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Are you itching? I am: I am scratching like crazy; (Feb. 2, 2010)

            It is a virus in the air; a sort of mushroom that spreads over your skin and inflicts crazy itching. Sometimes I blame the viruses; more frequently I loathe the contaminated and polluted air; mostly I am mad right now: I might have been wild in my adulthood but this punishment is outrageous; utterly inhuman. 

            You start scratching one spot and you end up lapidating your entire body.  It has affected me for over a month.  I finally saw a physician, not a skin specialist, who manes a dispensary and thus, she witnesses many cases of sicknesses.  The virus is in the air and that is how you are contaminated; many victims experienced lousy moments for many weeks.  The physician prescribed a single pill (costing $8) which effects last for a week; it was to be repeated a second week; that should take care of the mushroom. 

            The physician said that without the pill the itching takes 6 weeks to subside.  In my case and with the pill then I should be okay within days: I was healed the next day.  I decided for the second pill to make sure that the mushroom is taken care off once and for all.  I felt cured for two weeks. I am not sure: three weeks later and I am back to itching mania; not necessarily of mushroom; but what do I know?  Suffice to know that I wait for dawn to get some sleep; mostly, I am watching TV standing and consciously “shivering” my legs and shoulders on purpose just so the virus feels “dizzy”. Whatever is gets energetic and hipped at night and doze off somewhat in day light.  Help! I might be dragged to the asylum pretty soon.

            I just saw the same physician today: she is appalled for delaying seeing her sooner.  She ordered me to have tests for my liver tomorrow and would not prescribe anything before the results are in.  During my Calvary a perfect analogy flashed in my mind and grabbed it.  Would Israel be the virus in this region?

            If you say Israel is an apartheid State because it subjugates the Palestinian people to a different law of the land than the one applied on the Jews then Israel is upset.

            If you say Israel is a theocratic State because it extends citizenship to any Jew who sets foot in Israel then Israel is angry. Why, all of the over 600 religious laws that govern daily life, as applied by the Pharisee during Jesus time, are still valid and harshly controlled.  The secular Jews agree that Israel is back to the Dark Age, but how to convince the US neo-conservative “Christians” that this is so?

            If you say that Israel is comfortable with ghetto-like environment because it built walls all around its frontiers (that are not yet delimited in its Constitution) then Israel is appalled

            If you say Israel is a Sparta State because it believes in military resolution for any contention with any neighboring State then Israel is incensed. Why?  Israel is worse than Sparta: after 3 years of forced military service the citizen has to submit to a month per year in “the reserves” service.

            If you say Israel has been committing crimes against humanity since before its inception in 1948 and Gaza is the latest in evidence then Israel rejects Goldstone’s report in all its sections.

            If you say Israel has a peculiar kind of “democracy” that was called “apartheid democracy” in South Africa where laws are not applied equitably on all citizens; or if you say that the kind of democracy applied in Israel is barely a developed version of City-States democracies in Antiquity such as applied in Athens, Tyr, or Sidon then Israel feels obfuscated.

            I you say Israel refuses to grow up and abide by its responsibility as a member of the United Nations and respect UN decisions then Israel is furious: Israel constantly expects the US to cover up illegal activities with the veto power.

            If you say the Arab States want peace for returning all the conquered lands in 1967 as proclaimed in 2002 Arab Summit in Beirut then Israel feels resentful and laughs it off.

            If you say that Israel is a racist State because the UN declared “Zionism a form of racism” then Israel is up in arms to drop this statement.  Can you believe it?  Israel is investing money to demonstrate that Indians living in the region of Malihabad, (near Lucknow in the Uttar Pradesh), and known as Pathans Afridis are Jews from the tribe of Ephraim that lived in northern Galilee during Jesus time.  The Indian Shahnaz Ali was hired by Israel Institute of Technology to test the DNA of this “tribe” and hopefully extrapolate the results to include the Pashtoun tribes on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Is that a form of racism? Since when did any religion base its belief system on race?

            I did a rough estimate: I figured out that the Phoenicians are over one billion, give or take one standard deviation, and are spread over the five continents!

            If you say that Israel is “the vastest psychiatric ward in the world with no treating personnel” then Israel is ready to lambaste the Israeli author as a schizophrenic, leftist, and probably “anti-Semitic” mole.

            If you say that Israel is indeed a very, very peace loving State then Israel is infuriated because you are mocking it.  It is a virus.

            No matter what you say is non receivable.  Best attitude is to censure your opinions and refrain from mentioning Israel, Jews, Judaism, Hebrew, or the Diaspora.  One term is admissible: Jews were gazed by Nazism and the number better be exact: 6 millions no less and not one over that scientifically reached number. Repeat: Jews were gazed and not shot, poisoned, killed, trampled, or any other form of “final solutions”.  Repeat: Exactly 6 millions or the holocaust literature would have to be republished; any number over 6 millions and Germany would be infuriated and Merkel would have to cancel the seventh nuclear submarines, built for free for the State of Israel, at Germans’ tax payer expenses; and for what use are these nuclear submarines put in service?  May be to support NATO policies?

            It is a virus: mushroom or no mushroom you feel itching like crazy: Barack Obama and George Mitchell are the most recent comers in this itching universe.




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