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31 Photographs Israel Doesn’t Want You To See!

Was Palestine a “land without a people for a people without a land”?

Images of Palestinians being all Palestinian, doing Palestinian things and wearing Palestinian clothing in a ‘land without a people for a people without a land’.

Or as the people who lived there liked to call Palestine, instead of being called occupied land, West Bank, Gaza and displaced people?.

Sana Saeed posted on February 4, 2014

1. Bedouin Woman

Bedouin Woman

2. Women from Nazareth

Women from Nazareth

3. Ramallah Father and Sons

Ramallah Father and Sons

4. Ramallah Woman

Ramallah Woman

5. Jaffa Woman, 1889

Jaffa Woman, 1889

6. Bethlehem Girl

Bethlehem Girl

7. Bethlehem Woman

Bethlehem Woman

8. Bethlehem Women

Bethlehem Women

9. Bethlehem Sisters

Bethlehem Sisters

10. Bethlehem Woman

Bethlehem Woman

11. Jerusalem Man

Jerusalem Man

12. Man from Gaza

Gazan Men

Yes, it says “Natives of Gaza, Palestine”.

13. Ramallah Woman

Ramallah Woman

14. Ramallah Family

Ramallah Family

15. Ramallah Woman

Ramallah Woman

16. Beersheba Bedouin

Beersheba Bedouin

17. Woman & Child fleeing Palestine during the Nakba

Woman & Child fleeing Palestine during the Nakba


18. 100 Year Old Man

100 Year Old Man

19. Bethlehem Woman, 1940

Bethlehem Woman, 1940

20. Jerusalem


21. Demonstration against Zionist colonization/British rule, 1920

Demonstration against Zionist colonization/British rule, 1920

22. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

23. Sea of Galilee Fisherman, 1930s

Sea of Galilee Fisherman, 1930s

24. Early 1900s Demonstration in Jaffa

Early 1900s Demonstration in Jaffa

25. Jerusalem between 1898 and 1914

Jerusalem between 1898 and 1914

26. Jerusalem


27. Jerusalem Grain Market

Jerusalem Grain Market

28. Nablus


29. Bethlehem


30. The Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, 1940

The Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, 1940

31. Jerusalem Potter, 1934

Jerusalem Potter, 1934

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Jerusalem: Ur Salam (City of Peace) (May 2, 2009)


Recent archeological works by Kathleen Kenyon discovered a wall surrounding the city of Jerusalem dating from the 18th century BC; water was diverted through underground canals from the fresh source of Guihon to Siloe cisterns inside the walls.

The sea people called Philistines had devastated the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, destroyed the nascent Greek fleet and settled in Gaza and the southern coastline of Palestine around the 12th century.  The entire eastern coastline from north Syria to Sinai was dominated by the Canaanites.  Thus, in southern Palestine the Canaanites had to flee northward and retreat inside toward Jerusalem, one of their 25 City-States. Jerusalem was then inhabited by over ten thousand urban dwellers, a huge number for the period.

Around 11th century BC Moses arrived with his nomadic tribes and his successors endeavored to settle in part of Palestine and battled with the Philistines.  The Canaanites aristocracy aided David to enter Jerusalem and was his administrative supporters.  David thus had two high priests (Ebyatar and Sadoq), two military leaders (Joab and Benayahou), and two heirs apparent (Adoniyyahou and Salomon). David had also two formal sanctuaries for the Jews and the Canaanites.  David adopted the God of the Land El and the demy-Gods of the Sun (Shahar) and the Moon (Shalem) were worshipped.  The Jewish Yahweh (God of thunders) was relegated to the background and played a support function in times of urgent need.

The Jews had no such concept of “throne” and the Canaanite aristocracy provided a throne to David and his solar God was Justice personified and a divinity of the order “sadeq”; thus, Milki Sadeq was the King of Jerusalem when Abraham came to Canaan and paid the tenth (one tenth) to Melki Sadeq.

Salomon supporters of the Canaanites assassinated Adoniyyahou and Joab and Ebyatar was pursuit. Salomon relied on the King of Tyr to building his Temple for the Sun God facing east.  The dedication read: “The divinity of the Sun has announced: Yahweh has decided to live in the shadow. A house has been renovated for his dwelling”.  The God Sun sent two messengers of Right and Justice to destroy Sodom.  In this event as in others, Yahweh shares the responsibility as a subordinate to the Sun God.  Slowly but surely, Yahweh acquired a convincing divinity by the period that preceded the exile to Babylon.

In 587 BC the Babylonian King Nabukhodonor destroys part of the Temple.  The Persian King Cyrus repatriates the Jews in 538 and restores the temple. Alexander enters Jerusalem in 332 and Judea falls under the Ptolemy dynasty.  The Seleucid dynasty dominates Jerusalem from 200 to 142.  Judas Maccabe revolted in 164 and enters Jerusalem which falls to the Hasmonide dynasty until the Roman Pompeii takes Jerusalem in 63 BC.  The zealot Jews take over Jerusalem for two years in 66 AC. The Roman General Titus enters Jerusalem in the year 70 and burns the Temple.  Jerusalem is named Aelia Capitolina.  Bar Kokheba recaptures Jerusalem in 131.  Emperor Hadrian enters Jerusalem and the Jews are definitely dispersed and forbidden to enter Jerusalem.

 Emperor Constantine consecrates the Anastasis (The Saint Sepulcher).  The Persian King Chosroe destroys Jerusalem in 614.  Emperor Heracles re-takes the city in 628.  The Caliph of Islam Omar enters Jerusalem in 638. The Dome of the Rock is built in 691.  The mosque Al Aqsa is built in 705.  The crusaders enter the city in 1099.  The Sultan Sallah el Din enters the city in 1187 and chased out the crusaders.  The Turkish Sultan Selim 2 enters the city in 1244 and gives Jerusalem a religious function and dots it with many religious schools (madrassa).  The Ottoman Empire captures the city in 1516.  The Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent rebuilds the walls and enlarges the city with newer walls. In 1967 the Zionist State of Israel enters Jerusalem.  Begin declares that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel in 1980.

The State of Israel is flaunting all UN resolutions to stop destroying Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem that is proposed to be the Capital of the Palestinian State.




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