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A Whiff of Eternity?

(June 7, 2004)

I am reading “Life after Life” by Dr. Raymond Moody.

A book about the testimonies of those who lived again

After being declared clinically dead.

Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote a foreword to the book.

I am not yet finished reading but I feel compelled to write about these experiences

Of consciousness leaving a clinically dead body,

(Heart stoppage, breathing nil and non audible arterial pressure),

Hovering over its previous physical body,

Instantaneously zooming in on any person, however far he might be,

Understanding his thoughts before opening his mouth.


An entity carried down and fast in a dark vortex,

To the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”,

Then perceiving a pale light at the end of the spiraling tunnel,

Growing mightily bright and white,

Sending a sensation of warmth and of complete love and compassion.

A vivid intense light that mutely encourage you to recapitulate your past life

In a vertiginously fast chronological order, in the minute details,

All the emotions and critical decisions,

In relief, color, and motion;

A projection of diapositives of series of scenes.

A light that gives the impression of an individual

Who already has all the information and is just prodding you to reflect

On the important moments in your life since you was a toddler.

No accusations are accompanied in this panoramic movie,

But encouragements to continually learn and love people.


An entity, denseless and quickly acquiring an all encompassing awareness

Of its past life and comprehending everything being done and said around its dead body,

Including the technical medical procedures, while clinically dead.


An entity, helpless in communicating with the living creatures,

Helpless in acting on the living crowd

Poking, pressing, pushing, cursing crowd in fatal car accidents;

Helpless in acting on the nurses

Wildly sending emergency code pink calls to any living God doctor.

Artificially reanimating the corpse with all means available.

A helpless entity that feels lonely and would like someone to share with him

His new discoveries and sensations.


I think that it would be advisable to start learning and experiencing loneliness;

Especially if you are a politician craving for an audience recognition;

I think that it would be advisable to scheme and prepare for the death




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