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The effects you can feel and observe. The doubtful causes are within the rational realm…

If you scratch deeper in any experiment, you discover there are higher or superimposed causes to the initial  “identified cause” . And we claim that the initial causes to be the reasons for the effects we are feeling or observing.

Fact is, I believe only in the interrelationships or interactions among the “identified causes” (factors, independent variables) and not in the causative notion, a dichotomy  or binary situation (cause and effect) that our mind is trained to invent in order to make sense for our logical and rational system we learned.

Cause is a rational invention that is imposed on our mind since there are no ways to sense it.

Although the mathematical concept of correlation (an equation) is not similar to the notion of cause, I find that correlation among variables to make sense: At least you can observe the trends (positive or negative), an observation that is far more useful and applicable than the abstract concept of “cause”.

The fact that for every cause there are higher level causes or many other causes interfering with an initial cause, I feel that the notion of cause is moot and disturbing.

It is the many “identified causes” that brought so many calamities to mankind.

Even today, many identified causes have turned out to be false, confounding, ill-conceived, simplistic…

Paradigm shifts are the demonstrations of “flawed causes” in every discipline. cases that affected generations that spanned centuries in many civilizations around the world.

One of the worst of “identified cause” is what “a God or supreme being made people to follow their designated destinies”.

A God is far more dangerous the more reduced is the pantheon of Gods.

From hundreds, to dozens, to three, to two and ending up to just a single God, calamities and indignities increased as the number of Gods diminished.

During the periods of vaster roster of Gods, civilizations prospered, and enjoyed prolonged periods of peace, security, and richer continuous communication among communities.

Fact is, the concept of cause is so difficult to scientifically assimilate that it requires several years of education in experimental design, setting up experiment and controlling the numerous interfering variables (causes).  And flawed experiments are being churned out faster than peer reviewed experts can review and comment on.

You can learn to acquire an experimental mind and be capable of critiquing scientific articles for flawed designs and analysis, but setting up an experiment and running it require a different set of attitudes.

Actually, product are being tested live on customers, and companies wait for legal complaints to react and redesign for health and safety.




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