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How to retrieve the little happy moments?
Leaf through the layers of sad moments and uncover the grains of happiness…?
Take time to enjoy the little things. For one day you will look back and realize they were the BIG things

What could these happy moments be?

Can we say that this feeling of a job well done is a happy moment?

Can we say the instant of being recognized by a single person for what we are worth is a happy moment?

Can we say that a woman we like, who made the effort not to connect with other men at a date, is a happy moment?

Can we say that after a day, charged with plenty of problems and difficulties, is a happy moment once the day is over without much damage?

Can we say that feeling attached to a character in a novel is one of these happy moments?

Can we say that feeling completely focused on a task is a happy moment?

Or hearing your child babble the first recognizable words?

Or witnessing your child take his first steps?

Or your child pointing to the Moon with its little finger?

Trouble is: How to retrieve the happy little moments?

Can’t we assume that naturally, for every sad moment there must be the counterpart happy moment?

Should we make the effort to leaf through the layers of sad moments and uncover the grains of happiness that were hidden and could have bloomed under better conditions?

How to recollect and rerun them in our mind?
How to display a cheerful smile on our face and be contagious to people around us…?
At what age should we start remembering the good little happy moments?

How far should we feel wise enough in order to believe in the little happy moments?

The first step is to invest some time and note down as many happy moments as we can

Since I already posted my autobiography, I must find time to revisit my autobiography and collect what could be classified as happy moments.

Better, it is worth pealing off the leaves surrounding the sad moments and get to the root of the corresponding happy moment that permitted us to get over the hard times and resume our life.

For every sad moment there must be the counterpart happy moment: We are simply more impressed with the harsh moments and ruminate them so often that we forget to save and consciously record the happy moments in our memory in an easy retrievable manner.

We dwell far too much and far too often on the unpredictability of life and we invest our best efforts to forecast how to cope with the hazard of living.

It is no paradox that those barely securing their daily food are those who had to learn to develop the power of their imagination to bringing up and recognizing the many happy instances and display cheerful smiles and laugh genuinely to the surprises of life…

And yet, sad and happy moments are what constitute the living, and it is fair not to be biased by the sad attribute at the expense of the happy instants.




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