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Instead, Western corporate media continues to shriek the war propaganda we already heard from eastern Aleppo in December 2016, from Madaya in 2016 and 2017, and elsewhere in Syria whenever the liberation of terrorist-held areas was underway.

I’ve been to liberated Homs, Aleppo, Madaya, al-Waer.

Syrian civilians spoke to me of their gratitude to their army for saving them. When the media cried that the areas had ‘fallen’ and blasted about Syrian-Army massacres, it was simply lying, and the areas returned to peace and stability.

MSM cites Jaysh Al-Islam supporters

As per their norm, corporate media’s reports on Eastern Ghouta rely on the usual suspect sources.

Reporting from Istanbul, The Guardian’s Kareem Shaheen, on March 16 – a day when over 13,000 civilians escaped terrorist rule in Ghouta – produced yet another article of inverted reality, shamelessly writing: “Residents in the enclave have said they want to be able to leave the besieged areas but with international guarantees that they will not be detained or otherwise punished by advancing regime troops.

Video evidence contradicts this claim.

Civilians complained that terrorists would not allow them to leave, that terrorists were preventing them from doing so by shooting at them and shelling humanitarian corridors.

This is a tactic that was seen in late 2016, when terrorists in eastern Aleppo did precisely the same thing, shelling humanitarian corridors (including one I stood on  in November 2016).

Shaheen would do well to leave Istanbul and report honestly from within Syria – and I don’t mean sneaking illegally in and embedding with Al-Qaeda.

The New York Times’ March 15 article described terrorists occupying Ghouta as a “rebel movement,” and cited sources tightly affiliated with these terrorists.

Lexicon is important. Corporate media’s “rebels” are Syrian civilians’ nightmares, terrorists. Yet, corporate media has consistently, and deliberately, chosen lexicon which whitewashes some of the most heinous terrorists of our day.

One of the NY Times’ sources, Mohammad Adel, wrote on Facebook that his superhero name would be Zahran Alloush. Recall that Alloush was the head of Jaysh Al-Islam, and the terrorist behind putting civilians (including women) in cages to use as human shields.


Quite a ‘hero’ to aspire to be. Quite an activist source to quote.

The authenticity of Amer Almohibany’s photos, used in the article, should be questioned, given that he is not a neutral Getty photographer.

Like Mohammad Adel, Almohibany praisesJaysh Al-Islam, indeed has spent time with them as they fire missiles towards Damascus, also eulogized Zahran Alloush (whose photo he took at close proximity), and incidentally enjoyed food that most Ghouta residents were deprived of by terrorists.

Firaz Abdullahcited in a different NY Times article as a “media activist,” also praised Alloush, calling him a “beautiful martyr.”

Another media source, Qusay Noor, extends his neutrality beyond solely supporting Jaysh Al-Islam but also terrorists of Faylaq Al-Rahman and Al-Qaeda.

Pulse media contributor, Idrees Ahmad, calls Noor “heroic.” Ahmad’s hero in July 2016 applauded Abu Muhammad Al-Julani, the “Emir” of Al-Qaeda in Syria. [Photos collated here]

The media frenzy has even rehashed the 2016 theme of Aleppo child Omran Daqneesh as the face of suffering in Syria, with war propagandist Assad Hannaa tweeting on March 9:

This is another Omran, history is repeating itself Omran of Ghouta. Omran was lucky to survive this brutal airstrike by the Assad regime but unfortunately his three-month-old sister Katr Al Nada did not.”

It is unlikely that Hannaa read my reply that Omran Daqneesh himself was not gravely injured, nor by an airstrike, as his father told me in June 2017. And it is despicable that Hannaa, surely knowingly, re-exploited Daqneesh.

Screenshot from 2018-03-22 13-26-57

The media knowingly lies

On March 12, Syria’s Ambassador to the UN Bashar Jaafari, after refuting Nikki Haley’s latest chemical-weapons lies, quoted writer Najib Mahfouz, saying: “They are liars. And they know that they are liars. And they know that we know that they are liars. Even so, they keep lying, and very loudly so.

While Jaafari was referring to America’s lies and longtime war propaganda, this also clearly applies to corporate media.

In our March 11 interview, war correspondent Elijah Magnier highlighted corporate media’s role in prolonging the terrorists’ occupation of Ghouta:

The heads of the tribes in Ghouta are saying, ‘The only reason why these jihadists are holding on to Ghouta, not willing to leave, and keeping the civilians as a shield is because of the mainstream media. Because the mainstream media is supporting them, the international community is supporting them – they’re supporting the jihadists. Why they should leave?

Journalist Jeremy Salt, on March 15, wrote a scathing article addressing the media propaganda:

The sanctified logo of the New York Times, ‘All the news that’s fit to print,’ needs to be replaced with something more contemporary, more attuned to the fake ‘news’ cycle in which we are all trapped, perhaps ‘All the sh*t that’s fit to print.’”

The problem is not the media’s lack of capacity to get through to the truth but rather its disinterest in the truth, in favor of government policies based on lies and deception.

And in a recent interview, former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford said:

Western mainstream media have their narrative and they don’t want to see it disturbed. Any evidence that goes against their preferred narrative – namely that ‘Assad is a butcher, massacring his people’ – anything that disturbs that narrative is simply ignored or mocked.

But the truth is beginning to come out… All these crocodile tears being cried by the likes of Ambassador Nikki Haley in New York are disgraceful, trading on sentiment when behind it is just cynical great power maneuvering.”

Chemicals and lab in Eastern Ghouta

One of the accusations shrieked by Nikki Haley is that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. However, this accusation and the many prior, is fact-devoid rhetoric.

Yet, on March 12, Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, named Al-Nusra as being behind the March 5 chlorine attacks in Eastern Ghouta. To those closely following events in Syria, this is far from the first time terrorists in Syria have used chemical weapons, then blamed it on the Syrian government.

On March 16, journalist Sharmine Narwani wrote of the “well-equipped chemical laboratory run by Saudi-backed Islamist terrorists,” which she had seen the day prior in Shifoniyeh, Eastern Ghouta.

Peppered with her photos of the equipment (including US-made equipment), Narwani’s article aptly argues that terrorists have both motive and capability to stage chemical attacks in Syria, and outlines previous instances in which they have.

In spite of this latest revelation, Haley and the UN itself will turn blind eyes to the terrorists’ possession of chemicals, and to their relentless attacks on Damascus, which have killed over 10,000 civilians.

The mortar and missile attacks on Damascus and elsewhere in Syria merit no outrage from the UN.

On March 5, an article citing Trappist Nuns in Syria read:

We, the people who actually live in Syria, we are really exhausted, nauseated by this global indignation that issues blanket condemnations of those who defend their lives and their land.

“The attacks on civilians in Damascus, began from the Ghouta area into the government-controlled part, and not vice versa… Why this blindness on the part of the West?

It is a painful rhetorical question that many of us have asked over the years, well-aware of the answer: because it doesn’t serve the regime-change agenda, one so diligently put forth by the corporate media.

As the war propaganda continues, I quote the nuns, who said: “Deliver us Lord from the war… and deliver us from bad journalism.


*Still from a video report interviewing civilians who were evacuated from Eastern Ghouta.


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Motives behind the chemical strikes: the theory of a rebel advance

Note: interesting repeat of same scenario and faked news since 2013.

Following the August 21 attack on Eastern Ghouta, which the US and a number of other states say were carried out by the Syrian regime using nerve agents, skeptical observers have questioned the absence of a discernible motive for the regime to commit such a brazen violation of Obama’s stated “red line,” right under the nose of UN chemical weapons inspectors.

(The US Trump repeated the same faked news excuses, with the same colonial powers of France and England)

After all, they say, there was no military necessity to employ such weapons given the regime’s advances in recent months using conventional weaponry and amid the likelihood of provoking a response from the US.


Syrian opposition fighters in Jobar, Eastern Ghouta, 13 April 2013. (Laurent van der Stockt/Le Monde)

By any measure, it appeared a reckless move and colossal miscalculation.

Syrian regime allies on the other hand deny the regime’s responsibility on grounds that it would have been “utter nonsense” for government troops to use such tactics in a war it was already winning, to borrow a phrase from Vladimir Putin.

Were rebels threatening the regime in Damascus?

Some commentators and opposition supporters have countered that the Syrian government was, in reality, on the defensive against opposition forces in recent weeks, and that rebels have been making steady gains since late July from Eastern Ghouta – where the chemicals were then unleashed – toward the capital’s center.

The main source to support this claim appears to be an August 9 piece by Elizabeth O’Bagy titled “The opposition advances in Damascus,” published on the website of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW.)[1]

Eastern Ghouta: Are the ’White Helmets’ Preparing for a New Theatrical Performance?

Mohammad Eid

On the eve of every military operation during which the Syrian army expects field results, Damascus has become accustomed to witnessing a bloody event or a chemical theatrical performance that results in casualties including women and children in the area where the army is advancing.

White Helmets

These victims can come back to life after the “political objective” has been achieved of the hoax designed to curb the Syrian army’s field superiority.

At times, western and Arab media outlets serve the purpose of accusing the Syrian government of committing the bloody attack.

At other times, the decision-making circles in the West stir it craftily and with a lot of cliché.

The heroes of this theatrical performance are no other than and without any dispute the “White Helmets” who are preparing for a bloody attack in the eastern Ghouta, according to information and confirmed by Syrian government sources to the al-Ahed News Website.

We Deal with Possible Scenarios Seriously

Damascus takes the information it received from “sources” inside Eastern Ghouta about the “White Helmets” distributing chemical protective gaskets seriously. The move is in preparation for fabricating a new film on the use of chemical weapons and blaming it on the Syrian Arab Army.

It also coincided with information about the entry of two trucks loaded with chlorine gas from Turkey into Syrian territory which confirms the “preconceived intentions” to ignite a scenario similar to that of 2013.

During that period, the Syrian army was rapidly advancing in Ghouta when images of dozens of victims of women and children were intensely displayed by western and Arab media which portrayed them as victims of chemical gases used by the Syrian government against civilians in Ghouta.

No one could provide convincing evidence of these accusations which failed meet any logic when it comes to operations conducted by an army achieving victories using conventional weapons instead of those prohibited by the army’s virtues that took into account and still take into account civilians in conflict zone.

A Syrian government source confirmed to al-Ahed Website that “Damascus is closely monitoring all the ongoing operations in the framework of the terrorist groups’ preparations to use chemical weapons. It has announced this more than once in the Security Council and informed the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons about the existence of chemical weapons in the possession of these terrorist groups that are preparing them to invoke the 2013 events of Ghouta, Khan Shaykhun 2017 and the 2015 chlorine incidents. “

The source clarified to al-Ahed that “the so-called White Helmets are working for the intelligence of western countries under the guise of humanitarian relief and are coordinating with politicized media in order to create convincing plays for Arab and western public opinion. But this does not take away from clear gaps in the coordination processes.

This is largely due to their dependence on propaganda campaigns that directly and purely for political reasons ‘criminalize the Syrian government’ without the need to further investigate the authenticity of these accusations and their ability to be convincing, which creates a sense of relaxation among the ranks of these groups on the ground that the allegations will first and foremost affect the Syrian government. “

The source added that “what was helping the Syrian government in pushing away these accusations is the cooperation of our people in these areas secretly with the Syrian government and the providing of accurate details about these suspicious games, as in Khan Shaykhun when samples of soil reached the Syrian government through the residents of the town.

The West claimed that the samples were taken from a site subjected to a chemical strike carried out by the Syrian Air Force. The residents there also provided the Syrian government eyewitness accounts as proof of what happened there.”

Intimidation will not stop the military operation

The Syrian government source confirmed to al-Ahed that “what the White Helmets are preparing will not dissuade the Syrian Arab Army from resolving the battle of eastern Ghouta with full preparedness for all the chemical scenarios, which can be written by the White Helmets.”

“The Syrian army launched an operational survey of the terrain in Ghouta and carefully separated civilians that we are working hard to keep out of harms way from military targets including training camps, operating rooms, and weapons depots that constitute the key objectives,” the source added.

The source also stressed that “the fake weeping of global officials over the civilians in eastern Ghouta is in fact the weeping of the terrorist factions that are holding those civilians hostage in a large cage that extends throughout Ghouta. It has locked the door on them and handed the key to the United Nations.

The UN’s suggestions for a solution in Ghouta including a truce to accommodate the terrorists who delayed the exit of the Nusra from Ghouta to Idlib and allied with it in the attack on the Vehicle Management and the Abbasid Square in Damascus.”

The Syrian government source confirmed that “the allegations about the humanitarian situation in Ghouta being out of control is pure slander and intimidation and that the people of Ghouta, who rebelled against Nusra, the Army of Islam and the al-Rahman Legion and attacked the food warehouses there, are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Syrian army to free them.”

Source: Al-Ahed, Syria

One nun puts entire US intel community to shame over ‘stage-managed’ Syria footage

The US intelligence community has been put to shame by the dedication and determination of a lone Christian nun.

Her modest study of the videos of the Syrian chemical attack shows they were productions involving staged bodies.

Mahdi D. Nazemroaya, a sociologist, award-winning author and geopolitical analyst, posted this Sept. 19. 2013:

Those who take the time to  read the report by Mother Agnes and the International  Support Team for Mussalaha in Syria (ISTEAMS) will realize that  it disgraces the entire US intelligence community for endorsing  video footage that is clearly dubious and not credible upon  careful study by even a layperson.

No one denies that chemical weapons were used.

The US federal  government and the  mainstream media in the US and countries  allied to it have been playing a dirty game of equating the:

a) rejection of accusations that the Syrian  government used chemical weapons with

b) an outright  denial that chemical weapons were used.

The two are deliberately  being mixed together to confuse the general public.

The  question is who used the chemical weapons?

Little boy in red shirt in video from Zamalka (left) is seen with other children in video from Jobar (right). Photo from Mother Agnes report to UN.Little boy in red shirt in video from Zamalka (left) is seen with other children in video from Jobar (right). Photo from Mother Agnes report to UN.

 What is the US intelligence community?

Before I go any further, it has to be emphasized that the US  intelligence community is a monstrous apparatus or network that  has immense technological resources, mammoth amounts of funding,  and massive manpower.

It is a collective of all the intelligence  bodies of the US government, which is formed by 16 different  intelligence agencies.

Out of the agencies that form the US Intelligence community, one  belongs to the US Treasury, one belongs to the US Department of  State, two belong to Homeland Security, two belong to the US  Department of Justice, one belongs to the US Department of  Energy, eight belong to the Pentagon, and finally one of them is  the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is independent from  any US government department.

Same footage is used in different videos with different scenarios, according to the report. Photo from Mother Agnes report to UN.Same footage is used in different videos with different scenarios, according to the report. Photo from Mother Agnes report to UN.

The Pentagon’s intelligence agencies are:

the Air Force, ISR Agency (AFISRA), Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Marine Corps IA (MCIA), National Security Agency (NSA), National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Aside from the non-departmental CIA, the rest of the departmental agencies are the Intelligence Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Intelligence Division of  the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI), the Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (OICI), the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), the US State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), and the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI).

Nonetheless, this gargantuan body could not see what Mother Agnes Mariam has found and submitted to the United Nations. It is job  of the agencies of the US intelligence community to examine these  videos and to authenticate them.

But they failed either to serve  US foreign policy, or to show professionalism, or both.

Instead they nominated and endorsed a sample of footage from  Syria as a means of proving that (1) the chemical weapons  were used in the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta and (2)  that the Syrian government was responsible for the diabolical  attacks.

 Dubious nature of videos selected by US intel community

The US intelligence community selected or nominated 13 videos  that the Obama Administration used in their case against the  Syrian government. These videos need to be carefully looked  at.

The emphasis that US Secretary of State John Kerry put on the  videos in his scripted speech that he read out to reporters on  August 30, 2013, came across as ingenious. Kerry notably refers  to the footage from Syria and constantly uses the words “our  own eyes” and “seeing.”  He even asks that the  videos be watched by the general public. He should have been  taken to task on this, and he was through the study that Mother  Agnes has produced.

Undoubtedly there will be those who will dismiss the fact that  there is an almost total absence of adult corpses next to the  bodies of the children, nor any parents, especially mothers,  coming to claim their children. Where were the parents?

From a  cultural context, this is strikingly odd. It is highly unlikely  that the parents, especially the mothers of all these children,  would have left them alone or not rushed to where their bodies  were.

At least 9 children in the video of the Press Office of Al Marj Region (right) have been transported from Kafarbatna (left) "out of any medical or humanitarian explanation", the report claims. Photo from Mother Agnes report to UN. At least 9 children in the video of the Press Office of Al Marj Region (right) have been transported from Kafarbatna (left) “out of any medical or humanitarian explanation”, the report claims. Photo from Mother Agnes report to UN.

If the parents were not  killed, then where are they? If the parents, especially the  mothers (following the gender script of Syrian society), were  with their children, then where are their corpses?

In one video where it is stated that all the bodies are dead, we  can see that the some of the corpses are being injected with an  unknown liquid. Why?

The report also highlights the fact that there have been no  public funerals or announcements about all the dead children.  This is outside of both cultural and religious norms.

In the footage of one burial, only eight people are buried and  three of them are not even covered in white shrouds, which is a  compulsory ritual. Were these people murdered by the insurgents  and disrespectfully buried without the proper rituals as a sign  of disdain?

The identities of the dead have consistently been withheld. There is more to say on this and it should be kept in  mind.

Mother Agnes also makes a point of indicating that there is  virtually an absence of the sound of ambulances and that in the  testimonies that are used the individuals talking claim to have  smelled the chemical that was used.

Sarin gas, however, is  odorless, which raises important questions about the testimonies.

Stage-managed scenes

Even if one ignores some of the arguments in the Mother Agnes  report, there are some observations in the study that are  undeniable. These observations will lead anyone to conclude that  the scenes in the footage that the US intelligence community  nominated are stage-managed.

Some of the same bodies were planted or recycled in different  scenes and makeshift morgues that were supposed to be in  different locations. The same bodies of the same children are  spotted in different locations.

There is additional footage that either gives a contradictory  impression to that of the videos nominated by the US intelligence  community for the Obama Administration or shows that children  were being arranged and moved around.

A handout image released by the Syrian opposition's Shaam News Network shows bodies of children wrapped in shrouds as Syrian rebels claim they were killed in a toxic gas attack by pro-government forces in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013. (AFP/Shaam News Network)A handout image released by the Syrian opposition’s Shaam News Network shows bodies of children wrapped in shrouds as Syrian rebels claim they were killed in a toxic gas attack by pro-government forces in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013. (AFP/Shaam News Network)

A horrible conclusion

Many bad things have happened in Syria, including the chemical  attack in East Ghouta. Yet there many questions that have to be  answered.

There was a massacre in Latakia on August 4, 2013 that went  unreported. The mainstream media in the US and the countries  allied to it failed to cover this or casually pass it over,  obviously because it was inconvenient to change the agenda in  Syria.

The study mentions that the relatives of children that were  abducted by the US-supported insurgents have begun to come  forward to identify their relatives in the videos. It paints an ominous picture that the bodies of these children were  prostituted to open the field in Syria for a foreign military  intervention.

Regardless of whatever position one takes on Syria, it is their  responsibility to analyze the videos from the alleged chemical  attack and pay attention to observations of Mother Agnes Mariam’s  report.

A handout image released by the Syrian opposition's Shaam News Network shows people inspecting bodies of children and adults laying on the ground as Syrian rebels claim they were killed in a toxic gas attack by pro-government forces in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013. (AFP/Shaam News Network)A handout image released by the Syrian opposition’s Shaam News Network shows people inspecting bodies of children and adults laying on the ground as Syrian rebels claim they were killed in a toxic gas attack by pro-government forces in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013. (AFP/Shaam News Network)

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Note: From where the kids were kidnapped?




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