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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 17

I don’t mind a broken day-dream. Just badly need to recollect any dream I ever had

Defeat is Not in the realm of many: Got to act on your beliefs to earn this opportunity: to dance hysterically.

They stole the 10 commandments, and erased the 11th: You were born Free.

Don’t fret too much: it is common events that changed the direction of your destiny

Even very sad circumstances were prepared as a feast

Love is what happened between us, except literature. Such a large vacuum could have been the best part in our relationship.

Recounting your recollected past events and stands is what precipitate our demise. People don’t care how you changed: They never changed.

That women had no rights to vote or have a bank accounts in the last century didn’t prevent males to think that women deserved more consideration, and vice versa. Currently, women have most of the rights, work and go to universities, but the level of “consideration” has shifted direction

“Consideration” is a perception of the others’ mental state: A certified certification of your learning is one of the Minor factors

You were born Free? Take active positions and respect others’ opinions to retain your freedom

“You are courageous?” Does that mean you are as hard as nails? This is a quality that rare people dare to admit they have.

To all Lebanese living in Lebanon, including the wealthy and leaders, Are you addicted to slow death and proud of it?

Just creating this lame excuse of going abroad to earn another certificate or MBA: If you are Not used to read a lot, you are wasting your parents’ dear money for a short outing

Amine Rihani said it concisely: England was the land for the foreign intellectuals persecuted in their countries. They could publish anything they want totally freely. However, the British intellectual was sanctioned if his writings didn’t match the establishment views on traditions.

More bitter than security is who is let to inherit fear.

Tout ce que voit l’homme, il le prend pour un jouet. On ne devient jamais un sage adulte.

East Aleppo must fall quickly: The Hezbollah fighters want a great reason to withdraw to the eastern Lebanon mountain chain to clean our borders from Daesh and Al Nusra

East Aleppo must be retaken quickly and the Syrian army enters Al Baab: Erdogan plans to dominate northern Syrian territory must be checked.

Any religious sect demanding that the ratio of soldiers and officers be commensurate to its size is to tacitly admit that its moral and spiritual forces are waning. It wants an alternative force to retain its domination. This ratio suggestion is Not adapted to keep the community united.

In 1902, 114 years ago, Amin Rihani replied to the reforms of the new Ottoman Moutassarref to Mount Lebanon, Mozaffar Pasha. Rihani’s set of reforms priority was:

1) Establish public educational institutions. The religious clerics Must be forbidden to run or teach in these public schools.

2) Religious clerics must be denied interventions in any civic decisions or civic laws.

3) Public employees must submit to exams and be selected according to their capabilities.

4) Confiscate religious real estates and pay back the private owners who donated their lands.




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