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Own your Day, your Health, and your Safety: No one will substitute to your pain

Note: Re-edit of 2012 post

Do you think the health of Bipeds Humanoid is that different from the animal kingdom?

A couple of centuries ago, mankind was already in a trend of extinction, until medical discovery, better health care, hygiene, and infant mortality was reduced qualitatively.

Vaccination and pregnancy care managed to increase mankind to 7 billion, doubling every 30 years…

I am not talking of these “one in a thousand” (elite classes) of the 7 billion human living on earth.

These exceptions to the rule, a lifestyle where there are no appreciable distinctions between day and night, winter or summer season, circadian cycles…The only common factor they share with the common mortals is the inevitable death, when death comes

It is not that the “one in a thousand” species or “elite classes” in every State consider that “slaves” are necessary for the maintenance of social structures and are fundamental for any sustained economy and development of political systems.

It is not that the “one in a thousand” species doesn’t comprehend that “slavery is the worst indignity that mankind can suffer” (Simon Bolivar), but even worse, they want to impose on the common mankind their own rules that say: “there are no difference between day and night, winter or summer…and that the slaves have to deal with all the weather inconvenience, circadian cycle imbalances in energy, nutritional quality, clothing quality…

The slaves have to deal with life hardships and keep at the beck and command of the elite classes dictate”.

Obviously, the elite class needs a mediator class: It wouldn’t touch the poor with a long pole; it refuses to be subjected to any temptation of close encounter with the “lower classes“…Any close bodily interaction might result in serious reflection, and the Temple might crumble…

In winter, most animal sleep far more than in warmer seasons: The common mortal has to wake up at the same hour, work the same number of work-day, perform as during warmer seasons…rain or shine, blizzard, tornadoes, hurricanes, frozen roads…

The common mortal is commanded to deal with weather conditions any which way…The factories must function as usual, production must be sustained…

In summer time, most animals suffer from the heat: They seek shelter to cool off, and they sleep during the peek of hot hours…

The common mortal must deal with crazy suffocating conditions, any which way, and is refused a napping period…

Most animals have figured out the best moments to sleep and feed…The common mortal must sleep and eat at any time the boss commands him to.

Sure, mankind is not to just emulate the animal kingdom behaviors, but he has to demonstrate that he is not far more stupid than animal behavior.

Man has got to learn to obey what his body requires for the long haul.

Kids sleep a lot.  As they grow up they don’t feel like taking naps, but they feel sleepy by late evening, and do sleep anywhere they are…

As they reached 50 years, their bodies need to nap after heavy meals, they need more sleeping hours in cold seasons, they need more time for the body to recover and stabilize and reach a sort of equilibrium for set performances…

When I was a kid, I don’t recall anything of eating, sleeping, or pissing, cold or hot weather…The body recovered quickly.  Now I need to wake up when the air has warmed up (around 9 am), I need a nap that might extend to 2 hours if need be, especially to warm my body and feet in cold weather.

I need to exercise lightly and stretch all my joints for at least 30 minutes before I attempt any activities… My body has set a different standard that I should be aware of, and follow…lest I get sick, catch cold, have stomach ache,

When I was a kid, I don’t recall sitting for a bowel movement…Let me be frank, currently If I have a satisfying bowel movement in the morning, I feel that I own the day. Nothing can touch me for the day, and I feel confident that I will not feel sick for the day…

If I fail to consciously try a bowel movement during one day, I am in deep trouble.

If I wait for the evening for a creamy and easy bowel movement, it is difficult for me to go to sleep. The only cure for constipation is drinking plenty of pure water. Otherwise, you have got to temporarily daydream of sexual arousing stories.

The power of the “will” means to train your brain to remember that the body can come to the rescue when feeling sleepy, apathetic, anxious…

All that you may have to do is react, stand up, hop around, have a good stroll, dance, sing, shout, and just let the body get busy.

Do your best to Own your Day and your Health.

Forget the abstract notions for a moment: Your health is first, and you remember that fact when sick.  You realize that no one can substitute for your sick body and mind: Your health is your responsibility.

Fail to own your health and body, and get crippled by the age of 50.

Who care to live to be over 85 if all these extended years are just succession of pains, suffering, medication, hard of hearing, almost blind, unable to walk, to read, to listen to music, to connect with the community…?

Do your best to Own your Day, your Health, and your Safety: You should be in command if you train your mind and body to obey basic common sense feedback

” I write (I’m revolt)”: Egypt author Alaa el Aswany

Why do I write the text of alaa el aswany, author of ” the yacoubian building ” and ” I ran to the Nile ” to which I added a note between interlude (I’m revolt)

” I write (I’m revolt) because the difference between what we have and what we deserve has become unbearable.

I write (I’m revolt) because I don’t agree: I am against what is happening, against injustice, dictatorship, religious extremism, hypocrisy, corruption and oppression.

I write (I revolt) to create my world of mine, and share my world with my readers…

I write (I revolt) to create a life that looks like our daily life but is deeper, more meaningful and more beautiful. (More just, fair and equitable?)

Through my characters, I try to show that we are different in skin color, religion, social class and culture, but we are all first human beings with the same feelings, dreams and suffering.

Mothers love their children in the same way, two young people love each other in the same way, children laugh and cry the same way.

In fact, we are all made the same way but we often forget this truth.

I write (I’m revolt) to transmit the voice of the people who suffer, people who are marginalized and forgotten by everyone.

I write (I’m revolt) because the world is divided, but not between Muslims and western people as George Bush believed, nor between white and non-White people as Donald Trump believes.

Our world is divided between those who remain human and those who become inhuman. (Elite classes who transcended the human nature to become above human suffering and needs? Sort of Demi-Gods in privileges)

On the human side, we find artists, children, mothers, ordinary people who work honestly to earn a living, live and raise their children.

On the cruel side, there are all those who see life in numbers and not in values, all those who practice hate and not compassion and care.

All those who dehumanize others, who do not see them as human beings but as elements belonging to a hostility group, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, eastern species, or west.

On the cruel side, there are arms sellers, war general, terrorists, Kings of the multi-national companies, western politicians who support dictatorships for the economic interests of their country…

They are the hypocrites, liars and the intellectuals who sold themselves to the dictatorship.

I write (I revolt) because literary beauty never exists in the void, but in the defense of human values (dignity, compassion, care, community association…)

I write (I revolt) for all these reasons “. (and even more)

Tidbits and Notes. Part 259

In such a weather, cold enough and in a house lonely enough, I can spend my time sleeping. Have a nice year.

Fellowship of human connection: common spirit of care, service, light in knowledge and compassion to every breathing creature.

“We have deluded ourselves into believing the myth that capitalism grew and prospered out of the Protestant ethic of hard work and sacrifices. Capitalism was built on the exploitation of black slaves and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor, both black and white, both here and abroad”.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let’s us Not be that confused: In every country, there is an “elite class” that managed to take roots with all the privileges that have Nothing to do with “money” as we know it.

For fundamental reasons, Not related to any rational basis, No revolution ever eliminated the elite class. Every other “citizen” regardless of color, genders, race, financial social status… are necessarily second class. Sure, there are third and fourth classes… All you can do is learn and do your best to advance to the second class.

“When he introduced the crypto-currency just months after the 2008 global financial crisis, the Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto portrayed himself as a 36-year-old Japanese man angered by the irresponsibility of banks and governments. His currency would let people make financial transactions those institutions couldn’t touch. So it’s fitting, perhaps, that Satoshi ensured he’d be untouchable as well.” (With Trump financial transaction sanctions on many countries, cryptocurrency should enjoy a great future?)

Invariable positions that constitute the ideological structure must Not include abstract concepts like Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Equality…or  any concept that are basically biased and controlled by the elite classes.

2,700 liters of water to produce a single T-shirt?

Apparently, catching cold frequently is the symptom of a transformed constitution that is getting allergic to many items and pathogens that it was previously immune of. Kind of the immune system got set on an old administrative routine and unable to cope with the exponential increase in polluters and human-made poisonous products

Pourquoi les proches d’un mort ne le depouillent pas de ses colliers, bagues, bracelets, chevalieres, alliances, piercings et bijoux intime…si la derniere etape est le fumerarium?

Tant pis, les ambulanciers qui transferent la depuoille aux fumerarium ont le “droit de peage” de tout ce que le cadavre emporte de precieux. En ce temps moderne, on n’ensevelit pas les morts avec leurs objets, leurs escalves et leurs femmes. Les archeoogues n’ont qu’a se contenter des temps ancients.

Ce rire meprisant qui decompose le visage, surtout apres avoir affirme’: “J’ aime une autre personne”. Ce rire, qui veut sortir d’une situation trop encombrante, a tue’ beaucoup de jeunes (surtout des filles) et embarasse’ beaucoup de jeunes adolescents pour la vie.

What I say is plain mental conjecture: I didn’t Experience acute emotional or physical hardship. Except acute shortage of money to learn and practice luxury taste.

Trump is giving the Obama/Hillary le coup de grace: totally defeating ISIS, their creation, in Syria and Iraq. The entrance of Syria troops in Membej means that the task of crushing Daesh is transferred to Syria and Iraq 7ashed Sha3bi, the most battled experienced armies in finishing the job.

It is a victory, when an opportunity knocks and you learn something new. Mostly on emotions complexity

It is no longer that important that I fall in love: since I didn’t fall in love in my youth, whatever I dream of is irrelevant

Got to go back to school: set my mind to create a new knowledge discipline

Must apply the experimental mind in architecture: Beauty has to match health and safety 

Don’t expect an apology from me: I have got to come to term with myself and forgive myself of all the successive failures in my life. Stay in line and just cross your fingers

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 106

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Not talking in general. Meaning, Silent majorities who, right or wrong, follow tribal leaders. As in current “democratic” system with biased electoral laws and no checks on money circulating to buy the conscious.

The Turks could not carry out to the end the genocide on Armenians. They relied on the Kurds to commit the massacres and all the dirty works. and guarding the hordes of refugees. The Kurds looted, confiscated properties and lands. Now they want independence. To carry out what, again?

Armenians are Not allowed to hate the Syrians who sheltered them, after their long journeys from Turkey, in Aleppo, Deir-Zour and northern Syria.  Their descendants do live thanks to the Syrian people.

Melancholic Al Raqqa was doomed to wait for impotent USA “allies” to liberate them from ISIS: The city was totally destroyed as in Germany Dresden in WWII

Al Raqqa al 7azinat badha sha3b, wa jaysh wa zelm ta tet7arar. Amrica, al aktar 7oznan, ba3d ma karraret when and how to liberate Al Raqqa

The less intake, the better. The more excreta (bowel movement) the better. Wa al salam 3ala “better”

USA has to desist antagonizing China over North Korea. It is far too late to intimidate Mighty China.

It is Not fair and just to condemn people of less than 25 year-old with prison terms, as being responsible of behaviors of people in their 50’s.

North Korea “family leaders’ as straw figures of a monarchic communist system. As many democratic systems maintained a constitutional monarchy.

Sidi-Okba, un des compagnons de Mohammad, detruisit la capital des Berberes Tadmekka en Afrique du north and construisit Es-Souk sur ses ruines

Waiting for perfect means not starting. Better do and fail and restart.

The elite classes trickled down money to the poorer classes, but abundantly inflate God to them.

Une vie a toute vitesse: ils jouent affames, grandissent illetres, enfantes habilles, et meurent silencieusement. Personne ne s’ interesse a leur sort.

Ayya sharaf an7ass? ye zaltouk wa ye 3azbouk, yamma echarpe marra enzaa7?

In responses to referendums in Catalonia and Barazani tribe Kurdistan: First demand referendums to changing constitution to alternative political systems.

Bashar of Syria has to answer for targeting the civilians with explosive barrels from 2011-14 in order to punish them for their rebellion and cow them into submission.

Bashar’s cronies of Syria let the extremist factions flourish to exact more humiliation and indignities on insurgent civilians from 2011 to 2014.

Ce n’est pas comme vous croyez. Le peuple dans les “zones des insurges” n’est pas uni. Les habitants des villages chassent les leurs

Le bombardement continuel avaient transformes la crise en une guerre de religion dans les esprits des combattant sunnites. Les extremistes Wahhabits en profiterent en toutes azimuts.


Idioms: Mine

Same goes to poems: Mine

Note: Why I take cigarette breaks? I copy literary gems. During these breaks, a few of these gems are edited out and transformed to become idioms of mine. I’m contemplating publishing these idioms of mine, which I sincerely consider mine.

Ce concept Invariable de necessite (Maitre/ Escalve) a ete maintenu au fils des temps, par toutes les institutions, civiles, religieuses et locales. Les classes d’elites, celles qui echappent aux lois, survivent parceque ce symbol d’invariabilite doit etre preserver.

Les gestes qu’ils reproduisent en commun? La communaute des gestes ou des gens? La progression de l’humanite a transformee nos entités concretes en un symbol abstrait que l’on defend avec acharnement, au moyens de lois, discutions en abstraction, et appliquees selectivement

Le conflit permanent entre Maître et Esclave? Est-ce que cette these compresse l’eclipse d’une civilization au detriment d’une autre? Il faudrait changer la definition de civilite et de civilisation pour recouvrire notre humanite. Et pourtant, en politique, c’est la meme soupe qu’on nous sert en tout temps.

Il vaut mieux de chercher a connaitre le monde et trebucher sur un tresor, que de la connaitre pour faire une fortune? En tout cas, fortune ou tresor, if faut changer de perspective pour vivre heureux.

My backlog of articles to post on my blog is running in the hundreds: I had decided to post 3 a day, at most. The same routine is taking roots for my notes, destination FB and tweet. I decided to post 6 a day, and the backlog is increasing exponentially

If you want to make a deal to lose in a game: let it be an individual game. That’s your negotiated and consented deal. When it comes to negotiate a team losing games, it is very wrong at any level and no excuses are admissible. A team must have a tacit oath of loyalty that every member is to perform at best he can, and enjoy the friendship of the members. Otherwise, morale is chattered for a very long period: better search for another team

When teaching in universities, the students often forgot my name: They opted for Sir. Queen Elizabeth was obfuscated

Les panteres peuvent etre apprivoiser? En les norrissant proprement? Comme les prisoniers qui savent leur droits. Le pire est de relacher les panthers et les prisoniers qui sont blessés avant de les avoir traités

Ruling by a simple majority leaves the rest of the community in deserved suspicion that the majority will rig the next election laws in their favour. Unless the majority must earn its power by at least 5% difference with the second party: A hefty advantage that will Not scare off  the majority into drastic election law reforms.

Ruling by a simple arithmetic proportional law has proven to lead to gridlock as in most European governing systems. Some kinds of a cascading discrete levels of permitted proportions must be  carefully studied

Chaque individu a des appartenance multiple: Religion, sect, ses langues, tribue, nation, province, education, voyage, statu financier, urbain/rural, famille (large, petite, eparpillee…) C’ est bien si chaque citoyen peut assumer ses appartenance multiple. Ce qui est necessaire c’ est que les parties politiques et institutions (public et privees) exhibent ces multiple identitees. Il y aura des dechirement pour tout etre, meme les plus informés, mais au moin que le potential d’education est mis en marche

The deadly sin of Da3esh strategy is that it forgot that islam was meant to transcend ethinicity, languages and race.

You may graduate in engineering or natural sciences, but acquiring an experimental mind is Not in the educational program. Students in social sciences, psychology, sociology… study experimental design, learn to control and run experiments…They have a far better experimental mind than those in natural sciences, those supposed to be la crème de la crème in intelligence. Unless the educational programs are reformed to include design of experiment and running sophisticated experiments… it is an illusion that the engineers and natural scientists will make a significant reform in society.

And if the Jews in Israel are forced to return to their country of origins, simply because we believe their colonial behaviour is trampling on our existential characters? The same reasoning that colonial nations are voting against immigrants

La spontaneite n’est pas une affaire mentale: c’est un style de vie. Toujours apprendre avec joie.

La grande consession globale: dans les lieux de travailles, aux institutions publiques… ne prier pas, n’exige pas un local consacré a la priere, ne precher pas ton soi-disant religion. On s’en fout de tes abstractions et de tes genuflexions… Khafef te2l dammak

Bon, je comprend: quand on debarque dans un pays pour y demeurer, il vaut mieux apprendre et respecter la langue, les lois civiles et les droits civils. Ce que je ne comprend pas: Pouquoi dois-je  respecter l’Histoire monsongere et les coutumes qui ne valent pas mieux que les notre?

Il y a toujours, faute de mieux, la passion de l’echec. Avec un brin approprié de philosophie, ca peut etre la plus reconfortante des passions. Le malheur, ca arrive un peu au tard. Mais bien, une passion est une passion et vaut mieux que nulle

L’imprimerie, la poudre a canon, et la boussole. La dissemination de la culture, la resistance avec des armes et moyens apropries, et une idee de soi: “who are we as a people? What do we want to be as a unified nation?” We lack all these necessary tools to confront the assault of the new world order. And we persist on romancing our weakening status among the nations and societies.

Don’t apologize for what you did. Better, no need to apologize for what you failed to do. You lived and assumed as best you tried.

Etre plus instruit que les autres ne veut rien dire. Il faut y attache un facteur attrayant pour que la connaissance devienne necessaire et suffisante. C’est un de ces traits attrayants que l’on cherche vaillamment a mettre en relief.

Avec l’age, ce qui est adequat dans la societe s’oublie: on deviant trop ferme et inebranlable dans nos idee-fixes.

Comment apprendre que je ne suis rien et que pourtant je suis digne de vivre? (en nous comparons aux arbres?). N’apprend pas l’impossible: apprend a devenir quelque chose au moins.

Misguided sense of Dignity? Dignity has roots….

Customs and traditions are based on sets of rules and rituals that a community tacitly acknowledges and agrees upon.  Dignity is implicitly to abide by these customs.

There is individual pride, but dignity is a collective criteria and you have two choices:

Either you disagree and remain in the community as a pariah 

Or You move on to another community with compatible dignity and be considered a foreign member until your descendants might be included as full members.

History did not record any influential individual, a monarch or a prophet, who managed to change the dignity criteria in his community during his life time:  Slight rules evolved after his death, due to his determination and political acumen.

Dignity developed from “rituals of sexual relationship”.

Dignity evolved to trade rituals, to religious rituals, to organization rituals (castes and classes) to set of rights and responsibilities (Constitutions for citizenship), but the climax of dignity has its roots in basic relationship rituals .  A few examples might set the proper framework for further development on dignity.

In around 510 BC, Rome was ruled by a monarch, King Tarquin.

The king’s son Sextus got jealous of a citizen boasting to him how happy he was with the beauty and chastity of his wife Lucrece. Sextus barged in the house of Lucrece and blackmailed her and raped her.  Lucrece gathered the extended members of her family and told them the story and then, she committed suicide in front of the assembly.  The peasants got angry for their trampled dignity, revolted, and chased out of the city all the members and cousins of the monarch’s family.  The consequence was a new system of government:  Two consuls are to be elected for one year and thus insuring two levels of check and balance.  This form of governance was successful for 5 centuries until the reign of the Caesars dominated.

Jesus tried to modify the Jewish daily rules and rituals (the 265 positive commandments relative to the number of bones in the human body and 365 negative commands to improve one negative tendency every day).  Jesus failed in his lifetime.  After his death, most of the disciples reverted to the same Jewish criteria of dignity.

St. Paul took on the task of transforming the criteria to be compatible to the spirit of Jesus’ message.  Soon, St Paul had to compromise as the disciples in Jerusalem visited each Christian community that Paul established in order to setting their comprehension of dignity “right”.  Most of the compromises were related to abridging women status, responsibilities, and rights in the communities.

In the western medieval period, the Roman Catholic Church instituted its customs and rituals and subjugated the other Christian schismatic sects to abiding by the same understanding of “Christian dignity“.  Consequently, the successive crusading campaigns, although financed by the merchants in order to conquering Egypt and opening up the shorter maritime route for the trade of spices and perfume, were launched by arousing the ignorant population for their “trampled” dignity in the pilgrimage locations such as Jerusalem.

Prophet Mohammad failed in his lifetime to transform the meaning of dignity in the nomadic customs.  Mohammad had to compromise and revisit prior verses in order not to lose everything.

Again, the newer versions were related to women status, rights, and inheritance.

Nothing changed in the customs and traditions of the tribes.  After Muhammad death, many people started collecting hadith, of what the Prophet said or did, in order to emulate this proper conducts  Aisha, the most learned and beloved wife of Muhammad, spent her life confronting and correcting extravagant hadiths.

Later, every monarch hired faqihs (religious scholars and judges) to inventing or interpreting hadith out of context to suit his interests.

As the Omayyad dynasty selected Damascus for Capital of the Islamic Arabic Empire, the Moslems were confronted with urban customs and a different meaning for dignity.  The elite Arabs from the Arabic Peninsula were merchants and were familiar with the Syrian urban and mostly Christian traditions; thus, the administration relied on the converted Christians and for the translation of manuscripts of other civilization.

In the 11th century, most of the Central Asian and Caucasus people were Moslems:  They favored and enjoyed stories on Muhammad’s sayings and deeds (the hadith) and cared less for the Coran’s message. Thus, they declared that the Coran is not to be interpreted or commented.  If there are contradictions in verses then, tough luck; read and move on.  The Coran was no longer the main source for what is dignity and honor to Moslems, but the stories told on Muhammad.

Modern western European “democracies” and republicanism established political structures compatible with a revised meaning of dignity, following higher levels of freedom of expression and dissemination of knowledge and education.

State social programs were promulgated and they became acquired rights for the citizens such as retirement, health care, education…

The problem was that the democratic system was transformed into giving far more privileges and responsibilities to the elite classes (and their appointed unethical and immoral technocrats) to govern and rule in the name of the citizens once the votes are in.

The trend was exacerbated as the elite governing oligarchy realized that people are willing to trade the dignity of sharing in policy making with greed and amusement (the apolitical citizen).  Consequently, credit cards with limits surpassing 50 times the yearly earning were invented for the citizens to indulge in consumer products and be amused.

The latest financial crash is turning the situation around:  There is no more free money to distribute.  The citizens are mainly angry with their cowardice and irresponsible behaviors by trading the dignity of responsibility in the political process to greed and amusement.  The new motto is:  “Amusement is a bonus after a job well done.”

The citizens were no fouls, but they had not the courage and determination to getting involved in studying and analyzing political and social programs before a dime is spent.

The citizens were accustomed to a form of lower level of dignity and now they are struggling to getting back to the streets.  How many scapegoats are to be sacrificed before the citizen is willing to return to shouldering his duties and responsibilities?

The poorer nations can no longer afford to support misplaced sense of western dignity.  The poorer classes in these capitalist systems can no longer suffer misplaced sense of dignity of the higher classes.

Note:  This article was published more than 15 months before the current Arab mass uprising in almost every Arabic State.  The upheaval take its roots to the want of regaining lost dignity:  Indignity or zul is the driving force behind this determined upheavals against absolute monarchs, dictators, and oligarchic infamous behaviors toward the common citizens.

The Syrian uprising has added the most basic of dimensions saying:  “We are not hungry.  We are not demonstrating for lack of food.  We want to fight the indignity (zil) and infamy we have been subjugated to for 40 years.”

No ruler can withstand the wrath of a people who is brandishing “dignity”as its motto. The Egyptian people are back to Tahrir Square:  It is about time that the army general staff relinquish power to civilian mechanisms.

Personally, I will consider that the Arab mass uprising have reached a qualitative level once the civic demand for equality between genders is the cornerstone for political transformation.  It would mean that religion is no longer the hidden power driving the people, but equal and equitable basic human rights.




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