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Our yearning for The Absolute survived Temples and religions?

The French author Cioran said to late famous Argentine author Ernesto Sabato: “We can snuff out almost everything in mankind, except the yearning for The Absolute. This need in man will survive Temples and religions…”  I think that religions were instituted and their sort of temples were beautifully erected since time immemorial in order to respond to man’s yearning for The absolute. ” In sadness, anything is transformed into a soul”

The poet Cesar Vallejo wrote something to this effect: “Life is a series of cruel and harsh blows: God’ Hate striking again and again…”  I think this most determined power has learned from mankind’s behaviors and feedback that the only way to retain man’s attention is to reach him through personal calamities

The poet clergyman Hugo Mujica wrote: “In the deepest of our emotions there are no roots: Simply totally uprooted and torn off feelings…” I guess that’s the case of people verging into senility: They tend to return to locations where they first and sincerely asked themselves agonizing questions on the existence…

The painter Goya wrote: “The dreams of reason generate monsters…”  Our back to the wall in this difficult decade, where objective reasoning, sciences, (and technologies put on the market without prior evaluation and testing for the health, safety, and mental consequences to users) are unable to respond adequately to the growing stagnated decisions for resolving mankind and nature survival, we keep wondering: “How can we overcome those multiple problems that require international cooperation and serious communication of our anxieties?

The successive genocides perpetrated by almost every society in the last century, and still going on in many part around the world, confirm Elie Wisel claim: “Genocides do not just physical kill people, but mainly the Idea of Humanity…”  Perpetual genocide tendencies let us start doubting Goethe statement: “Humanity will finally triumph…” That was a plausibility in the 18th romantic century: Can it be believable in this totally materialistic, “just me”, liberal capitalism ideology and system?

In his book “Before the End”, Ernesto Sabato recounted this event: “I took the train, and a thin and frail woman sat and started playing a mournful melody on her accordion.  She was one of these Romanian refugees; she could be from Albania, Serbia…: No homeland, no family, no relatives…One of the millions in errancy around the world, kicked out of their lands, villages, culture, roots…These refugees know without any doubt that they are not counted in history, they are not even included in statistics or falling within an ideological slot…The skinny woman stepped down to hop into another train, and I noticed the baby-girl on her back, looking at me with the saddest of eyes…”

All these indigenous Indians in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile…), the outcast who had no other recourse but to flock to major cities, uprooted from their natural environment, living in favella and shanty-towns, victims of recurring genocides, epidemics…Those outcast of captives in cities, barely surviving, having lost their former dignity and rituals…The harmony between mankind and the cosmos has been broken down.  To be replaced by what?  Industrial agribusinesses? Technologies of the new barbarians?

Outcasts around the world who can no longer hope for protection in the justice systems: Police forces breaking sit-ins and dumping the workers’ hot soup in the street on cold nights…




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