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E for Eating: Mid-age relentless pastime?

A few middle-age men revert to cooking, assuming they are widowers or divorced, the kitchen becoming the focal space to ruminate on the good old days…for good food served on time and served by someone else…and dishes washed by someone else…

Most middle-age people are relentless eaters, and the “subject looms larger in our thoughts and conversations than it used to be…Good seeing you after all these years, but “where are we going to eat?”” Marcus Berkmann

You suggest going to a movie, and you notice lip licking all around you. Okay, restaurant be it. It is not going to be your run of the mill corner restaurant or the fast food franchise: Middle-age people develop, by magic, haute cuisine taste, the more expensive the more passionately enthusiastic, especially if someone is volunteering to pay for the party of old chaps…

Do you think, generally, that middle-age people burn plenty of energy? Why are they constantly hungry? Their stomachs are, more often than not, well insulated, and why you hear their audible rumbling?

It seems nothing can ruin their appetite, and the “between meals rule” of not eating no longer applies.

I know my old dad can finish a bag full of candies (bonbons) of any kinds, and still never miss a meal. My dad needs to suck on something sweet: This task suit grandly the situations when the false teeth implement is not attached.  The large stock of jams that mother saved last summer is all gone. Dad loves to meticulously spread the jam to within one millimeter of the borders of the loaf of bread.

Mother is skinny, as is dad now, and she is prohibited to eat almost anything. The danger is that mom loves to “nibble” from every dish.  In ceremonies with over 50 dishes to tease the eyes, mother has to taste from every dish.  The problem is that the tasting task does not fall within the “nibbling portion” category, by any stretch of the imagination.

Whatever emotions the eyes of middle-age people are showing, they are of second order kinds of passions. They are actively thinking of the next meal.

More sweet stuff, please.  Apparently, eating is highest among the daily tasks that let time flow by, quickly, and sweetly fast.




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