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Ethiopean Virgin blood: A Fiction story?

I had sold my powerful but rickety BMW:  I could no longer afford frequent repairs or filling a quarter of the gas tank.

Having learned to be optimistic, I decided to walk to the near-by private library, 3 miles back and forth.  I love this library, cuddled in a two-story house, and surrounded with a garden.

The library is connected to the internet (pretty slow though) and I enjoy fresh incoming books, magazine, and a Lebanese daily.  I read, publish articles on my blog, and borrow books:  What else can anyone demand?

On my way to the library, I noticed many “imported” Ethiopian girls working as maids; most of the girls are pretty, tall, and connected with a network of other Ethiopian girls. Actually, they managed to build a church for their expanding community in our district.

I had this project of visiting a region in Ethiopia where a tribe still lives in primitive conditions.  The documentary showed a community looking happy and contended.  I have watched a documentary on that tribe and on Ethiopia.

I have read and heard that Ethiopia is a lovely country to tour:  Ethiopia has a diversity of climatic and environmental regions, spanning from virgin forests to desert-like area, from high mountain chains to high plateaus to vast plains.

Ethiopia is certainly rich in water resources:  One of the main sources of the Nile River comes from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a very ancient civilization and was practically self-autonomous for millennia until Mussolini of Italy decided to colonize this country in the 30’s.

Ethiopia was ravaged by civil wars since the military coup on Emperor Hela Selassie in the 70’s.  Ethiopia had to wage a protracted war on Eritrea (the only sea port of Ethiopia) claiming independence; and Eritrea got its wishes.

Ethiopia engaged in frequent wars against Somalia:  With the support of the Soviet Union, the Ethiopian troops defeated Somalia and dismantled the independent State of Somalia.

The latest war was last year, supported by the USA, with the purpose of dislodging the extremist Islamists in power, before it withdrew its troops for the overwhelming anarchy established in Somalia.

One morning, I approached a smiling face who returned my “good morning”.  I exposed to the lovely girl my curiosity of knowing the Ethiopian people in a face to face meeting and my project.  I bribed her with two packs of beer.

A week later, I met the girl on my way to the library and she volunteered to extend a date for the meeting.  She said that she will invite 5 of her female friends and that her name is Maria.  I guess she figured out that she will be guaranteed at least two cans of beer.

We met at the basement of a rented apartment and I brought Lebanese beer Almaza (tastier than all the imported beer).  It is not that I wanted to show off that I promote our national products, but I actually prefer this beer to all other imported beer:  Almaza does not have this sweet or the after taste sweetness that imported beer leave.  The meeting lasted an hour.

The first 30 minutes of the meeting generated laughter from the girls whispering to one another.  My pronunciation of Amharic words counted for the remaining giggles.  The second half of the meeting witnessed heated discussions: The girls were not from the same provinces. I didn’t want to impose or embarrass their patience in the first meeting.

The second meeting was at 6:30 pm on a Saturday.

I reckoned that the girls planned to get slightly tipsy before venturing with their Saturday night plan.  One good-looking girl arranged to get singled out from the “crowd” and be noticed.  She volunteered that we meet again on a date.

I am no longer used to dating and this approach frazzled me: I am very apprehensive of getting together with foreign maids, fearing their clever schemes, but I agreed for curiosity sake and defiance of my apprehension.

I prayed audibly: “May this night last very long.  May I be as happy for long time.  May Maria stay happy all night long.  Amen”

Maria said: “Are you into magic? Is that an incantation ritual?”

I said: “This evening feels magical.  You demand to be happy and the night obliges to your orders”

Maria made a face, grinned, and laughed heartily.  We laughed, had tears pouring down our faces, for no good reasons, just willing to be happy. We cuddled softly for a long time: we had nothing more urgent and important than feeling so close and sensing our warmth.

We made love for ever; we were not rushing into anything stupid as intercourse.

I rediscovered every inch of Maria’s body and took my time to visualizing the entire picture in all its perspectives.  I love well-shaped feet, very stable on the ground and having walked bare feet as a child and liking to walk bare feet at every occasion.

We made love: Intercourse felt more like a break to her than constant touching, kissing, and licking.

I asked her to introduce my penis and let her take command of the activities.  Maria circled slowly and I guessed the location of her G-point that coincided with heavy breathing and quick counter-clockwise maneuvers. (The latest notion is that there is no physical G-point: It is mostly a psychological inclination to enjoy love-making…)

We were exhausted. I was exhausted for playing the passive part.  As I felt like coming I asked Maria to take command: Versatility is good in any game.

After sex, I discovered with fright that my penis was painted red and the thighs of Maria were reddish, sort of blood related tanning. Maria comforted me saying:  “Don’t worry.  I am no virgin. It is just betadine.”

I know what is betadine: It is used to disinfect wounds.  I waited for further clarifications.

Maria explained: “You see, I try to get two birds in one shot.  I insert a piece of cotton imbibed with betadine for two reasons. First, it might protect me from bacteria and germs and second, males feel more excited when they see blood after intercourse.  Many times I get bonuses.”

I needed to breath fresh air and calm my fright.

I said: “Let’s go out for a stroll in this full-moon night.”  Maria had remnants of superstition concerning full-moon night: I refrained from asking further explanations:  a few secrets need to remain intact for healthy relationships.

Maria wanted to take a quick shower before going out and I disproved the idea:  I wanted that both of us feel dirty walking out:  It is always a challenge to go counter to our habits. I like to be surprised of discovering new realities that are welcomed unconsciously.

We held hands and smelt the beast in each other.  We almost jogged, holding hands, as if fast swinging arms impute a running pace. Our breathing was light compared to the previous lying position.

We seemed to be walking effortlessly, managing to laugh at every surprise, sound, movement, and scene.

It was night when we fell asleep.  It was night when we woke up. We stank and were ravenous.

We decided to take a long bath first, as if feeling clean is higher in the survival priority scale than eating.

We bathed with stomachs sounds reminding us of reversed priority choices. Nevertheless, I enjoyed taking my time rubbing Maria’s back and many secret corners; she returned the favor and was more mischevous.

Cooking was another project done in common.  I think that I learned one Ethiopean recepe but forgot it:  It was hot.

We write about what we feel and experience.

Wwe write about what we believe we know.

But most importantly, we write of what we think we know will never happen again in our real lifetime.




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