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The Recognition of Israel? Which one? (September 18, 2005)

The venerable Emir of Qatar, who successfully encouraged foreign investments and directed the economy of his emirate toward the new World Trade rules and guidelines, has proclaimed that failing to recognize Israel is not good politics and poor business management. The question has always been: which Israel are we talking about?

As far as we know Israel has refused to have a constitution simply because it did not come to term on its ultimate borders and how to view its Palestinian Arab citizens. If the Emir means recognition of the Biblical Israel the question again remains: which Israel?  If the Emir respects the United Nations resolution he should insist on the application of the resolution of the year1947 which divided Palestine into two States with definite borders.

Any re-negotiations on the borders’ issue should be discussed after the resolution has been formally satisfied; otherwise, if exceptions are admitted then resolution 1559 is up in the air for re-negotiation now that Lebanon has formally regained its independence as a Nation. Articles in the 1559 resolution which concern Lebanon and which were not exposed and discussed under a free and autonomous Lebanon are unfair and utterly unjust.

Resolution 1559 is highly interesting because it forced the political parties in Lebanon to openly discuss nagging problems that they were unwilling to broach. Actually, it was not too early to discuss what Lebanon we want after the Syrian withdrawal. Still, this resolution is unfair and unjust and the UN should recognize its shortcoming for implementation.  The UN needs to recognize that resolution 1559 has to be re-opened for discussion after a new parliamentary election is successfully arranged based on a new electoral system that satisfies the fair representation of the Lebanese population.

The resolution to partition Palestine was also unfair because it was done after the British colonial forces have beaten the Palestinian resistance to pulp while leaving the Zionist military forces unscathed.

It is ludicrous that Egypt and Jordan recognized an Israel solely based on their respective borders and not on a definite State; this is taking pragmatism to an ultimate meaning never contemplated before:  Frankly, this kind of “pragmatism” can be specifically named treason to the other Arabic States under occupation. It is about time we proclaim “Kafa” or enough is enough for these regimes that have been sapping our rights from under our feet in order to reign cozily covered by an imperialist umbrella at the expense of their wretched people.




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