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Jewish Colonies in Palestine: Major Dumping Grounds (April 24, 2009)

The Oslo accord was signed in 1993 for a Palestinian homeland.  There were 112 colonies in the Palestinian land for a total of 265,000 Jewish colons.  In 2006, 150 colonies were established with a total of 453,000 colons and new expansions are already decreed by the State of Israel

The successive Israeli governments, regardless of ideology, were the instigators for the planning and funneling of the funds and budgets. The Israeli governments had many motivations:

1. nationalist for occupying and extending “Great Israel”,

2. for better defensive positions,

3. for demographic modifications, and

4. for economic greed. 

Initially, most of the “savage” colonies were erected along the Jordanian border. Then Goush Emounim wanted to settle in Samaria.  As the Likoud government of Begin came to power in 1977, the rate of colonies increased to create de facto status that would prevent the establishment of a Palestinian State.  The fact is that the colons were enticed to relocate for economic reasons and the availability of financial facilities.

In 2005, General Shaul Mofaz, Defense Minister, charged his deputy in the ministry, General Baruch Spiegel, to gather information on the colonies as reliable data base. Ehoud Barak would not publish the findings on ground of “State Security”. 

The daily Ha’Aretz managed to secure the data base of all colonies arranged in alphabetical order with the following information:

1) original denomination (for example, urban implantation, rural, kibbutz…);

2) political affiliation (for example, Federation of Colons tied to the ultra-nationalist Herout, religious nationalist Amana, Labor Takama…),

3) population,

4) governmental decisions (for example, creation or extension,

5) land status  (for example, public land, private Palestinian land, old Jewish property…),

6) survey of the illegal posts at the proximity of the colony, and

7) the status of expansion work validated by the Israeli Administration.

The mayors of these colonies stated that nothing was done without government approval or encouragement.  The colons understand that if asked to vacate then they will vacate because they know now that they have built on private lands.

What the newer Zionist colons in the last decades failed to be informed is that these implantation are major dumping grounds for noxious and toxic wastes of the Industrial/Military complexes in the State of Israel. 

The neighboring Palestinians have realized that fact the hard way for many years due to increasing heath problems.  Israel is a major military hardware exporter that surpassed Britain this year.  The other booming sectors in Israel’s economy are the human slave trade and drug trade around the world: Israel is one of the main Carrefour for illicit trades.

The funds for these illegal colonies came from the budget of the State of Israel, from the financial aids of the successive US Administrations that amounted to two billions dollars a year for over 50 years, and the contributions of the Zionist sympathizers in the US and Europe. 

Every penny spent on the colonies was known by the US governments and the State of Israel.  In addition to financial aids from the US and the European governments, Israel received yearly 3 billions dollars in military ultra modern hardware; Germany is still delivering new submarines, cruisers, and torpedo launchers to the Israeli naval forces, for free, at the expense of the German citizens’ welfare.

Note: The German cargo transporter “Wehr Elbe” discharged 300 containers of military ammunition in Israel. The irony is that the US is delivering White Phosphorous bombs that caused the outcry of the international community for being dropped consistently on Gaza and burning thousands of Palestinians.  The “Wehr Elbe” resumed its mission to delivering other military cargo in Odessa (Ukraine). 

The previous Bush Administration has signed an accord with Israel for 25 billion dollars in free military aids!




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