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Before the last giant mammal, elephant, rhino, or gorilla.falls in our lifetime

In our lifetime, we could live in a world with no elephants, rhinos, or gorillas.

An elephant is murdered by poachers every 26 minutes

It’s heartbreaking — but there’s one group of heroes risking everything to stop this slide towards extinction: wildlife rangers.

They save thousands of endangered animals every single day. It’s incredibly dangerous work — every four days another ranger is killed. And they do it with almost no training and equipment — half of them don’t even have boots!

Now we have an amazing chance to upgrade ranger forces all over the world.

The Thin Green Line, who work with the world’s top rangers, are asking for our help to train and equip thousands of Wildlife Guardians — elite protectors to deploy to Africa’s worst poaching hot spots.

300 rangers with this training virtually stopped elephant poaching in one vast area of Kenya. And together, we can create 1,000 new Wildlife Guardians every single year!

This could be one of Avaaz’s greatest legacies to the world — a global wildlife protection force supported by people everywhere.

If 50,000 of us donate right now, the first Wildlife Guardians will start in weeks!

Without rangers, we’d have lost the fight for our elephants, rhinos, and other wildlife long ago.

But we’re still losing these majestic creatures at alarming rates — 3 rhinos a day in South Africa alone! — and scientists warn that if we don’t stop the slide to extinction soon, it will be too late.

Together, we can turn it around, but we don’t have much time.

Under the Wildlife Guardian plan, training and equipping a ranger costs as little as $600!

In 12 months, we can train enough Guardians to help protect 124,000 elephants on 25 MILLION acres across Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Imagine that our grandchildren could never see live or know these magnificent giants.
With hope and determination,

Allison, Bert, Ricken, Martyna, Marigona and the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

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The website of our lead partner and a world leader in training rangers – The Thin Green Line Foundation – Projects

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