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Why the USA is playing it “fuzzy” in Egypt after the upheaval of 2011?

Playing it fuzzy does not mean “not knowing what to do” or lacking a long-term strategy in Egypt and the Arab World.

The US is playing it fuzzy in public speeches and official pronouncement because, in Egypt case, success relies on letting the Egyptian fighting it out in total darkness of what this superpower really want to achieve there.

It is highly probable that the US was caught off guard in 2011, but not this time around for the July 2013 upheaval. The Coup was planned and patiently prosecuted in its minute details.

Obama could afford to go golfing and Kerry go sailing during Egypt turmoil, simply because the plan was carried out smoothly and according to schedule.

The Wahhabi Saudi Arabia monarchy was out of its mind, witnessing its arch enemy Egypt Moslem Brotherhood coming to power.

Saudi Arabia had excellent relations with Mubarak types of government: Everything in Egypt was for sale, and for cheap as long as the Egyptian oligarchy is bribed, and Saudi Arabia could build hundreds of mosques and appoint the sheikhs and imams who were trained to the Wahhabi brand of Islamic sect

The US calmed down the Saudi monarchy by promising to reverse the game in due time, giving Egypt Moslem Brotherhood a year term to demonstrate its failure to govern.

Robert Fisk is adamant that Morsi didn’t win the election, but his opponent perceived to be a continuation to Mubarak’s political system The US could not afford to be viewed as blatantly going counter to the Egyptians feeling for change, and convinced Saudi Arabia to accept a temporary course of action. The opponent was dispatched to Saudi Arabia right after the vote, and never contested the results.

The US needed time to get things under control over this flammable situation in the Middle East.

The US made it sure that the Morsi government will not secure any financial aid, not even from the IMF, in order to partially resolve the acute financial problems that Egypt was railing under. Only Qatar offered barely a single billion, and the Emir paid the heavy price: The Emir of Qatar and his Prime Minister were ousted and replaced by the elder son of Hamad bin Thani a month ago.

Did you notice how quickly the new government of Egypt secured $12 billion, the day after the “successful” coup?

Saudi Arabia extended $5 bn, Kuwait $4 bn, and the Arab Gulf States$ 3 bn, in guaranteed loans and direct oil shipment… 

Mind you that these oil  rich Arab States never open their purse for foreign aids without the US permission.

Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood were under the illusion that if they satisfied Israel conditions, they will have a green card to reshuffle internally the “Liberal political system” in Egypt and impose their brand of government

There is no doubt that the Morsi government and Turkey and Qatar and many other States… knew that the US is planning an overthrow of the Moslem Brotherhood “legitimate” government, and Morsi quickened the pace in installing their own political changes and institutions, and frustrating most of the Egyptians…

This frantic impatience of Morsi and seemingly haphazard decisions that alienated the other political parties didn’t come from a void: They felt that the coup is coming…

The US would not dare prepare a military coup without the public rallying of the Egyptian people against Morsi.

Is the US worried that Egypt will slip into a protracted civil war like in Syria? I doubt it.

The US want some kind of “peaceful” civil war in Egypt, weaken the Egyptian army in internal problems, and tighten the grip on Egypt political and economic decision through more loans and increased dependence on the US…

One thing is clear: The US wants to focus on the Far East and like to have the Old World (Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean) under a traditional political statue quo, as during the Cold War with the Soviet Union

The US wants a long-term agreement with Russia and a new reasonable partition of power in the Old World.

Probably the US is getting more delusional in thinking that things can revert to the old time, that the humiliated people in the Middle East will cool down and forgive decades of indignities without salvaging their feeling concretely and pragmatically…

Things are changing and the Old World is shedding its skin.

Israel has to worry: Apartheid policies and incarcerating Palestinian youth (60% passed through the Israel prison system for humiliation) are no longer “acceptable”, even if the western media are not willing to cover Israel horror stories.

Israel thinks that it is safer to enfeeble the surrounding State armies, and that frequent mock training in mock street towns will make any significant performance against armies that actually liberated cities against far more resistant oppositions than the Israeli soldiers.

Israel must take this opportunity to withdraw from all the occupied lands in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. And Now.

Free Opinion: The worst nemesis to all kinds of ideologies and rulers

This post is a humorous attempt at engaging seriously these stone-faced muslem ideologue and religious extreme “puritanical” factions ruling Egypt today.

Modeled after the hugely successful ‘End Poverty’ global campaign, the Egyptian government today announced ambitious plans to ‘end humor’ by 2018. The initiative will aim to eliminate humor, satire and joke-telling from Egyptian society within a tightly-controlled five-year plan. Smiling will also be frowned upon, even though it won’t be strictly prohibited.

The campaign was launched earlier today by ordering the arrest of popular TV satirist Bassem Youssef, widely seen as a symbol of the nation’s obsession with flippancy and light-heartedness.

A stern-looking government spokesman announced that this is a symbolic strike at the entire echelon of satire and joke-telling that has infiltrated Egyptian society, hinting that foreign hands have been behind the drive to paralyze the nation through the promotion of humor in a strict religious nation.

Karl reMarks posted this March 30, 2013 under “Egypt launches ambitious campaign to ‘end humour’ by 2018”

A government spokesman for the Moslem Brotherhood said:

“For decades, people have been promoting inaccurate stereotypes about the Egyptian people, describing them as ‘funny’, ‘witty’ and ‘can make a joke of everything’. This nefarious propaganda promoted by the travel guide industry has distorted the perception of our serene countrymen and their wives, and I am sad to say that many Egyptians have adopted this alien way of thinking“.

Denying claims that this initiative was an attempt to stamp out critique against the government, the spokesman Dr Abbas Gadd clarified the aims of the campaign:

“This is primarily about economic productivity and the nation’s image abroad. We anticipate that even a 65% drop in joke-telling would increase labour productivity (not procreating activity) by 15% and add 1% to the nation’s GDP growth.”

“I do not personally see the point of telling jokes. In fact, I have always pretended to laugh when people told me jokes but I have never heard a funny joke in my life. From now on, no Egyptian citizen will have to put up with this pressure. This is about the nation’s soul.

Look at the ancient Egyptian statues, none of them are smiling. We suspect that the Sphinx was defaced during Napoleon’s campaign to give it a hint of a smile, but the original frown will be restored soon with the help of archaeologists.”

Dr Gadd said that the government will adopt a soft touch in this campaign, but there will be strict punishments for repeat offenders.

“We want you to know that we’re on your side, we’re helping you get rid of an unhealthy addiction (telling jokes and laughing at them). This plague of humor that has spread throughout Egypt will require a huge effort to combat.

Abbas Gadd also identified practical steps that people could take, such as praying or humming the national anthem whenever they felt the urge to tell a joke.

Speaking about the controversial arrest of the satirist Bassem Youssef, Dr Gadd had a clear message:

“I think this is not (Bassem Youssef) fault, his parents called him ‘Bassem’ which means ‘smiling’ in Arabic and we all know that names have a big impact on a person’s disposition. We will recommend that he change his name and we will help find another program to present because we value his talent. Perhaps something about Islamic history or halal interior decoration.”

Dr Gadd introduced several slogans for the campaign, which will be available as T-shirts, wristbands and those car air freshners that are so popular with taxi drivers. Samples to be considered:

“Frown for Egypt”,

“Life is not a joke” and

“Smiling is not a manly trait” and several others were introduced to the press, urging them to spread the message and get on board with the campaign.

A somber mood fell on the press conference venue after the announcement, which Dr Gadd detected. He closed by saying:

“There is nothing to worry about and if you think you’ve had a bad day, I’m invited to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner, and you know what her cooking is like”.

At which point, several people laughed and Dr Gadd himself smiled. But then he realized his faux-pas and left the room hurriedly muttering something about Satan.

Note: Bassem was released the same day, but the campaign of the Brotherhood against opposition opinions is going on.


Morsi of Egypt has to deliver on his promise: “If the people gather in Tahrir Square as during Mubarak, I will certainly step down…”

The people in Egypt have been setting their tents for 2 weeks now in Tahrir Square, demanding that Morsi steps down. Why Morsi is still hanging on to his seat?

Already there are a dozen killed and over 200 injured, and perpetrated by Morsi’s hooligans of the Moslem Brotherhood movement. Why Morsi refuses to deliver on his promise?

The police forces have arrested 32 of the MB hooligans carrying molotov bottles and sharp weapons on their raids against the demonstrators. What Morsi is waiting for?


Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the actions of President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters who deliberately fired on journalists and attacked them as they were covering last night’s clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

Al-Hosseiny Abu Deif, an experienced newspaper reporter, was rushed to hospital after being hit in the head by a rubber bullet fired at close range at around 1 a.m. today and is said to be in a critical condition.

A witness told Reporters Without Borders that Morsi supporters deliberately targeted Deif, who works for the newspaper Al-Fagr.

Five minutes before Abu Deif was shot from a distance of just two metres, he showed colleagues photos of the president’s supporters with sophisticated weapons.

Abu Deif camera was stolen after he was shot, as colleagues went to his aid.

“Witnesses say the president’s supporters deliberately targeted and attacked journalists. We call on President Morsi to order an investigation into the circumstances of these attacks and to punish those responsible. As president, he must ensure the safety of all of his fellow citizens, including journalists.

“We also call on the president to rescind the 22 November decree granting himself extraordinary powers, and not hold a referendum on the draft constitution in its current form.

The Constituent Commission must amend the draft in order to provide more protection for freedom of expression and information.”

Other journalists were injured during the night as they covered the clashes.They included :

Mohamed Azouz of the government newspaper Al-Gomhuria,

Osama Al-Shazly of the daily Al-Badil,

Islam Abdel Tawab of Al-Alam Al-Yawm,

Sahar Talaat, a correspondent for Radio France Internationale’s Spanish service and

Ahmed Khair Eldeen, a ON-TV journalist.

Two journalists with Turkey’s TRT television, reporter Mehmet Akif Ersoy and cameraman Adil Ahmet, were attacked earlier yesterday in Tahrir Square and their equipment was damaged.

Read the letter about the Egyptian constitution that was sent to President Morsi yesterday.

The people in Egypt have declared with no uncertain terms: “This MB Constitution will not pass…”. Why Morsi insist on a this charade of a referendum on this Constitution that was cooked within one night and one day without the participation of the other political parties?

Morsi should remember that Egypt had a secular constitution and secular civil laws a century ago. Why Morsi feel so strongly about reverting Egypt to the medieval age?

Egypt Moslem Brotherhood State newspaper: Cover me these breasts…

Anger surfaced this week after the Egyptian state’s flagship newspaper Al-Ahram modified a famous painting by Abdel Hadi al-Gazzar (1925-1966). Current Egypt Moslem Brotherhood State newspaper covered the breasts of a woman in it.

Artists and intellectual slammed the paper for the move, which was first reported last week by the Lebanese paper Al-Akhbar.

“The Popular Chorus” by Abdel Hady al-Gazzar

“On Wednesday, a loose coalition of Egyptian intellectuals called the Egyptian Creativity Front issued a statement condemning Al-Ahram for the distortion of Gazzar ‘s “Popular Chorus” (Al-Kawras Al-Shaabi).

The Al-Ahram article, entitled “Popular Chorus against Injustice” and published on 12 June, discusses how Gazzar was arrested because of the painting in 1948. The painting, which addresses poverty, disappeared and he repainted it in 1951.

Gazzar (1925-1966), one of Egypt’s most renowned artists, is acclaimed by critics for pioneering the use of everyday Egyptian themes.

The Egyptian Creativity Front’s statement described the paper’s “outrageous” act as being “incomprehensible and unjustified censorship.”

It further argued that this act of censorship can be connected to Salafis’ covering of nude Greek sculptures in Alexandria during rallies this week.

“We are not in a situation in which we are evaluating Abdel Hadi al-Gazzar’s paintings or talking about its value or the value of the artist in the minds of those interested in art. But we just ask: Who allowed the painting to be distorted?” the statement said.

The statement added that Al-Ahram was a tool of the Mubarak regime and as the official newspaper of the now dissolved National Democratic Party, the regime’s media line of defense against the opposition.

According to the statement, the paper now seems to be looking for a new regime to be used by: In the rise of political Islam it saw an opportunity to reach out to the current most powerful entity, it decided to commit this hypocritical act as a precaution.

Egypt Moslem Brotherhood from the Inside: One of the largest religious/political cult?

Egypt Moslem Brotherhood is not a movement: It is one of the largest Islam religious/political cult. It is not just one of the islamic sects, or one of the Sunni branches: It is a cult. You cannot join this cult by applying and declaring your affiliation to its ideology.

You will have to be proposed by a full-member as a potential “cog in the machinery“, pass several levels, closely monitored, controlled, tested… And if you satisfy the one main criteria of effacing your individuality to match the ideology, you may acceed to the level of a Brother Worker after about 8 years of practical indoctrination in the field of action.

As you are taken over by a professional member, you are a muhib (lover of the Brotherhood), a stage that may last from 6 months to 4 years. You are asked to join a local usra (family) of about 5 memebrs who closely watch over your behavior. The candidate is moved to the rank of muayyed (supporter).  The next phase is Muntasseb (officially a member). You are elevated to the phase of muntazim (fully organized member), a critical phase that may propel you into Akh 3amel (working brother)

You might know a few religious or civic cults, and you might be a member of a cult without admitting it: They all proceed in the same mechanism and hierarchical structure… but the purpose is ultimately a political goal of acceding to power and imposing a unidirectional system of belief on the entire community… But there are differences between religious sect cults with political agenda, and civic political cults with fundamentally religious agenda, and this clarification requires a follow-up article

What is scary is that the Moslem Brotherhood is dominant in most Arab States, and most probably follow the same of religioius/political system, and have reached their goal of grabbing power, never to relinquish it.  As it happened in Turkey for the last decade… First, I let you real what Ziad Akl wrote and I ‘ll attach a few of my comments.

Ziad Akl published on Nov. 3, 2102 in the Egypt Daily News:

“No other political group or movement has received the same attention or has had the same impact on Egyptian politics as the Muslim Brotherhood, since the ousting of Mubarak until now. The Brotherhood became an everyday reality for Egyptians.

We wake up to the statements of its leaders, we follow the news of its significant figures and we support, oppose or simply feel indifferent towards our president who belongs to the Brotherhood. There is a daily interaction that takes place between every Egyptian and the Muslim Brotherhood. Whether we like it or not, the Muslim Brotherhood shapes post-revolutionary Egypt.

While most of the time we focus on the external dimensions of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule over Egypt, meaning their policies, statements, decisions and directions, we do not donate the same amount of attention to the group from within. I believe that the way in which the movement is organised from the inside has a lot to do with their current position within Egyptian politics.

The rigid internal structure of the Muslim Brotherhood is not very common among other political movements and groups in Egypt. If at any moment you stopped and asked yourself what it takes to become a Muslim Brother, here is the process shortly outlined.

Joining the Muslim Brotherhood is not an easy task; it is a process that takes years and years. It is not a matter of filling an application or attending a couple of meetings or even donating some money; it is a process that rids you of your individuality and turns you into another cog in the a machine, or in the words of Roger Waters, another brick in the wall.

It takes about five to eight years to transform from an aspiring member to a fully integrated Muslim Brother. During this period, the loyalty of the aspiring member is closely monitored and his dedication to the cause and the doctrine is closely watched.

Local members of the Brotherhood scout for potential candidates in universities, usually students who demonstrate significant signs of piety. These members do not usually identify themselves as Muslim Brothers, rather they conceal their identity to try and build relationships with the potential candidate and be able to assess his commitment to religion.

The Brotherhood also targets the children of the Muslim Brothers, starting their recruitment process around the age of 9. If you decide independently that you want to join the Brotherhood and you start seeking ways to do that, you need to know a member who will probably take you to another man to guide you and teach you. So like a vampire community, only a Muslim Brother can transform you into one.

Age is a crucial factor in the recruitment process; the Brotherhood usually directs its recruitment efforts towards young men. If the organisation feels that the potential candidate demonstrates sufficient commitment to their ideology, the long process of actually becoming a Muslim Brother then begins.

As soon as you are admitted into the Brotherhood, you become a muhib, a word that literally means lover or follower. This phase could last between six months and four years depending on the performance and the improvement of the aspiring member. During that phase the follower joins a local usra (family) which is a group of four to five people that meets regularly and where the piety, morality and ideology of the aspirant are closely watched

After the leader of the family decides that the follower has shown sufficient piety and knowledge of Islamic texts, the candidate is moved to a more advanced phase where he becomes a muayyed (supporter). During the “supporter” phase, duties towards the organisation must be fulfilled and a curriculum of study completed. Upon finishing that phase, you are moved to a higher rank and become muntasib (affiliated).

As soon as you become affiliated, you start donating a portion of your earnings to the organisation, usually five to eight per cent. In the “affiliated” phase your loyalty and commitment are closely probed. If you satisfy those who monitor you, usually over the course of a year, you are then allowed to the phase of muntazim or organised brother and you can assume lower levels of leadership. Finally, if you pass all the tests that the Brotherhood will subject you to; you are admitted into the final stage of membership which is ach amil or working brother.

This cult-like process is how our current leaders have been formed and how the Brotherhood is carefully forming future ones. This quasi-fascist structure where your loyalty is always put to question and your personal life is watched at every moment is the mechanism by which Muslim Brothers are produced.

Now, is it any wonder that all Muslim Brothers sound the same? Is it surprising that they all argue in the same way, share the same ideas and are obsessed with listening to their own voices?

If for years your loyalty has been directed towards one entity, the Brotherhood and its ideology, can you be loyal to anything else? The Muslim Brotherhood is an organisation that tattoos your soul, molds your mind, brands your ideas and at every moment suppresses the free play of your powers. This is the Muslim Brotherhood from within, this is where our leaders come from!” End of article

Comment 1: If it takes 8 years to indoctrinate a member to efface his individuality, it must takes that many years for any minor deviation in reforms within the ideology, coming from the top, to take roots in the new generation of  Moslem Brotherhood…And during all these years, what the remaining citizens who don’t give a hoot about this cultist idee-fix are supposed to do? How can they oppose and confront a cult that is unable in its structure to admit differences with the other communities that diverge in their system of belief?

Comment 2: In Syria, there is this party of the regime called the Baath Party. It is supposed not to be founded on any religion belief system, a civic political party, and yet, the regime was unable to delete the chari3a from the constitution or delete the statement that Islam is the religion of the State.  A political party that has been in power of over 50 years, must have been reduced to a cult.

This Syria Baath party must have a cultist faction within its ranks and files. Most probably, the Alawit religious sect of the regime must have built-in a cult within the party, and all the members of this cult hold the key positions within the State’s institutions…

Note: On the Turkish Moslem Brotherhood

Family Life According to Egypt Moslem Brotherhood: Bees, flowers, erratic emotionally…

Osama Abou Salama, professor of botany at Cairo University, told young men and women in premarital counseling classes: “Women are erratic, emotional, and they make good wives and mothers but never a leader or ruler”. Osama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, The women did not object.

MONA EL-NAGGAR published on September 4, 2012

“Since the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power, much of the uncertainty over its social agenda is stirred by its undefined attitude toward women. Will the Brotherhood’s leaders try:
1. to impose a conservative dress code?
2. Will they bar women from certain fields of work?
3. Will they promote segregation at schools?

In a country where the vast majority of women already cover their hair, disregard any collective call for action and voluntarily separate from men in coed environments, that may seem academic.

Mr. Abou Salama asks anyway. “Can you, as a woman, take a decision and handle the consequences of your decision?

A number of women shook their head.

Osama to resume: “No. But men can. And God created us this way because a ship cannot have more than one captain.”

None of the 30 or so young men and women in the class winced.

More than any other political group in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is most fluent in the dialect of the masses. By upholding patriarchal and traditional values around a woman’s place in society, it garners popular support, builds political capital and reinforces a socially conservative paradigm.

Hania Sholkamy, anthropologist and associate professor at the Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo says: “The woman is the symbol of a moral platform through which easy gains can be made. Those who deprive women of their rights, limit their freedom or place them in a subordinate position believe that the political cost of doing so is very low.”

The lectures of Mr. Abou Salama, who has raised three daughters, are part of a four-week workshop dubbed Bride and Groom Against Satan and sponsored by Family House, a Muslim Brotherhood-funded charity.

Among its many activities, Family House offers financial support to struggling households, provides a matchmaking service and sponsors mass weddings for low-income couples.

Walaa Abdel Halim, the Family House coordinator who organizes the youth counseling workshop, says: “This is part of the reformist methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Shaping a righteous individual leads to shaping a righteous family and by shaping a righteous family, you get a righteous society that can choose a righteous leader.”

For Ms. Abdel Halim, 22, her efforts bore fruit when Mohamed Morsi was elected president in June.

At the time, Mr. Morsi gave assurances to protect the rights of women and include them in decision-making. Less than three months into his presidency, Mr. Morsi has already broken a campaign promise to appoint a woman as vice president. Instead, he named a team of 21 senior aides and advisers last week that includes three women.

Of those three, Omaima Kamel is a medical professor at Cairo University and member of the Muslim Brotherhood since 1981. One of her main areas of work and interest, she says, is women.

Omaima Kamel says: “Let’s face it, if your work took you away from your fundamental duties at home and if your success came at the cost of your family life and the stability of your children, then you are the one who stands to lose. A woman can work as much as she wants, but within the framework of our religious restrictions.”

Many analysts and critics of the Muslim Brotherhood see such vagueness as conducive to capricious laws and social constraints on women.

Ibrahim el-Houdaiby, a researcher of Islamic movements and former member of the Brotherhood, says: “There is an absence of a well-defined vision so they use words like “religious restrictions”.  O.K., sure, so what exactly are those restrictions so we can know them and figure out how to deal with them? As long as we don’t define what those limits are, then we can expand them to the point where women, practically speaking, cannot work.”

Outlining some parameters, Ms. Kamel listed “respect,” “modest dress” and “limited or no mixing between the sexes.”

In Mr. Morsi’s political program, called “the renaissance,” there is overt emphasis on a woman’s “authentic role as wife, mother and purveyor of generations.” The program then makes recommendations to safeguard family life; foremost among them are premarital classes for youth.

Free from the Mubarak regime, the Muslim Brotherhood’s social outreach programs have mushroomed. In less than a year, Family House expanded from a single office to 18 branches around Egypt.

Back at the mother branch, in the densely populated Cairo neighborhood of Nasr City, Mr. Abou Salama walks into a spacious room where front rows are for men, back seats for women. He lectures on qualities to seek in a partner, getting acquainted under parental supervision, dealing with in-laws and successfully consummating marriage. In his social paradigm, understanding that the woman was created to be an obedient wife and mother and the man to fend for his family holds the secret to a happy marriage.

“I want you to be the flower that attracts a bee to make honey, not the trash that attracts flies and dirt. A woman takes pleasure in being a follower and finds ease in obeying a husband who loves her.”” Mr. Abou Salama said, encouraging the women not to flaunt their bodies. All the women in the room were veiled; most of them wore long loose dresses, and four had full-face covers.

Note: So many “professors”, left and right, not feeling ashamed to display their stupidities…




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