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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 125

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

The Jews in Palestine had a steady supporter of their “cause” by the British Major Orde Wingate, in charge of training only 500 Jews to be sent on missions of blowing bridges, setting explosives and disabling communication lines

The British Major Wingate trained far more than 500 soldiers, interpreting the order of training in batches of 500, since the British soldiers will be unable to recognize the particular Jews in training.

The Palestinian people were forbidden by the British mandated power to be trained for fighting or of carrying arms.

In Nov. 29, 1947, the UN voted to establishing two States for the Palestinians and the Jews: the declaration gave the minority Jews (less than 40%) over 56% of the land.

Ariel Scheinermann Sharon “Arik” (The Lion) was born in 1928 from parents (Samuel and Vera) who immigrated from Eastern Europe  and settled in a kibbutz in the Galilee valley called Sharon. Famous for his frequent genocides of Palestinians and Egyptian soldiers.

In May 1939, 4 months before WWII, England “White Paper” was read in the presence of David Ben Gurion during a meeting in the Histadrout. It stated:

1. It is Not in England current policy to establish a Jewish State in Palestine.

2. As of today, the Jews will only retain 5% of the land in Palestine.

3. Immigration of Jews will be restricted to 15,000 a year for the coming 5 years.

4. Afterwards, no Jews will be permitted to immigrate without the prior agreement with the “Arabic” authorities. (Which authority they meant since they forbade even municipal election during the mandated period?)

Ben Gurion said in the meeting: “We will fight the White Paper as if Hitler didn’t exist.

UN is cutting off education funding for the Palestinian refugees: Education is the only remaining weapon Palestinians have to fight back occupation

Capital is the first Jewish colony” had said French Edmond de Rothschild. Before WWI, France was the Only western power to totally and unequivocally support Jewish settlements in Palestine. France support was political, economical, educational and administrative. It gave citizenship to every Jew in its colonies since 1870

It is Not so much Iran ballistic missiles that anger US/Israel/Saudi Kingdom: it is Iran strategic decision to engage on the ground the “coalitions” of powers (kouwa estekbaar) who decide to execute plans to destabilize the Middle-East

The window of opportunity to resolve politically Yemen war is shrinking. Khomeini of Iran latest message tacitly is “Iran is set to engage militarily on the ground, with yet another total victory”

All human-made calamities are consequences of most of us claiming (in the design process and research) to know more than the others’, of what is right and what is wrong.

We transcend our ignorance, our flawed sense of pride, our deep intelligence of our limitations and capabilities in order to fool the others’

Can anyone point to a single Islamic movement, a majority religious sect in any country, coming to power and ever being defeated in any “democratic” election?

Enno ay boutouli sawwa Saad la Loubnaan bi hal osbou3ayn la kel hal 7ash sha3bi? Entoro ba3d lika2o bi 3aoun, ta “nonzor 3al moktada” hal lekaa2

Kedaish Loubnan baddo yontor ya Walid 7atta Saudi Kingdom te7el 3an dahrna? Bi doun ezn min ba3d al Loubaniyyeen elleh ba3don bye3te2do enno Saudi Kingdom badda kel al khair la Loubnan wa jewaar Loubnan?

How to negotiate and for how long? James de Rothschild 

James de Rothschild, father of Edmond de Rothschild who colonized Palestine, gave his son this lesson in negotiation.

Edmond was dispatched to negotiate with Italians at Berne to sell a railroad the family owned. He told Edmond:

“See this sealed box? You negotiate without conceding any concession on our demands. After 40 days, if the negotiation is Not getting to a closure, then open the box and you’ll find the points we are ready to concede. You Zionists have this mania of prematurely acting and talking before the time is ripe

(What would happened if they took their time? Many people, including the Jews would have been far better off)

From 1930 to 35, the British mandated power over Palestine recorded 235 grievances and work stops. 90% were from Jewish syndicates and organizations.

26 of these grievances resulted from hiring Palestinians.

Elie Kahanoff wrote that between 1933-36, 36,000 German Jews immigrated to Palestine. By the end of 1936, the Jews constituted 30% of the total population of 1, 320,000

At the Colonial Exposition of Paris in 1931, Justin Godard speech for Edmond said:

“A great French, who is animated with faith and fraternity, has created for the persecuted, 43 immense domains for asylum and for work. Edmond introduced scientific agricultural methods in Palestine and arid spaces are now covered of vines, olive and orange trees…”

But all these trees already existed in Palestine and in abundance, and the Palestinians exported all these produces.

Currently, it is the Israeli colons who are cutting down and burning the Palestinian olive and fruit trees (11,000 for this year only) for expansion of their settlements, or for just spiting the Palestinians.

Before 1900, most Zionist administrators of Jewish colonies and living in Palestine had thrown the towel and could barely suffer the new immigrants and their endless demands and rebellious nature.

Most of the new immigrants wanted to do anything but work the land: They wanted to open factories, trade… but never get into agriculture.

The new immigrants coming from northern Europe, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany.. had hard time living in Palestine, a totally different climate and social customs. Most of them got sick with malaria, diphtheria

It was Edmond de Rothschild who insisted that he will only fund agricultural colonies and agricultural projects and that the school main objective is to train in agriculture and for fabricating tools for cultivation.

Edmond poured money into the colonies about to fold and the more he sent money the higher were the demands and requests.

He invested more than current $100 million in 15 years, and kept investing till he died in 1934.

By 1882, at the time Edmond started to focus on Palestine, the French Universal Israelite Alliance (UIA, with main purpose of opening schools to Jews in north Africa and the Near-East) had already shipped Jews to colonize America.

In 1883, F. Veneziani ( a member of the UIA central comity) pleaded with Edmond to come to the rescue of the settlers who were having a hard time surviving. From then on, Edmond began to send fresh funds to sustain the colonies.

At his period, the Ottoman Empire decided to crack down on the illegal Jewish immigration. Edmond circumvented this law and shipped the Jews to Egypt and Lebanon and from there by land to the existing colonies in Palestine.

Edmond had high preference for the settlements in Galilee because of the fertile land, plenty of water, closer to the only port of Haifa and the better attitudes of the Jews from Rumania who didn’t mind working the land. (The Russians in the southern settlements were constant trouble and engaged in revolts).

The four main colonies in the north that Edmond supported lavishly were: Ekron, Rishon-Le Zion, Samarin (Zakhron-Jacob) and Rosh-Pinah.

Edmond appointed Elie Scheid (Alsace) to be the administrator of the colonies with the main job of registering the transferred properties in Istanbul. The colons could acquire a private piece of land for agriculture, but they could not sell it to anyone without the agreement of Scheid.

Between 1883-86, the settlements of the Amants de Sion were faltering while those of Edmond prospered.

In these years, Samuel Hirsch (Edmond’s director for colonies) admitted that he could receive 100 sons of colons to his agricultural school in Mikveh-Israel.

Joseph Niego (1863-1960) born in Edirne (Turkey) and a professional in agronomy, succeeded to Hirsch. He was a member of the B’nai B’rith (Jewish American Franc-Mason lodge). He could not suffer the troublesome Jews arriving from Russia, Rumania and Bulgaria.

It is when Elie Krause became the director in 1914 that the “peaceful conquest of the Sacred land” started in earnest.

If Edmond participated in funding colonies in America, even investing one dollar out of 100 in America, instead of focusing on Palestine, the Jews would have colonized America.

The result of all this foolish stubbornness left very miserable people in the Middle East for the coming century: very unlucky Palestinians, unlucky citizens in the States bordering Israel and the worse unlucky Israelites who were born and raised in Palestine.

The Israeli has to serve 3 solid years in the army, serve on month as reservist till the age of 50, participate in successive preemptive wars against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, learn to be the oppressor of the Palestinians, learn to dehumanize the Palestinians, to rob the Palestinians of their basic human rights… And suffer the lot of new Jewish immigrants bringing their lot of extremism, religious zealots, colonial mentality and European brutality.

The theocratic ideology of maintaining the absolute dominion of the Jews in the Middle-East and the western countries is throwing havoc to any sensible

Israelites who already feel they are doomed to disappear as a State for constant policies of preemptive wars, apartheid policies, State ruled by religion,  and antagonizing the world community.

By the way, the steady strategy of Israel is to assassinate every important scientist and engineer in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

“Indirect victims of Holocaust”? Palestinians were colonized since 1869

When Gaza was attacked during the summer, Angela Merkel promised to “stand by the side of Israel.”

The German chancellor has done much more than offer verbal support for Israel’s crimes. Under her leadership, the Berlin government has been equipping Israel with submarines that reportedly carry nuclear weapons.

France built the 6 submarines and Germany provided the finance from German taxpayers’ pockets’.

France was the only supporter for colonizing and partitioning Palestine before WWI and the main power after WWII to delivering sophisticated weapons and nuclear plants.

The first settlement was established in 1869 in a land donated by the Ottoman Sultan close to Jaffa.

Beginning 1882, Edmond de Rothschild invested $100 million over the next 17 years to purchase land and build colonies.

Lord Balfour acknowledge the partition of Palestine in 1917. A year later, both France and the US president ratified Balfour declaration. The western powers had already set their mind in partitioning Palestine before WWI ended.

During its mandate over Palestine, England cracked down on the countless Palestinians uprising and civil disobedience (Intifada) using extreme forms of violence and torture techniques. England refrained from persecuting the extremist terrorist Jewish factions such as Jabotenski, Begin, Shamir, Irgun…

At the start of WWII, England trained thousands of Jews in Palestine on how to demolish bridges, plant bombs and execute assassination… The Palestinians were denied enlisting in the army.

Merkel may sympathize with Israel on account of the Nazi behaviour, but she and Max Blumenthal are not to ignore the fact that Palestine was already planned to be partitioned long time ago and have to desist throwing sands in the eyes of the world community.

Emran Feroz in The Electronic Intifada this November 14, 2014

Germany made Palestinians “indirect victims of Holocaust,” says author Max Blumenthal


The German chancellor and the Israeli prime minister met with their respective cabinets in Jerusalem in February. (Saeed Qaq / APA images)

Some German politicians have tried to muzzle debate about Israel by denouncing its critics as “anti-Semites.”

The American journalist Max Blumenthal — author of Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel — faced such a smear on a recent speaking tour in Germany.

A number of elected politicians alleged that a scheduled talk by Blumenthal and his colleague David Sheen in a Berlin theater would serve “to promote anti-Semitic prejudice.”

This was deeply ironic: both Blumenthal and Sheen are themselves Jewish. The politicians denouncing them failed to produce any evidence that they are hostile towards fellow Jews.

Blumenthal spoke to Emran Feroz in Stuttgart.

Emran Feroz: You recently witnessed the destruction caused by Israel in Gaza. What scenes had the most effect on you?

Max Blumenthal: Emergency operations had to be performed in dentist chairs, while the bodies of dead children had to be laid in ice boxes, which were originally designed for ice cream. Those were probably the most shocking testimonies I heard.

EF: Not long after your trip to Gaza, you started using the hashtag #JSIL (Jewish State of Israel in the Levant) on Twitter. Making this kind of comparison between the group Islamic State and Israel is taboo in Germany. Why did you dare to do this?

MB: It is strange that you equate, in Germany, IS with Hamas or describe the entire Palestinian national movement as “heirs of the Nazis,” while there is such an outrage regarding my comparison. It was not a direct one-to-one comparison, but I wanted to point out the hypocrisy behind supporting one religiously exclusive state that forces minorities out of its territory while attacking another.

EF: But by using this hashtag, you must be suggesting that Israel and IS are somehow similar.

MB: Sure, they are. The “Jewish state” has no internationally recognized borders. The same relates to the “Islamic State.”

Both constructs have emerged after the original indigenous population were partly expelled and ethnically cleansed.

In the case of Israel it was the Palestinian indigenous population; in the case of the IS [they] are the Christians, Yazidis, Shiite Muslims (and even Sunni Muslims).

Both “countries” rely on a religious exclusivity in the Levant.

And both think they represent all Muslims and Jews worldwide and thereby help inspire Islamophobic and anti-Semitic sentiments.

Both the Jewish state and the Islamic State recruit confused young men from around the world as foreign fighters to engage in atrocities.

When Israel’s defenders failed to address the comparisons on their merits, they simply attempted to hijack the #JSIL hashtag by declaring it stands for the “Jewish State of Israel Lives.”

EF: IS fighters behead their victims and then spread the videos of the beheadings through YouTube and social media. Do Israeli soldiers also make such videos?

MB: During the last attack on Gaza, the Israeli army killed civilians via drones and Jewish Israeli citizens celebrated the killings on Facebook. Some Israeli citizens gathered on a hill in the border town of Sderot and celebrated the bombing of the military with chips and beer. I find that this is not less macabre and disgusting. (How about pouring gasoline in the mouth and setting a Palestinian youth on fire?)

EF: How present is religious extremism inside the Israeli military?

MB: It is very present. A major figure of the last military operation in the Gaza Strip was commander Ofer Winter, who was celebrated as a national hero. Prior to the mission Winter said to his troops, that the Palestinians had sinned against God and therefore all must be punished.

So he declared a literal “holy war” against the Palestinian people. This is not the only way Winter has expressed the religious extremism that is rising in Israeli society.

In one instance, an Israeli woman singer wanted to perform in front of [Winter’s] soldiers. He refused [permission] to do so and said that a woman is not allowed to do that.

EF: Many women are part of the Israeli army. This is celebrated in what are effectively promotional campaigns for Israel. How can there be misogyny in the Israeli military if it has many female members?

MB: What is not mentioned is the fact that it is more likely that these women are assaulted by their male counterparts in the army than by Palestinians. I think that only imperialist feminists argue that women can be emancipated in an army like the Israeli one.

Good examples of this type of feminism are political figures like Samantha Power or Angela Merkel or Tzipi Livni because their peculiar brand of feminism goes hand in hand with the imperialistic interests of the western powers who are so invested in majority Muslim countries, where the population is portrayed as culturally backwards and in need of “liberation.”

EF: During the last attack on Gaza, the family of Ibrahim Kilani — who are German citizens — were killed. His son Ramsis, who lives in Germany, said that up to today nobody has apologized to him. The German government has not called him a single time. How can you explain this behavior?

MB: The behavior of the German government shows not only the lack of interest in the rights of the Palestinians, but also the very lives of them. The life of these people is practically non-existent in Germany. They are the new “un-people.”

The German foreign minister issued condolences for the families of those German citizens killed on an airliner over eastern Ukraine, possibly by Russian separatists. But they’ve said nothing to the Kilani family.

The negation of Palestinian lives has been German policy since the days of Konrad Adenauer [chancellor of West Germany from 1949 to 1963].

In those days Israel had no problem to negotiate on Holocaust reparations with the head of the chancellery, Hans Globke, who was a known Nazi in the Third Reich. This cash flow from Germany went directly to the Israeli occupation machine that has made the Palestinians indirect victims of the Holocaust.

The current bloodshed is a result of this policy and every German should ask himself: how does this policy honor the Holocaust?

EF: Your willingness to make such statements probably explains why some German politicians do not want to see you here in Germany. What happened to you exactly?

MB: Some politicians, such as Volker Beck, a parliamentarian from Germany’s Green Party, had launched a campaign to silence us — me and the journalist David Sheen. The reason for this is the fact that they do not want to know of another version of Judaism and they certainly do not want to hear about the facts on the ground.

Their attitude actually promotes anti-Semitism.

It is simply anti-Semitic to equate Zionism with Judaism and to limit Jewish identity to the narrow confines of Israeli nationalism. For a gentile politician to do it is beyond disgusting.

EF: The Gaza Strip remains destroyed. And, according to some media outlets, a third intifada (actually the fourth if you don’t forget 1936 that lasted 4 years) is going to happen in the occupied West Bank. Is this really the case or is it just scaremongering?

MB: Last year the al-Aqsa mosque [in Jerusalem] was stormed “only” eight times by Israeli soldiers. This year this happened 76 times. Radical religious elements have announced that they want to demolish the mosque to build a Jewish temple. If this happens, the situation will take on global implications that will be approach the apocalyptic.

The whole conflict is taking on a religious dimension, which is devastating for all involved, and, as I said, will promote radicalization around the globe. I think the third intifada actually is at the door.

However, I believe that this word — intifada — does not adequately describe the situation. It is not effective enough to describe what is actually going on. At that time — in the case of the first and second intifadas — this term was appropriate.

Now with so many Palestinian political leaders in prison or dead and such a complex matrix of control imposed on them, a nationwide revolt cannot take place. What we are seeing is creative resistance with limited means occurring on a national level but at sporadic moments.

And it will continue and intensify as long as the status quo is in place. It is that deadly status quo that German foreign policy protects and promotes.

Emran Feroz is a Germany-based freelance journalist, blogger and activist. He is also the founder of Drone Memorial, a website listing victims of drone attacks. His Twitter account is @Emran_Feroz

Early Settlements and Investors in Palestine

Capital is the first Jewish colony” had said Edmond de Rothschild

Before WWI, France was the Only western power to totally and unequivocally support Jewish settlements in Palestine. France support was political, economical, educational and administrative.

During WWI, France realized that it relied heavily on the Arab/Moslem troops in its colonies in North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco) for its war efforts and stopped this direct support for new colonies: It reverted to England to directly resume the colonization of Palestine and agreed on England mandate over Palestine.

After WWII, France was again the main supporter of the new Israeli State and delivered the most sophisticated weapons and even built the first nuclear power plant in Israel and helped in producing an atomic bomb in the 60’s.

Since 1860, the main Jewish leaders were French and freshly naturalized French. The government instituted Universal Israelite Alliance to construct schools for the Jews in northern Africa where French was the main language.

In 1870, France extended the citizenship to the Jews living in north Africa and denied it to the Moslem “Arabs”

Ä. Silberstein, born in Palestine, wrote in 1930: France had morally conquered the Jews in the Orient (meaning in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq…). Whatever issue was related to France’s dignity and interests was made their own…

Mikveh-Israel was the first settlement on a land offered by the Turkish Sultan south of Jaffa (Yafa) in 1869. It was a very fertile piece of land with a small river running through close to the town of Yazour, now called Jason.

Charles Netter travelled to Istanbul to negotiate the settlement of a land in Palestine carrying over 100,000 francs that was supplied by the French banker Salomon Goldschmidt (president of UIA)

Netter was mainly targeting the Oriental Jews  in order to get them out of misery and put them to work on agricultural lands and learning practical artisanal skills. That was a pragmatic move since the Jews in the Orient had the same customs and traditions as the communities in the Land.

Actually, Netter was wondering why the Reformist Jews (mostly French at the time) were opting for the Oriental Jews to immigrate to America.

Netter was harsh on the ultra-orthodox clergy who collected the halucca, monetary retribution, from the pious Jews in order to pray on their behalf at the Wall in Jerusalem.

The triangle of Albert Cohen-Netter-Erlanger was the cornerstone that changed Edmond de Rothschild direction and purpose toward investing in Palestine and creating new colonies for the Jews.

Another catalyst to Edmond zeal was the Grand rabbi of Paris Zadoc Kahn (1839-1905). Zadoc delivered a speech in 1882 in the presence of Edmond that said:

“Desire goes much further than reality can deliver and sustain. Our sensibility, constantly taxed by excitation, has become maladive (sick).  We keep analysing with a manic curiosity, and the thought is constantly reverting in vicious circles. The deeper we dig and the more we catch the void.

“Life becomes the goal. denuded from all its colors and grandeur.

We badly need moral vigor, a serene confidence that we can match the evil forces.

Faith is defined by our actions and activities: An hour of purposeful activity is worth a lifetime of idle faith.

Regulating resting breaks is mainly meant to reinvigorate our willpower and avoid exhausting our mental energy.  Break periods should be enjoyed undertaking speculative work such as reading, daydreaming of useful projects  and not doing any kinds of activities…

Any study that is not part and parcel of active work is sterile”

Edmond de Rothschild began investing in Palestine at the age of 37, in 1882.

In the next 17 years, it seems that he spent $100 million in purchasing lands (gueoulah), building factories, schools and hospitals and disseminating Jewish settlements to produce what he needed.

The initial purchased lands were owned by wealthy Lebanese like the Sursock (banking) and many other feudal lords who became leaders in Lebanon political system due to the money they got from selling their lands in Palestine

For example, the colonies in the north of Yessod ha-maala and Mishmar ha-yarden were to plant jasmine for Edmonds perfume factory in Grasse.

In 1882, over 100 Jews from Warsaw (Poland) were shipped to the first colony of Mikveh-Israel (Hope of Israel).

The colony of Rishon Zion (First in Zion) and south of Mikveh-Israel was the first colony that Edmond financed totally.

The settlement of Zikhon-Jacob in Samaria was invaded by 200 Jews shipped from Galatz in Rumania. These immigrants were well off and earned good money and they revolted when they realized they were shipped to Palestine. They demanded to be sent back home.

Many immigrants died of Diphtheria and other illnesses.

Most immigrants were initially Sephardi (from Yemen, Iran, Syria, Morocco, the indigenous Jews and French Jews flocking from Istanbul and Turkey and called Francos).

After the pogroms committed by Russia in Poland since 1905, The Ashkenazi Jews of Poland and Germany started to outnumber the Sephardi and their Grand Rabbi replaced the Sephardi Rabbi.

Edmond was also interested in colonizing Asiatic Turkey since 1891.

Edmond appointed Elie Scheid in 1884 to head the Jewish colonies.

He first encountered Herzl in 1896 and Weizmann in 1913.

The Jewish Colonial Bank was founded in 1898.

The American Jewish Society was founded in 1906.

In the 1910’s, Edmond sold his shares in the oil fields in Baku (Azerbaijan) and reinvested this money in Palestine:  The Bolsheviks in Baku, lead by Stalin, had made investment in Baku a daily problem. At the turn of the 20th century, Baku produced 50% of the world oil.

The PICA was founded in 1924 and Edmond placed Henri Frank to be the director for a strategic expansion of the settlements.

Edmond visited Palestine 5 times: in 1887 (3 weeks), in 1893 (5 days), in 1899, in 1914 (2 weeks), and in 1925 (10 days).

During the Great Depression of 1928, no funds came to the colonies and the development of Tel Aviv was halted.  The project of establishing an Israeli state became dubious.

The Zionists reacted by committing massacres in Jerusalem in 1930 and Edmond fell prey to this machination of instilling religious enmities. He wrote a letter to France rabbi Israel Levi stating:

Our interest is to separate the religious question from politics, to separate the mandate questions from our Israelite Home” (This suggestion has made a full circle: It is the Jews refusing to separate religion from politics and the Palestinians demanding a State of civil rights)

The British mandated power refused any democratic elections, even for municipalities in Palestine under the pretence that it is not fair for the Jewish minority. The Palestinians started their first civil disobedience (Intifada) in 1936 and lasted 4 years.

The British had to dispatch 100,000 troops to quell the insurrection and committed all kinds of massacre and invented all kinds of torture that Israel has adopted in their integrity, even the administrative detention law.

David Ben Gurion, in his preface to the book of Kressel, pointed out that, if you joined by lines all the colonies already established by Edmond, you discover that the locations were not done haphazardly.

The colonies exhibited the boundaries to the planned partition of Palestine.

Actually, when the UN partitioned Palestine in 1947, it gave the Jewish minority (40% of the population) 57% of the land, such as any Jewish colony could enclose the neighboring Palestinian towns and villages so that the Jewish State included all the established settlements.

In 1917, Britain foreign minister, Lord Balfour, addressed his letter for the establishment of a Jewish homeland to Lord Walter, the son of Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild who became the first Jew to enter the Chamber of Lords.

In 1918, the French foreign minister S. Pichon ratified Balfour letter, and President Wilson followed suit on August 1918 in a letter to S.Wise.

Consequently, the western nations had already set their mind to partition Palestine before WWI ended.

The remains of Edmond were transferred from Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris to the hill of Ramat Hamadiv, close to Haifa in 1954.

Note: France had a mandated power over Syria and Lebanon. The French strategy was to divide these two countries into cantons of minorities.

The Syrian people kept a steady rebellion against the French presence and France bombed Damascus to the ground in 1923-24.

France ceded a big chunk of the most fertile and strategic lands in northern Syria to Turkey of Ataturk in 1936.

Since then, all the French institutions made it a policy to grab any opportunity to humiliate and weaken Syria.

Talk of Zionist lobby in the USA? All the French institutions are Zionists regardless of political lines.

Up until 1968, most Israeli weapons were French. De Gaulle, one of the staunchest Zionist, stopped delivering Mirage fighter jets after the Israeli pre-emptive 1967 war.

Currently, it is France that is building the Israeli nuclear submarines, financed by Germany. Israel has obtained already 6 of the most modern submarines.

And the Wall of Shame in Palestine will come down: A symbolic opening was cleared 

This illegal apartheid wall 25 years after Berlin Wall fall

Palestinian youths, one holding a national flag, appear through a hole they dug in the controversial Israeli apartheid wall in the West Bank village of Bir Nabala -between Jerusalem and Ramallah- on November 8, 2014 as celebrations today mark 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. AFP / Abbas Momani

Published Sunday, November 9, 2014

Palestinian activists affiliated with local popular resistance committees in the villages northwest of Jerusalem on Saturday broke open a hole in the illegal apartheid wall to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

No matter how high walls are built, they will fall. Just as the Berlin Wall fell, the wall in Palestine will fall, along with the occupation,” the popular committees said in a statement.

The activists said that their aim in destroying the wall was also to stress that Jerusalem is an Arab and Palestinian city, and that neither the construction of the apartheid wall nor Israeli military reinforcement could prevent Palestinians from reaching Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque.

The activists also called upon Palestinians to unite and take part in the battle for Jerusalem, and to defend the al-Aqsa mosque and all Islamic and Christian holy sites.

They also called upon people to be ready to take part in the “intifada” of Jerusalem, which they said would be “the final, fateful intifada to liberate Palestine.”

The Berlin Wall officially fell on November 9, 1989, after having divided the German capital for nearly 30 years.

The illegal Israeli apartheid wall (illegal by the UN and world communities, except by the USA) is in many places more than double as high and nearly six times as long, as it cuts across the West Bank to divide Palestinians from other Palestinians ostensibly in order to ensure Israeli “security.”

Israel began building the apartheid wall in 2002, and the route has been the target of regular demonstrations by border towns whose land is cut off by its path.

Israel has regularly confiscated large plots of Palestinian land in order to build the wall. When the barrier is complete, 85 percent of it will have been built inside the occupied West Bank.

In 2004 the International Court of Justice ruled that the apartheid wall was illegal and “tantamount to annexation.”

Critics believe the wall to be a part of “a land grab” designed to ensure that Zionist-only settlements built on occupied territory, housing around 550,000 Israelis, will become part of “Israel” de facto despite the lack of a peace agreement, which will in reality legalize land confiscation.

(Israel had a psychological consequence to this wall: No see Palestinians, Palestinians do not Exist and No fear from occupation of Palestinian lands”

The roots of the Israel-Palestine conflict date back to 1917, when the British government, in the now-infamous “Balfour Declaration,” called for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”

Israel occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank during the 1967 Middle East War. It later annexed the holy city in 1980, claiming it as the capital of the self-proclaimed Zionist state – a move never recognized by the international community.

(Ma’an, Al-Akhbar)

Note: In 1930, the Palestinians surged against the constant influx of immigration policies for the Jews and many casualties were witnessed in Jerusalem. Edmond de Rothschild, the main funder of colonies in Palestine, and who invested $100 million in just a decade, wrote: “The Palestinians are using religion as a weapon. The Jew should not fall prey to that trap and behave politically.”

The cycle has turned: It is the Jews used religion as a weapon and the Palestinians demanding equal rights in a civil society.

Missing Malaysian airliner and the Rothschild family…

Freescale Semiconductor Ltd, Ultra-small Micro-controller, Kinesis KL02…

In 1882, Edmond de Rothschild financed the establishment of the first Zionist settlement in Palestine.

The Rothschild family had invested heavily in oil extraction, and particularly in Baku (Azerbaijan).  Baku produced more than 50% of the oil in the world in 1901 and the Rothschild family was the main producer.  A single derrick extracted more than all the 25,000 derricks in the USA in 1883.

The Russian and the Swedes were the first to invest in Baku oil fields. And the Rothschild poured in 2 million pounds in 1884 in the Baku reserves.

England was the last industrial country to get interested in oil production and consumption: It had plenty of coal and its vast industrial complex was relying on burning coal. Investing in modern powered infrastructure needed a political decision that Germany offered.

Germany had become the first industrial country in Europe and next to the USA, and its export around the world exceeded England. But Germany, a new capitalist country had not accumulated enough capital to match England or France.

England had decided that the only option to oppose Germany export expansion was to preempt a war by blocking its maritime ports and the main foreign ports (Anvers in Belgium and Rotterdam in the Netherlands) that serve Germany market. This strategic decision was made in 1905 and the preparation for war started in earnest between the two countries. The program for their navy was to end in 1914 with almost a match in the number of battle ships weighting over 20,000 tons.

In 1880, the Dutch Kessler discovered oil in the Island of Sumatra (current Indonesia) and sold his company Royal Dutch to Henri Deterding. The Rothschild family purchased 10% of the shares. It turned out that Deterding discovered vast reserves of oil in Texas and broke the monopoly of Standard Oil

In 1920, the Rothschild family had enough of the instability in Azerbaijan as the Soviet took over in Russia, and sold their shares in Baku oilfields. 

Edmond de Rothschild decided to re-invest in agricultural lands in Palestine and dispatch Jews to take care of the lands and organized them in Kibbutz.

Shepard Ambellas, founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture, posted this April 4, 2014:

While the disappearance of MH370 which had 239 people aboard is tragic, new bombshell information reveals that a Texas-based technology giant, Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., may have benefited in some way from the missing airliner which was reported to have been carrying 20 of Freescale’s employees.

Although it’s obvious the loss of human life likely saddened employees and co-workers of Freescale, the possibility still remains that higher-ups in the corporation may have benefited from the event.

“Freescale previously confirmed that the 20 employees — 12 from Malaysia and eight from China — were among 239 people on flight MH370. The company has not released the names of those employees, and again declined to do so on Monday.”, as reported by Brian Gaar, the American Statesman, Mar. 24.

It has also been mentioned in a statement by a company spokesperson that the employees who were aboard MH370, were extremely talented and valuable in the technological field.

Ultra-small Microcontoller

In February 2013, Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02, the world’s smallest microcontroller, measuring 1.9 mm by 2mm and containing RAM, ROM and a clock. The company brags that the device is so small that it can be swallowed for medical uses, such as releasing drugs according to prescription schedule or directing micro-surgery.

Tiny though it may be, the micro-controller is the key to next-generation warfare based on self-guidance, tactical versatility and hierarchy of commands, in short, an adaptive thinking weapon that can outsmart foes. Potential applications include:

Drones smaller than a fly, either as remotes or autonomously, on surveillance missions or to deliver biowarfare packets, for example, lab-cloned viruses or toxic drugs. Their light weight means longer flying periods or even indefinite hovering time if solar-powered.

rothschilds control the world

“Freescale previously confirmed that the 20 employees — 12 from Malaysia and 8 from China — were among 239 people on flight MH370. The company has not released the names of those employees, and again declined to do so on Monday.”, as reported by Brian Gaar, the American Statesman, Mar. 24.

It has also been mentioned in a statement by a company spokesperson that the employees who were aboard MH370, were extremely talented and valuable in the technological field.

Ultra-small Microcontoller

In February 2013, Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02, the world’s smallest microcontroller, measuring 1.9 mm by 2mm and containing RAM, ROM and a clock.

The company brags that the device is so small that it can be swallowed for medical uses, such as releasing drugs according to prescription schedule or directing micro-surgery.

Tiny though it may be, the micro-controller is the key to next-generation warfare based on self-guidance, tactical versatility and hierarchy of commands, in short, an adaptive thinking weapon that can outsmart foes.

Potential applications include:

Drones smaller than a fly, either as remotes or autonomously, on surveillance missions or to deliver bio-warfare packets, for example, lab-cloned viruses or toxic drugs. Their light weight means longer flying periods or even indefinite hovering time if solar-powered.


Injectable implants to insert a human-machine interface, for example, a targeting system attached to the optic nerve, rendering Google glasses obsolete.

Bionic implants could be implanted in nerves of the limbs to control battery-powered prosthetic, realizing the Pentagon’s dream of a human-centered robotic warrior, known to anime fans as “meka”.

Maneuverable micro-satellites and mini-submarines that can be operated as drones or act independently to track and hunt larger weapons systems, spy satellites too small to be detected by ground telescopes, and orbiting warheads containing chemical, biological or nuclear materials.

Freescale Semiconductor Ltd. is primarily owned by the Blackstone Group, i.e. Lord Jacob Rothschild, the same group responsible for spraying the highly-toxic Corexit 500A into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the months following the BP oil spill as reported early on by Intelihub News.

Shockingly, we also see the Carlyle Group listed as a secondary investor adding another layer of suspicion for investigators.

It is reported that the chip in this case, the chip whose patent Rothschilds now may have sole ownership and control of, would allow more drops than previously to be placed on microchip wafers. potentially bringing chips closer to nano levels.

One very good reason for getting rid of notoriously untrustworthy Chinese developers who, as with Asians or Jews, invariably remain faithful to their country of origin or allegiance more than their country of birth or residence.

The convenient end to the lives of these technicians denies China groundbreaking military-applications technology that would have very likely been privately leaked or sold to them and widely pirated by China for military and commercial purposes.

The official entry listed under Freescale Semiconductor’s “financials” section on Wikipedia states:

On September 15, 2006, Freescale agreed to a $17.6 billion buyout by a consortium led by Blackstone Group and its co-investors, Carlyle Group, TPG Capital, and Permira.

The buyout offer was accepted on November 13, 2006 following a vote by company shareholders. The purchase, which closed on December 1, 2006, was the largest private buyout of a technology company until the Dell buyout of 2013 and is one of the ten largest buyouts of all time.

As a journalist, I have to point out the vast amount of monies invested into this technology firm.

It’s not like $17.9 bn is a drop in the bucket by any means, likely signifying the true importance of this corporation.

I also have to question why so many Freescale employees were on the same flight at the same time, as four of them were reported by several sources to have been U.S. patent holders of a new technology with wider military applications. This would likely have been a breach of protocol, but at the least a costly oversight.

In fact it’s been reported that Peid Ong Wang, Suzhou, Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou and Li Ying, Suzhou, Freescale employees from China who were said to have been onboard flight 370, were each 20% holders of U.S. Patent #US008671381B1.

Shockingly, the remaining 20% has been reported to be held by Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., which now after the disappearance of flight 370 becomes the sole patent holder.

In laymen’s terms, Lord Jacob Rothschild is now the patent holder by virtue of invested interest into Freescale Semiconductor Ltd.

The Rothschild owned and controlled Malaysian government has acquired rights to chips that can embed identity tags into cash, passports or even human bodies.

The chip can replace barcode tags in retail goods, and can be inserted into the human body, animals, bullets, credit cards and other items for verification purposes, said the report.

The made-in-Malaysia microchip measuring 0.5 mm X 0.5 mm – the size of a decimal point – uses the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip technology.

To bring things further into perspective, putting the icing on the cake, the Rothschild dynasty owns the Malaysian Central Bank which in-turn is heavily invested into the Malaysian government and Malaysian Airlines.

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Note 2:  Every time the US Federal Resrve Bank print paper money or exchange hard currencies or sell gold, the Rothschild family gets a percentage of the transactions.




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