misha got into barking all night long at night fall; the neighboring dogs stopped responding to Misha’s challenges: Misha must be considered by the surrounding dogs as the idiot of the neighborhood. I received a few comments meant to offering diagnostics to Misha’s symptoms and a few solutions.

            One diagnostic is that Misha is going through a depressive phase: his master moved on and Misha’s male companion was retrieved by his owner (probably catching birds during the hunting season).  Any one of you had experienced depression? Do you go gamboling in the neighborhood shouting your head off?

            Another diagnostic is that Misha is scared of the dark.  Anyone of you is “dark phobia”? Do you sprint the streets in pitch darkness and holler your fear challenging the night? What kind of a dog is scared of the night? Why doesn’t it sleep off the night and bark at day time?

            A third diagnostic is that Misha is feeling lonely and practically abandoned.  I admit that the people of the entire building are mostly boring and the neighborhood is not fairing better. It would have been nice to create playing ground for pets to meet; people’s kids have none yet; there are a few playing grounds but private.  Rich people have no incentive of mingling their kids with other kids, much less playing together. It would be nice to throw a party in the parking lot, every now and then, and using a few musical instruments and watch Misha’s reactions.  I suggest that Misha be transferred to Mono or Gemaizeh and participate in Karaoke contests; at least among the Downtown dogs for a start.

            Either the aforementioned diagnostics are false (I think that they are) or maybe treatments for depression and dark phobia to human should be altered.  Man should be encouraged to exhibit his depressive phase by visiting the neighborhood while yelling, hooting, and roaring louder and louder for recognition of his symptoms and in return receiving friendly sympathy and a few candies.  First, the depressive man should be trained to shout in an enclosed sound proof room, trained in the correct method for shouting from the stomach to save the vocal chords for future usage, and then be let out in the streets for practical exercises. This depressive period could be far shortened if the person is not inhibited to strip and exhibit in public. 

            Another diagnostic is that Misha is not exercising enough and is not spending his “surplus” energy. When I go for my daily walk Misha accompanies me for a short distance; Misha basically reaches a spot of freshly mowed grass and takes her time sprawling and turning on the grass: I guess she gets sensual pleasure of that exercise. Further on Misha does not dare venture: she had nasty experience with “barbaric” dogs.

I admit the kids do not take seriously throwing sticks: they think this practice is degrading for smart Misha.  They never ask Misha for his opinion of likes and dislikes. Misha kept welcoming the kids as they open the car doors; the kids do not like Misha licking them and Misha finally got the hint: she is a highly considerate dog and has sensible feeling.

            I don’t touch Misha or any dog; they like me though: I give them to eat and drink and I take walks. Misha sees me more frequently than any other person: I smoke in the parking lot.  Maybe Misha wants to try smoking: she is the curious type of dogs with more synapses than normal dogs.

            Most probably, Misha is autistic like Einstein before he was seven years old; mammalian animals revert to autism at older ages; I think. Misha is a ponderous mind: she suddenly gets out of nightmares and goes berserk running in all direction and barking like crazy

            I think that Misha is subconsciously angry with her master: she is forgetting the code words, sentences, and signs. First, Misha should go back to a vegetarian regime, no ail or onion to save her focusing capabilities.  Second, Misha should receive continuing education: her parietal brain is more enlarged than normal dogs; Misha’s visual space and mathematic potentials are close to the breaking threshold of human.




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