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Day-dream project: Elected community Sex club of the “Compassionate Priestesses and Priests”

This is municipal election period in Lebanon and I am proposing this project as my platform

There are plenty of historical precedents to this oldest of institution, but mine is a tad different and with a moral and healthy twist.

One major difference is that powerful, rich or wealthy clients are excluded to enter this sacrosanct place.

The club is exclusively established to cater for the desires and needs of all the common people who cannot afford to pay for prostitutes or a luxury dinner or think they have a chance to ask for a date, due to the many problems that parents raise to prevent any normal meeting to get to know one another.

The town will receive candidates for the position of priestesses and priests of both sexes of all ages to satisfy the idiosyncrasies of the community members.

Obviously, the candidates should be over 18.

And obviously, the client member conserves his anonymity so that No one knows for sure what is his sexual inclination or sexual fetishism

Obviously, intercourse is Not the main purpose or necessity: There are many ways to provide the hapless person a joyful and hopeful perspective on life.

They can feel comfortable conversing in a private setting, in the nude in due time, reciting poems and learning to woo, compliment, touch, smell, and communicate.

They can learn to feel what arouse them and what give them joy and satisfaction.

If the Club priestess or priest feels the need for having an intercourse, the client can decline without much fuss in consequences.

Physically disgusting clients, and those deemed violent, can be turned down: they are dispatched to higher levels of priesthood council who have more experience in handling these hard cases.

By the way, it is imperative that the club has an aesthetic section, for cases like cutting toe nails, finger nails, removing hairs from ears and noses, epilation, hot bath… in order for the client to be presentable

The director of the club is to check on the weekly work schedule of the priesthood members in order that no privileges are bestowed on particular clients

The comfort of meeting face to face with a willing and compassionate party, in a luxury and tasty place, is worth all the quick  love-making encounters.

Yes, the club should strive to be as luxurious as donations comes: Poor people mostly need to get initiated to luxury.

Like seeing the partners decked in luxury attire, drinking from luxury cups, laying down on fluffy luxury bed and cushions, luxury bathrooms…

The donation box will Not accept more than a modicum price, what amount to the expenses paid going out to bars…

The term is for 2 years and not renewable until an entire term has elapsed: Varieties and excitement are normal behaviour tendencies.

The elected priesthood serve a single client per day, totally dedicated to communicate with the client, and Not to exceed 4 hours: They have their own full-time jobs to earn a living.

This project is tailor-make for me that would make me change my living address in a blink to the preferred town





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