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Any difference between Envy and jealousy?

And God preferred Abel’s sacrifice

Envy is the most sincere type of flattering another person. It involves an object that the other person has (money, status, talent…)

The object of jealousy is the behavior of a third person toward the other person.

“Potters envy potters” and “it’s okay to be envious, only the person you aspire to become”

Otherwise, envy is a waste of time and the most idiotic of emotions. Why?

Envy is relatively easy to switch off. Contrary to anger, sadness or fear.

The idea of caring that someone is making money faster than you are is one of the deadly sins.

Envy is a stupid sin: It’s the only sin you could never have any fun at. Lot of pain and no fun. (Charles Munger)

Napoleon Bonaparte said of his countryman Gilbert de La Fayette (Hero in 2 continents and of 3 successful revolutions):'”

La Fayette political bonhomie had to render him perpetually duped by people

Do I sense the ultimate feeling of jealousy in this statement?

La Fayette at the age of 19 was already exulted, loved, adored and respected by people in two continents (America and Europe), even before he returned to America and participate in the victory of Yorktown, 4 years later.

La Fayette actively got engaged in three successful critical revolutions, in America and in France.

Napoleon must have been despised by the American insurgents as he decided to sell the vast French Louisiana Territory in 1803.

The irony is that the British extended the financial funds to the Americans. The British figured out that it is better for the nascent State of America to grab the Louisiana Territory instead of leaving the French have a foothold in that continent, now that they were kicked out.

Napoleon committed the biggest mistake that changed the course of history.




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