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Categorizing love expressions and words; (June 18, 2009)


            So far there are at least over 60 words of expressing love feelings in Arabic. The same goes to the language of Eskimos describing snow conditions. It would be interesting to attach a one-to-one correspondence for each snow condition to love feelings; that would result in a mild weather condition for people using this coded language in their love comunications.

            I decided to try my hand at categorizing these Arabic love expressions.  You might try sorting these words according to the five groups such as: divine love once you are successful at the unity with God; intellectual love; spiritual love of the elites, natural love; and bestial love.  There is another way of grouping the love expressions resulting of their effects on the physical and mental outcomes; it is this alternative that I will attempt my categorization.  You may try to use the matrix of both taxonomies.


1)      Physical effects and suffering: Insomnia (araq and sohod); chronic pains ( danak and wasb); burning (harak); consumption (jawa); painful (la3ej); fiery (laze3); shooting pain (law3a); avidity (lahaf); feverish (rassiss, ma7rour), apathy (tabalat); suffocating (kamad).


2)      Psychoilogical ailments such as: torment (balabel); grieving (shajan); sadness (7oson and shajou); no respite in affection (da2 moukhamer); melancholy ( ekti2ab); madness (jounoun); trying (kalaf); confusing (khabal); shocking (sadam); unreasonable (tabareeh); stupor (walah and tadliah).


3)      Emotional consequences such as: desire (shaghaf); nostalgia (shawk and haneen); disorientation (foutoun); overflowing (ghamarat); passionate (gharam and 3oshok); falling in love (hawa); carried away (houyam); appeasing (istikanat); bewitched (khalabat); adoration (ta3abod); ecstatic (tatayom); frightened (wahal); vehemence (wajad); platonic (3ozri).


4)      Natural feelings such as: friendship (khelat); to have an affair (3ilakat); to be linked to (kholm); minimal transgression (lumam); steadiness (mahabat); attachment (mokt); feelings (sababat); liking young girls (sabwat); delicat love (wod); having intercourse (nakaha); foreplay (talamous, tala3ob); kissing (kobolat).


A lady said “As a kid luxury meant fur coat; after acquiring education luxury meant intellectual challenges; as I matured luxury is falling constantly in love”  She failed to precise what consequences she was not willing to endure.




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