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Elie Barnavi wrote: “Yes, there are two Israel. There is the idolaters, centered on a divine earth, prisoner of archaic beliefs, and fabricating a strange modern ideology, strange to classical Zionism, and strange to rabbinical Judaism.  There is another Israel, mine, directed to the world community, secular, and rational.”  Barnavi went on: “From this confrontation depends the future of the State of Israel.  Will it continue to be an armed ghetto, isolated from its neighborhood, or a respected member of world communities?  In the long-term, my Israel will win.  I am not sure if we all be dead by then.  The right-wing politics are counting on the diaspora and their ancestral fears of any emerging anti-Semitic feeling and they are willing to die to the last Israeli citizen to keeping occupied land.  The right-wing politics are  counts also on the American Evangelical new-conservatives who claim that the second coming of Christ-King is soon after the Jews have been converted properly.   The right-wing politics in Israel know that it will be the end of their power when peace is achieved; and they mean not to let peace have a chance.”

Bernavi is simplifying the partition into two groups because explaining the subdivisions between the main two politics is infinite in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora.  You have the class divisions among the Sefarad, the Ashkenazi, the indigenous Jews in Palestine and surrounding Arab States and their subsequent caste system into minority religious sects and origins.  You have economic classes such as the rich military industrialists, the growing power in the military hierarchy, the sex trade mafia, the human parts mafia, the hard drug mafia, the new immigrants from Ethiopia and the Slavic new Independent States, the colon problems, the apartheid policies against the invisible Palestinians, the untenable “democratic” system that gives advantages to the hard-line religious parties…

Unlike most intellectuals, Barnavi has no illusions as to the indefinite total support of the US.  Demographic of the US is changing and its focus on its interest in Asia and Africa is encouraging the US to resolving the Palestinian cause, the sooner the better.  The US is convening the Palestinians and Israeli to negotiate directly in Washington this September; the negotiation might take a year but a resolution must be the fruit of this gigantic effort to bring peace in the Near East region.  The US knows that its dominance is dwindling economically, financially, and politically.  The period of destabilizing the Middle East for its oil reserves is over:  The more the Middle East is destabilized the more advantage China, India, and Brazil reap the fruit at the expense of the US.  The fiasco in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the financial crash have demonstrated to the US the limits of adventurous military mentality.  Diplomacy and good business undertaking are the way out of this catastrophic policy.




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