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Degrees of consciousness? A way to Bypass the Free-Will philosophy

Unconscious under anaesthesia, dozing off, automatic activities, spinal consciousness, protoplasmic consciousness, deficient self-consciousness, sub-conscience…

Deficient attention span related to levels of habit formation…

For example:

Phonemes acquire a meaning at the level of morphemes. Words have to be related to the context. Sentences are linked to a larger reference plan.

Verbal activities take the inverse path: They change from the higher mental hierarchy to the mechanical movements of the vocal chords.

Having difficulties in verbal intelligence, or having problems verbalizing to clarify ideas and intentions, is necessarily representative of problems in the higher levels in the staircase of the mind: The mind gets in close loops and unable to find ready open doors to the lower levels for activating the automatic mechanisms.

An alert mind is constantly moving up and down the staircase of the hierarchy and acquire talents and skills quicker than a slower mind.

Are we confusing Degrees of consciousness with Degrees of freedom?

The more constraints and independent variables are included in a game or an experiment the more degree of freedom increase and the less free we are to navigate the game.

The less the number of constraints the more the latitudes to practices free will choices.

If mankind is totally dependent on his genes, mankind would be very homogeneous and monotonous.

The genetic factor define the level of our physical and mental stability.

It is the Epigenetic transmission of Nurturing behaviors, in a broader sense, (such as family and community customs and traditions, peer pressures, climate, environment, food consumption, educational methods, varieties of opportunities…) that transfer attitudes, tendencies and characters to individuals that are different of how the genes would normally behave.

It is the epigenetic that defines your attitudes and characters on how your community perceives you.

Epigenetic acquisitions can last for many generations, even though they are considered of temporary nature compared to genes.

Arthur Koestler in “Janus, 1979) offered this maxim:

Comprehend everything and never forgive your emotional tantrums

The corollary to this principle is:

1. Demand a minimum of free-will from the others and

2. Demand a maximum level of free-will to yourself

This No danger maxim in dealing with others is very hard to practice and apply.

We prefer the easy way of “Don’t understand the others and forgive your emotional outburst 77 times a day”

You appreciate a civilization that initiate its communities to pay attention to their outburst when saying “This is inadmissible, you should control your emotion…”

Instilling the habits of discipline and order in your daily behaviour is tangibly administer through team sports activities and military service.

Habit formation is more than a second nature: It is who you are in your community.

When emotions get aroused, and they are frequent, control is relegated to the primitive levels of consciousness.

The saying: “Know yourself” is a cheater.

The total conscious of the self, the identity of the knower and the known will never be reached.

We are not looking through a single reflective glass but a multitude of glasses, reflecting ourselves to infinity

The “Complementarity principle” in physics state that an atom can behave as a solid and as a wave

It is important that, when we get conscious of an automatic reaction or behaviour, we stop our activity and analyse a little how we proceed in our action.

For example, as we hold the fork to eat, we could wonder how other civilizations eat without forks. Or how other civilizations hold a fork or a writing pen.

We have got to bring consciousness to our habits to keep our brain alert and alive.

The more we are conscious of our automatic behaviors and reactions the more the “free-will” activities will increase.

At least, so that you could claim your free-will actions are increasing in frequency.

This unique son phenomena in China

The consequences of the new unique generation of Chinese

The One child policy of China that was adopted more than 3 decades ago.

Parents opted to abort the girl and keep the son (A ratio of 110/90 males to girls

The current policy of allowing for 2 children is not going to make much of a difference.

Probably, the parents will continue to abort the second girl in preference for a second son

And what are the known characteristics and attitudes of a unique child?

Selfish, not good at sharing, tyrannical, capricious, self-centered, secretive.

These characters are mostly of a nurturing epigenetic nature.

Many of these descriptive characters are shared by children, but Not the entire set.

Soon there will be one and a half billion of Chinese on earth.
The current second role will soon be reward as a first global role in world status.

The best hope might turn out to be our worst nightmare.
For a short time yet the Chinese phenomenon will keep touching us just by ricochet.

Soon, very soon the new Chinese generation will be out of his secretive nature-Discreet, to touch us.
One and a half billion of unique children (males or females).

And I’m not unique to thinking of the coming calamity…
(Inspired from the French post of Jamil Berry)




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