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Part 10. Ten Myths on Israel: Not how a “Democratic State” behave (by Ian Pappe)

No, Israel Is Not a Democracy

Destroying Palestinians’ Houses Is Not Democratic

By lan Pappe

From Ten Myths About Israel, out now from Verso Books.

June 12, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –  Israel is Not the only democracy in the Middle East. In fact, it’s not a democracy at all.

In the eyes of many Israelis and their supporters worldwide — even those who might criticize some of its policies — Israel is, at the end of the day, a benign democratic state, seeking peace with its neighbors, and guaranteeing equality to all its citizens.

Those who do criticize Israel assume that, if anything went wrong in this democracy, then it was due to the 1967 war.

Israel Is Not a Democracy

What we must challenge here, therefore, is not only Israel’s claim to be maintaining an enlightened occupation but also its pretense to being a democracy.

Such behavior towards millions of people under its rule gives the lie to such political chicanery.

Although large sections of civil societies throughout the world deny Israel its pretense to democracy, their political elites, for a variety of reasons, still treat it as a member of the exclusive club of democratic states.

In many ways, the popularity of the BDS movement reflects the frustrations of those societies with their governments’ policies towards Israel.

(BDS movement for sanctioning Israel settlement economy on occupied land and divesting in Israeli activities that promote apartheid policies and programs)

For most Israelis these counterarguments are irrelevant at best and malicious at worst. The Israeli state clings to the view that it is a benevolent occupier.

The argument for “enlightened occupation” proposes that, according to the average Jewish citizen in Israel, the Palestinians are much better off under occupation and they have no reason in the world to resist it, let alone by force.

(That’s the same propaganda that mandated powers of France, England, USA disseminated during their occupation of lands)

If you are a noncritical supporter of Israel abroad, you accept these assumptions as well.

There are, however, sections of Israeli society that do recognize the validity of some of the claims made here. In the 1990s, with various degrees of conviction, a significant number of Jewish academics, journalists, and artists voiced their doubts about the definition of Israel as a democracy.

It takes some courage to challenge the foundational myths of one’s own society and state. This is why quite a few of them later retreated from this brave position and returned to toeing the general line.

Nevertheless, for a while during the last decade of the last century, they produced works that challenged the assumption of a democratic Israel.

They portrayed Israel as belonging to a different community: that of the nondemocratic nations. One of them, the geographer Oren Yiftachel from Ben-Gurion University, depicted Israel as an ethnocracy, a regime governing a mixed ethnic state with a legal and formal preference for one ethnic group over all the others. Others went further, labeling Israel an apartheid state or a settler-colonial state.

(I go even further to state that Israel is an existential enemy to the Middle-East people because it was created to block daily trade and connections among the neighboring countries: This the purpose of the Sykes-Picot strategic dismemberment of the region)

In short, whatever description these critical scholars offered, “democracy” was not among them.

Ilan Pappe is an Israeli historian and socialist activist. He is a professor with the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter, director of the university’s European Centre for Palestine Studies, and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies. Most recently, he is the author of Ten Myths About Israel.

This article was originally published by “Jacobin 

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.


Richard Boyd Barrett | Israeli slaughter of Palestinian protestors was cold-blooded murder

300 prominent global figures accuse Israel of committing ‘war crimes’

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 184

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

It is not easy to be carted out of exquisite privileges of this bad elite club.  There was this palpable sentiment that “All is legitimate and commendable as long as you are a member of an institution of old traditions and customs

Elite clubs of old money or old aristocracy are the same elite clubs and interchangeable.

The clubs of old money are frequently in a state of boredom and badly need fresh excitements, which can only be satisfied by constant infusion of fresh money

The old money is already codified, legalized, cleaned, and transferred within formal and expected disbursement.

Old clubs have difficulty dipping into the old  and stable money without getting into risky investigations of “where did you get all that money in the first place…”

Mostly, fresh money comes from overseas, from shady governments in developing countries that still rely on their former colonial powers to cover up their oligarchic business dealings

The interesting raw materials that old money invest in are uranium, copper, tin, heavy metals… any material used in technology and aerospace industries, just to keep a military edge

The basic interests of the military and Old Money cannot be dissociated…

The main benefit my dear is that you may revert to your normal self: dealing comfortably with double moral standards…

If you manage to vanquish your miserable state by acting as it is Not your destiny, most other frustrations will be easy to overcome

Reforms are everyday activities. If reforms are Not bonded to a unified recognition of “Who is your existential enemy” like Israel, the frequent minor civil wars will shake down your stability.

Tara2ouni. Zaado al 3alawi lel tarashoh lal Parlement ila 8 millions Cruzero. Ma labakaat ma elha 7add: Kaateb 3adel wa…$100,000 deposit in a special bank account in order to register as a candidate to the election

Ma te7lamou bi esterdaad ayya mablagh min dawleh mfalasseh: lal tarrasho7 aw lal zboutat

Yalla. Al mou7ameen 3endon shoghol bil intikhabaat: Tawkeel le takdeem talabaat al tarasho7


Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 176

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

The Syrian province of Afrin, Kurds majority, is in fact the strategic buffer zone to Aleppo against Turkish aggression. Afrin was entered by the Turkish troops but they will eventually withdraw

Ces philosophes qui essaient de nous convaincre qu’ ils ont decouvert et conquis leurs opinions propres par l’exercice d’une dialectique pure, froide et divinement impassible (Nitzsche)

Tous ces philosophes sont insincerent, des avocats astucieux de defenseurs de leurs prejuges, qui les baptisent “verite'” (Nitzsche)

Saudi Kingdom declared it “settled” for $107 billions from the detained princes, after private US security company tortured them for months.

The Syrians in Sotchi agreed on the main points in the new Constitution. Reforming the Constitution requires long time, but the designated team to discuss critical items have a month to submit their draft.

Once the Syrians on their own volition come to an understanding, the colonial powers will have No Say in the Syrian political system

Before 1935, the first trip for a job to the Lebanese was Palestine. And there was a train linking Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. If some Lebanese still think the Palestinians are the enemies and Not Israel (our existential enemy), they better assimilate their history.

Can’t get over my finding. Logic is mostly binary: you live, you die. Truth is invariably clear and is mono: you die.

Il doit exister une vertu sans la presence d’un diable ou la menace d’un enfer.

Y-a-t-il une fin de toute crainte? Embrasser les craintes et pousuiver ta marche triomphale contre une simple survie.

Il n’y a pas de fatalite’, ni malediction au fait que les classes d’elites aient tout, pendant que d’autres classes manque de tout.

Mepriser la vie sexuelle et la salir avec la notion d’impur est un veritable peche’ contre-nature, contre l’esprit sain de la vie.

La philosophie est un model personnel de penser la vie et vivre sa pensee’, une verite’ pratique pour mener sa barque existentielle. On est tous des philosophes quand on a le courage de pratiquer notre model de vie.

Bala awanta. abel ma jeeps 3askariyyeh ma3 rashashaat tektese7 al shaware3 bi amer min za3eem trio militias, leish ma kaamat al donyia lamma kaal “ideologiyyan ma 3indi khilaaf ma3 Israel”? Baatiniyyan, ideologiyyat Nabih ma btekhtelef 3an Bassil

Ra2ees 7ezb Loubnani bi al soltat ma 3endo khilaaf bi fekrat al este3maar wa tard al sha3b? Feeh ye salle7, bass ma fi yi ghayyer, lamma ra2yyo enno Israel moush 3adou woujoudi

Marouniyyat Loubnan ansha2et 3elakaat wathikat ma3 Zionism min 1919 wa kaanat mou2ayidat le dawlat yahoudiyyat, wa ma estarjat te3lon jahaaran. Pierre (the elder) Gemayyel kaan ya2bod min Israel fi kol intikhaab. 7atta Samir na2a bi nafsso min mawdou3 “Israel is our existential enemy”

Iza al Tayyar mousser 3al taghyeer, ye balesh bi tan7iyat Jobran 3an al ri2asseh. Bassil elleh ba3do ma shayef fark ideology ma3 Israel. Fi baatinihi, ma fi meshkel bi dawleh lel Yahoud wa la fark yozkar bayn Marouni wa Yahoudi.

Wa al kharaf estaf7ala ba3d 25 sanat min 7okm al militia

How the half million Palestinian refugees disappeared in Lebanon since 1948?

Note 1: The survey sheds light on the living conditions of the latest count of 174,422 Palestinian refugees, as well as another 18,601 Palestinians who fled the neighboring conflict in Syria to camps in Lebanon. Instead of the official count of over 460,000 since 1948 and the successive Israel preemptive wars in Palestine and Lebanon.

The painstakingly conducted count found the Palestinians evenly divided between men and women with half of the total 24 years or younger. While 7.2 percent are illiterate, 93.6% of children aged between three to 13 were enrolled in schools.

Also documented is the well-known fact that Lebanon’s Palestinian camps suffer serious problems, with varying degrees of poverty, diseases, overcrowding, unemployment, poor housing and lack of any functioning infrastructure.

The census found that the rate of unemployment among young Palestinians aged 20 to 29 is 28.5% whereas for Lebanese it is currently 6.8 percent (If this percentage of unemployed Lebanese is correct, it certainly Not taking account of the thousands who immigrate every year for no return and those living in remote areas, barely surviving).

Note 2: Is Lamb trying to preempt Donald Trump’s decision to curtail Palestinian refugees aid? Trying to offer the lame excuse that the poor and non-oil producing countries (Lebanon, Jordan) cover the UNRWA deficit? Lamb uses terms of “colonization by Iran” as a way of discrediting the resistance of the Lebanese to Israel’s many successive , preemptive wars, 8 of them and frequent threats on Lebanon

By Franklin Lamb [First Published by Counter Punch, January 5, 2018]

Rashidieh Palestinian camp, on the border of Occupied Palestine, by Franklin P. Lamb The first ever official census of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon was finally released on 12/21/2017 in Beirut. The village by village and camp by camp survey by 500 specialists found that only 174,422 Palestinian refugees are living these days in the country.

Counted were all Palestinians living in the 12 official camps and 156 informal settlements known as ‘gatherings’ and those living outside these areas across Lebanon. This figure is shockingly lower than the previous estimate of 469,331 Palestinians by UNRWA and as many as 600,00 by others for political purposes. (Trump has started to drop funding of UNRWA

Lebanon is a country where demographics have long been a politically sensitive subject to be approached with extreme caution. For the past nearly 85 years (since 1932) Lebanon’s leaders have refused to allow a count of the population out of feelings of terror that a rival sect, among the 17 other rival sects, might gain power at their expense were there to be an honest count. Consequently, plenty of political lords have used fake population figures, without fear of contradiction by a forbidden official government count, to secure benefits-political and financial- for their own sect.

With respect to Lebanon and regional endemic tribalism, one is reminded of the words of Hannah Arendt from her volume, “The Origins of Totalitarianism:”

“Politically speaking, tribal nationalism always insists that its own people is surrounded by “a world of enemies”, “one against all”, that a fundamental difference exists between these people and all others. It claims its people to be unique, individual, incompatible with all others, and denies theoretically the very possibility of a common mankind long before it is used to destroy the humanity of man”.

The reason for UNWRA’s own higher figures since it was created by General Assembly Resolution 302 (IV) 69 years ago this month to help feed and care for refugees forced out of their homes in Palestine, its mandate has always been to register all Palestinians who, since the 1948 Nakba, apply for its help.

This UNWRA has faithfully done to the best of its ability while facing many obstacles-political and financial-over the decades.

Affecting its record keeping, starting in 1950s, scores of thousands of Palestinian refugees left Lebanon for a better life abroad. Just as more than 1,780,000 Lebanese have done since the onslaught of Lebanon’s civil war in 1975. Hence the larger number of UNRWA recorded registrants. UNRWA does not have a headcount of every Palestinian refugee who currently resides in Lebanon.

What they do have are official registration records for the number of registered Palestine refugees in Lebanon. If a Palestinian registered with UNRWA in Lebanon should decide to live outside Lebanon, as countless thousands have, they don’t normally advise UNRWA that they are moving.

As a gentleman this observer admires, Hassan Mneimneh, chairman of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, which coordinated the census, told the media a couple of weeks ago, “tens of thousands of Palestinians left Lebanon when the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) withdrew from the country in 1982. This observer knows something about this firsthand as he was on one of the August 1982 boats than left Beirut harbor by boat for Tunis courtesy of an invitation from Yasser Arafat along with the American journalist, Janet Lee Stevens.

Unfortunately, Janet missed the boat as she was assuring a group of Palestinian women in Burj al Barajneh camp in South Beirut that all would be OK as they worried about losing their PLO protection. The next month was the Sabra-Shatila massacre and seven months later April 18, 1983 Janet and our unborn child, Clyde Chester Lamb III were killed in the bombing at the American Embassy.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians left Lebanon when the PLO withdrew from the country in 1982.

Like the Lebanese over the past 3 decades, many Palestinians try to leave Lebanon at the first opportunity. And why wouldn’t they?

Lebanese seemingly leave their birth country any chance they get these days and during Lebanon’s civil war more than one million left and hundreds of thousands have until today.

There are fewer than 3.5 million Lebanese remaining with many of them searching for the first opportunity to begin a new life elsewhere because they realize that there is little future here for their children given the deep prevailing corruption of the former ‘warlords’ who appointed themselves ‘political lords.

Other reasons include the growing Iranian influence in Lebanon and the failure of the Sunni and Christians to counter the takeover of their country.

According to this seminal study, undertaken by both Lebanese and Palestinian statistics bureaus and the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee, 45.1% of the 174,000 Palestinians in Lebanon live in refugee camps, while the remaining 54.9 percent live in “other gatherings.”

According to the census taking teams spokesperson: “We would see huge numbers used, 500, or 600 thousand, and these would be used in politics. But this demographic project was able to define things, and thank God today we have results,”

Prime Minister Saad Hariri said in an address at the event where the figures were released. The survey sheds much needed light on the living conditions of 174,422 Palestinian refugees, as well as another 18,601 Palestinians who fled the neighboring conflict in Syria to camps in Lebanon.

The survey found that the number of Palestinian in Lebanon were split essentially evenly between men and women, with half of the total being 24 years or younger. The percentage of Palestinian youth is nearly identical to the numbers of youth across the Middle East.

Dear reader can imagine what these demographics and living conditions portend for this region as the bright, energetic and acutely aware youth seek justice and empowerment from dictatorships who have cynically denied them empowerment for countless decades. Revolution is in the air across in Lebanon’s Palestinian camps and across this region.

Announcing the population survey results, Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Lebanon had a “duty” towards Palestinians. He pointed to “exaggerations” as for the number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon which estimated the count at 600,000. He said the “actual number is 174,422,” assuring “that the State will adhere to its responsibilities.”

Hariri lamented how “some parties in the international community wish to offer no help to UNRWA but instead want to disrupt UNRWA.”

Pointing to the UNRWA’s financial crisis, he said: “It directly affects the basic requirements of refugees in Lebanon. We call upon donor countries to increase their contributions and support to enable UNRWA fulfill its financial obligations to meet the needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.”

With a total of $644,701,999 in contributions, the US, EU, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Japan pay 71% of the annual UNRWA budget. Mr. Hariri omitted mention of the fact that Lebanon, like Israel, donates zero dollars to UNRWA’s budget.

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Assuming the PM is sincere, and this observer does, then Lebanon “adhering to its responsibilities” can be quickly demonstrated by its Parliament granting Palestinians the half-century overdue elementary civil rights to work and to own a home granted to every refugee on earth by every country but Lebanon.

Why do many Lebanese politicians inflate the number of Palestinians in Lebanon?

Plenty of Lebanese and regional political lords have used the inflated Palestinian population figures seeking political advantage.

Lebanon’s anti-Palestinian block that consistently misrepresents the number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is led by more than one Christian militia who committed the 1982 massacre at Sabra-Shatila and by the Amal Shia militia that carried out the 1985-89 massacres at three camps which they servilely, on orders from the east, labeled “wars of the camps.”

There were no wars but rather massacres of Palestinian civilians who were without weapons to protect themselves since the PLO left Lebanon in August of 1982.

Among others with a long history of misrepresentation of the number of Palestinians, is Lebanon’s President, Michel Aoun. When this observer last met with Aoun as part of a delegation of pro-Palestinian Americans, Aoun stressed the point as he has done dozens of times before and since, that there are 600,000 Palestinians in Lebanon who, he implies are sucking Lebanon dry.

Also accused by Mr. Rifi of the same crime as Aoun is his son-in-law Jebran Bassil , who got appointed Foreign Minister despite Bassil having admitted he has no qualifications for the post but is close to Hezbollah and Iran like his father-in-law.

This week Bassil is again facing calls to resign. This time for remarks he made this week about Israel being no threat to Lebanon. Speaking on Iran funded Al-Mayadeen on 12/26/2017, Bassil in his position as Lebanon’s Foreign Minister, stated: “For Lebanon, [Israel] isn’t an ideological cause. We are not against Israel existing in security. We accept it. We are not against it. We just want all people to live in peace and to recognize each other. This is not a blind cause.” Adding “We are a people who accept and want the Other, despite our differences.” (For a reminder to all: Israel is an existential enemy in the Near East and created mainly by USA and the colonial powers)

In response to Bassil’s statements, former Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk called on Bassil to immediately be fired, declaring: “If Jebran Bassil does not find an ideological difference with Israel and demands security for it, Cabinet should dismiss him because he violates the Constitution. “Is this Lebanon’s position in international forums? This is shameful!”

(Bassil had to meet with Hassan Nasrallah, secretary General of Hezbollah, for 5 hours after his unwelcome pronouncement. Israel is an existential enemy to the people in the Near-East countries) 

As do some other anti-Palestinian politicians in Lebanon, including the former Minister of Education and Aoun partner, Elias Bou Saab as he a few months ago incited his Christian supporters with the 600,000 Palestinians in Lebanon gross exaggeration at an event at the American University of Beirut (AUB) which this observer attended.

(The author is confusing anti-Palestinian/isolationist sections of mainly Christians Parties with people wanting that the world community apply UN 196 resolution of returning Palestinian refugees to Palestine)

Mr. Saab knows that many of his and Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) political party supporters worry about Muslims swamping them politically and socially much as was the case in the run-up to the 1975-90 civil war. (The Moslems, Sunnis, Shiaas and Druze are already 75% of the population)

Truth told Mr. Saab is probably not all that wild about this observer because at the above-noted event earlier this year in the presence of the UN’s elegant Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag and a number of officials and directors of NGO’s and plenty of media, this no-account observer proceeded to deliver a short- well so it seemed to me- lecture with ample details and statistics to the then Minister of Education Bou Saad on the subject of inflating the number of Palestinians in Lebanon for political purposes.

I also painstakingly addressed the subject of the right to work and home ownership for Palestinian refugees forced into Lebanon against their will 7 decades ago (as Israel chased them out of their homeland). Despite the Ministers public assurance that he would meet with me and we can “fix the problem about the right to work” I still not heard from the gentleman.

But as life instructs us, there is plenty of good in all of us and during his three years as Minister of Education, Elias Bou Saab did, to his great credit, work to get a significant number of the 200,000 Syrian refugee kids now scattered across Lebanon into its public-school system employing a double session innovation whereby Syrian child could study using the same classrooms during split shift afternoon-evening time slot.

Some of the same political motivations have led to fake statistics regarding the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

As of the end of November 2017, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) tallied 997,905 Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

A clear majority of them being women and children who fled their country to Lebanon from the outbreak of the civil war in March of 2011. More than 70% live in extreme poverty, struggling to eke out a living while sheltering in informal tented settlements or unfinished buildings because Parliament has refused to authorize refugee camps where they could receive more organized assistance.

The highest number of Syrian refugees who were ever in Lebanon from the ongoing war next door was 1,011,366.

From 2011 until September 2017, nearly 49,000 Syrians departed Lebanon for third countries under the UN’s resettlement program including the United States, Sweden, and France. Others left on their own, making the dangerous sea journey to reach Europe.

As with the Palestinian refugee’s count, the UN Syrian refugee tally has been shown to be 500,000 fewer than the 1.5 million scare tactic number some Lebanese politicians and their media have hyped for political purposes.

By buying food and necessities, made possible with international humanitarian aid, partly in the form of ‘food stamp ATM cards’ the Syrians are growing Lebanon’s economy and Lebanon shopkeepers are generally thrilled with them. (The Syrians are and were the main construction workers in Lebanon, even before 2011. Now they are also into the restaurant and food business)

But Syrian refugees are not growing Lebanon’s economy according to experts at the International Labor Organization (ILO) as fast as the Palestinian refugees would grow this country’s ailing economy if they were allowed the elementary civil right to work and home ownership as required by international humanitarian law and Lebanon’s constitution.

Lebanese law targets Palestinians that denies them the right to work, social security, or joining a union. There are at least 25 banned areas of work for Palestinians including medicine, law, engineering and pharmacy. Also outlawed for Palestinian is ownership of land, property or a home.

As Fathi Abu al-Ardat, a representative of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Lebanon, noted this past week: “when Palestinians have the rights to work and can live a decent life, they will improve the country on the level of economics, on the level of community, even on the level of security and stability for the country.”

Iran & Hezbollah know better but also use inflated Palestinians population numbers to keep the increasingly restive Shia population loyal by inflating the size of the Palestinian Sunni “Takfiri” threat to Lebanon.

Approximately 92-96% of Palestinians are Sunni and many resent Iran influence for several reasons. One is that in Syria, Iran’s funded and trained 12 militia including Hezbollah and the Al Quds force that have killed nearly four thousand Palestinians, and have targeted a majority of Syria’s ten Palestinian camps. (This exaggeration demonstrate the biased and unfounded siding with USA/Israel/Saudi Kingdom front)

The Yarmouk Palestinian camp near Damascus was home to 120,000 and another Palestinian camp in Latakia last month. (During this world war on Syria, Hamas and many Palestinian jihadists sided with the “extremist opposition factions).

The most recent demolished camp, over the past two weeks, was in the Southern Ramal district of Latakia, which residents claim Iran wants to ‘develop.’ For nearly 70 years, Ramal has been located along Latakia city’s southern coastline, on a strip of land that slopes down towards the Mediterranean Sea. The district was settled as an informal encampment in the 1950’s by Palestinian refugees fleeing Jaffa and other coastal towns. Approximately 10,000 Palestinians in Syria have lost their homes in Ramal.

By slinging inflated figures for the number of Sunni Palestinians in Lebanon at the Shia community, Iran’s leadership reportedly hopes to help Hezbollah whose primary bases, South Beirut, the Bekaa Valley, and South Lebanon increasingly believe that their sons, brothers and fathers are dying in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan for no reason except the whims of Iran’s Wali al-faqih.

(These are the kinds of crappy quick regurgitation of news media bad-wording against Iran)

Iran also seeks to instill fear among its own population to quell the growing number of protests from its own population spreading across Iran.

Iran, according to even neighborhood Hezbollah sources, has vastly overreached in the region with its hegemonic objectives and the people of the region, including increasing numbers of Shia, including thousands of fed up Iranians. Many Hezbollah leaders have long objected to what they have been ordered to do in Syria and the region.

Moreover, thousands of Iranian citizens have taken to the streets of the country’s second-largest city, Mashhad and other towns this week to once again protest high prices, unemployment, and the fact that their government is spending countless billions funding militia across the Middle East while “our women are selling themselves on the streets for money to feed their families and our young men are forced to steal!”

(These uprising were consequent to banks foreclosure due to shortage in liquidity. It subsided within 3 days as millions of counter Iranians surged in the streets))

Videos on Nazar’s Telegram channel showed citizens in Mashhad, an important religious center in the northeast of Iran, not chanting “Death to America” but rather “Death to the dictator” (Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei) and protesting about their ruler’s efforts at regional hegemony, rather than improving conditions at home. “Not Gaza, not Syria, not Lebanon, my life for Iran” was one of main chants.

Iran’s brutal theocratic rulers have a problem as many Iranian believe and hope that the current rebellion will rapidly spread and become for their rulers what Benghazi in February 2011 was for Gadaffi and Deraa, Syria was a month later for Assad. (The author is mainly day dreaming his wishes)

The claimed “Resistance” has also long used the inflated figure for political advantage as they seek to rein in many of their hard-core Shia supporters with claims that Palestinians in Lebanon comprise another 600,000 Sunni so why empower them with the civil rights to work and own a home? Given Hezbollah’s political power it would take just 90 minutes in Parliament to grant Palestinians the right to work and home ownership. But the tribal “Resistance” axis has chosen to block these elementary civil rights.

Hopefully growing pressure from the new generation of young Palestinians vying for leadership positions in the camps and the growing number of young Shia in the region who no longer want to be fodder from their leaders seeking revenge for the events at Karbala 1,500 years ago, can persuade the “Resistance” that true Resistance begins with improving the Palestinian camps and being allowed to seek a job.

Since 2013, Professor Franklin P. Lamb has traveled extensively throughout Syria. His primary focus has been to document, photograph, research and hopefully help preserve the vast and irreplaceable archaeological sites and artifacts in Syria.

Like Iraq, Syria is the cradle of civilization, and as such it has been a rich source of our shared global culture and historic heritage. Already endangered from illegal excavation, looting, international trafficking and iconoclasm; the theft and destruction of these sites has greatly increased as a result of the conflict in the Middle East.

Many of the endangered archeological sites and artifacts are over 7,000 years old. The oldest remains found in Syria are from the Paleolithic era (c. 800,000 BCE). The most endangered artifacts and archaeological sites currently are in Tell Halaf, the north of Syria near the Turkish border with Syria.

These archaeological sites date as far back as 5,500 BCE. They include archaeological sites and artifacts of the Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Assyrian, Phoenician, Aramaic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Omayyad, Ayyubid and Ottoman civilizations and empires.

Professor Franklin Lamb has also been working, sometimes under dangerous circumstances, to record and photograph the war damage done to religious icons, images, monuments, and ancient structures that span pre-Roman civilizations, and structures such as Islamic mosques, Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.

Professor Lamb is working to record and photograph these sites and artifacts because they are in danger of complete destruction for religious, political and illegal trafficking reasons, especially due to the ongoing wars in the Middle East.

Professor Franklin Lamb’s website and his latest book, “Syria’s Endangered Heritage, an International Responsibility to Preserve and Protect” presents exclusive and never published before photographs, records, data, articles, and interviews from across the whole of Syria. His book can be purchased at his website

In addition to Dr. Lamb’s urgent archaeological work he is also deeply committed to rescuing and aiding refugee children in Syria. He is a volunteer with the Lebanon, France, and USA based “Meals for Syrian Refugee Children, Lebanon (MSRCL)”, which seeks to provide hot nutritional meals to Syrian and other refugee children.

Lamb says that the goal of MSRCL is to be able to provide one meal a day to 500 children. More donors are needed in order for him to reach that goal. At $2.25 per meal x 500 children per day ($1,225), the budget for a month (30 days) requires approximately $36,000.

Over 95% of each donation goes directly towards the cost of each meal. The MSCRL volunteer teams give their time, energy and even their own money to help the refugee children so that they will not become part of the “lost generation” of Syria.

Lamb’s books and publications include “Pollution as a Problem of International Law”; “International Legal Responsibility for the Sabra Shatila Massacre“; “Israel’s 1982 War in Lebanon: Eyewitness Chronicles of the Invasion and Occupation“, “The Price We Pay: A Quarter Century of Israel’s Use of American Weapons against Civilians in Lebanon in addition to the three volume set, “Palestine, Lebanon & Syria Palestine, Lebanon & Syria (Commentary and Analysis 2006-2016).”

Due out during Fall 2016, in English and Arabic, is “The Case for Palestinian Civil Rights in Lebanon: Why the Resistance Sleeps.”

Dr. Lamb’s most recent book is “Syria’s Endangered Heritage: An International Responsibility to Preserve and Protect”.

Lamb’s Academic Credentials include: BA, and Law Degrees from Boston University, Master of Law (LLM) Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy from the London School of Economics (LSE); Diploma in International Air & Space Law from the University College of London; Post-Doctoral Studies at Harvard University Law School of East Asian Legal Studies Center, specializing in Chinese Law; International Legal Studies at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom; Studied Public International Law at The Hague Academy of international Law, at the International Court of Justice, in The Hague, Netherlands.

Lamb’s Professional and Political Activities include Assistant Professor of International Law, Northwestern College of Law, Portland, Oregon and Assistant Counsel to the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, During the Administration of President Jimmy Carter, Lamb was elected for a four year term to the Democratic National Committee, representing the state of Oregon. Lamb served on the Democratic National Committee Judicial Council with California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as well as the Platform Committee on East-West Relations. Professor Lamb served on the presidential campaign staff for Presidential Candidate Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts.

The Jewish Grand dad, from the mother side, of Jordan monarch died in Amman

Whom King Abdullah of Jordan resembles? A spitting imager of his grand dad Walter Percy Gardner. Walter died at age of 96.

The Jewish state of Israel is chartering plane loads of 7akhams and dignitaries to attend the funeral.

Late king Hussein married Gardner’s daughter Antoinette when visiting the movie set of Laurence of Arabia in al Akaba in the 60’s.

Antoinette refused to switch to Islam and thus Hussein had to divorce in 1971 and was never entitled to be a Queen.

Walter had raised Abdullah in his childhood.

No wonder that this created kingdom by the British in the 1920’s was meant to protect the eastern borders of the created Israeli State.

The time is ripening for taking care of all these treacherous monarchies (mainly this Saudi monarchy), allied to our existential enemy

 The Jewish Grand dad, from the mother side, of Jordan monarch died in Amman

مات جد الملك الاردني في عمان … وسيدفن غدا في المقابر الملكية على الطريقة اليهودية
مات جد الملك الاردني في عمان … وسيدفن غدا في المقابر الملكية على الطريقة اليهودية
كلف حاخام اسرائيلي باقامة مراسم الدفن لجد الملك الاردني الذي مات في عمان عن 96 عاما وسيدفن الجد في مقابر العائلة المالكة بينما نقلت طائرة اردنية خاصة المئات من المشيعين الانجليز اليهود الى عمان للمشاركة في مراسم الدفن وكان الملك عبدالله قد قطع جولته الخليجية وعاد إلى عمان أمس للمشاركة في تشييع جثمان جده الكولونيل الانجليزي والتر بيرسي غاردنر الذي توفي صباح أمس في عمان والذي تربى عبدالله على يديه خاصة بعد انفصال امه ( انطوانيت ) عن ابيه بعد رفضها الدخول في الاسلام واصرارها البقاء على دينها وكان الملك بدأ الأحد جولة خليجية، شملت عمان، حيث شارك في احتفالات السلطنة بعيد الاستقلال الأربعين وكان من المقرر أن يتوجه إلى البحرين حيث يلقي كلمة في مؤتمر حوار المنامة حول الأمن الإقليمي.وأعلن الديوان الملكي أن مراسم جنازة خاصة ستقام اليوم الخميس لتشييع جثمان غاردنر الذي توفي عن 95 عاماً.وكان جد العاهل الأردني الذي كان صديقا لجلوب باشا قد اختار في السنوات الأخيرة عمان مكانا للعيش إلى جانب ابنته اانطوانيت غاردنر مطلقة الملك حسين بن طلال ووالدة الملك عبد الله الثاني والتي تعرف بين الاردنيين باسم ( الاميرة منى ) وقال القصر الملكي ان الكولونيل غاردنر توفي في أثناء نومه قبل أيام من عيد ميلاده الـ 96، والذي يصادف في 12 من ديسمبرإلتقت انطوانيت غاردنر بالملك حسين أثناء عملها في التحضير لفيلم عن لورنس العرب قام ببطولته عمر الشريف وصور في مدينة العقبة في الستينات، حيث سمح الملك لبعض القوات العسكرية بالمشاركة في التصوير وكان يزور مواقع التصوير من وقت لآخر وتزوجها بعد ذلك خاصة وانه كان مطلقا من ابنة عمه الملكة دينا ( التي تزوجت لاحقا من احد قادة حركة فتح وهو صلاح التعمري الذي اشتهر خلال حصار بيروت بتزعم اسرى معتقل انصار ) وفي فترة زواجهما لم تسم ملكة رغم زواجها من ملك لانها رفضت ان تسلم وظلت على ديانتها اليهودية وكان موقعا سعوديا مشهورا على الانترنيت يعتقد انه ممول من قبل الامير عزوزي ( ابن الملك فهد ) قد نشر ان الملك عبدالله يهودي لان ابن اليهودية يهودي … وبعد نشر عرب تايمز لرابط هذا الخبر او التعليق قام الموقع السعودي بحذفه … من المعروف ان محطة اخوال الامير عزوزي ( فضائية ام بي سي ) هي التي عرضت برنامجا وثائقيا بعنوان ( خمسون عاما على الصراع ) انتجته شركة مملوكة لعبد الرحمن الراشد الرئيس الحالي لمحطة العربية اوردت فيه اعترافا تلفزيونيا كان الملك حسين قد سجله للتلفزيون الاسرائيلي يعترف فيه بانه قام شخصيا بالسفر الى تل ابيب قبل يومين من حرب اكتوبر تشرين ليخبر الاسرائيليين بنية المصريية والسوريين بشن هجوم عليها بسبب اصرار انطوانيت على البقاء على ديانتها اليهودية قد اضطر الملك ( الهاشمي ) حسين الى اعلان الطلاق منها عام 1971 وتزوج بعدها بالفلسطينية علياء طوقان ومنحها لقب ملكة وهي ام الامير علي ( وماتت لاحقا في عملية اسقاط طائرة هليوكوبتر كانت تستقلها وقيل يومها ان جدة الملك الحالي لابيه الملكة زين كانت وراء ترتيب الحادث ) وكان يفترض ان يكون ابن علياء طوقان وليا للعهد لكن مصادر اردنية ذكرت ان زوجة الملك الثالثة تمكنت من ابعاد الامير علي ابن علياء عن الصورة لصالح ابنها حمزة بعد مزاعم عن تورط الامير علي بادمان الحشيش … لكن غاردنر وابنته انطوانيت ختما الصراع على كرسي العرش الاردني بلعبة ذكية جدا على الطريقة الانجليزية ساهم فيها رئيس المخابراتع السابق السوري الاصل سميح البطيخي وزوجته الانجليزية جيل البطيخي حين تم اقناع الملك بان ولي عهده الحسن يتامر عليه مع زوجته الباكستانية ( سروت ) وان ابنه منها الامير راشد سيكون وليا للعهد وان حمزة لم يبلغ بعد سن الرشد وانه لا مناص من تعيين عبدالله وليا للعهد ريثما يطز شارب حمزة على ان يتعهد عبدالله امام والده وقبل موته بتعيين حمزة وليا للعهد في حال تسلم عبدالله الحكم … ووفى عبدالله بوعده لابيه فعين حمزة وليا للعهد ثم حلق له ع الناشف بعد اشهر ليسمي بعد ذلك ابنه من رانيا وليا للعهد … كل شيء تم على الطريقة الهاشمية تماما كما حلق الملك حسين من قبل لابيه الملك طلال … وكما حلق جده الملك عبدالله لابيه شريف مكة حسين بن علي الذي لم يسمح له ابنه عبدالله مؤسس امارة شرق الاردن حتى بالموت في عمان … فطيروه الى قبرص حتى يموت فيها تماما كما مات الملك طلال في مستشفى للمجانين في تركيا

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مات جد الملك الاردني في عمان … وسيدفن غدا في المقابر الملكية على الطريقة اليهودية‎ بوابـة الأخبــار العــاجلـة

They kill and then commit suicide? What God or the Devil have to do with these insanities?

Do you believe anyone could blow himself among a crowd unless:

1. He is completely drugged and immune to feelings?

2. He is totally controlled and blown by remote control?

3. He is too scared to be tortured to death if he refrained to obey the order

4. He was brainwashed that the afterlife is a far better alternative than his shitty life on earth

5. Terminally mentally sick

6. Indoctrinated under a belief system that dying as a martyr against an existential enemy is the ultimate of sacrifices

7. Fill in more reasons for blowing oneself with kilos of C4 or TNY

 Jamil Berry posted on FB


Lorsque le tueur se tue pour tuer.
Sa haine de l’autre dépassant son amour de soi
Lorsque plus rien ne différencie, cacophonie et surdité
Lorsque le paradis écarte ses cuisses .
Lorsque le malheur devient sur dimensionné.
Lorsque sa généreuse distribution nous donne notre part et nous colle la part des autres.
Lorsque la mort très gourmande, devient obèse, et ne quitte plus notre table.
Lorsque toutes les questions ont déjà été posées.
Lorsque les rêves deviennent inégaux.
Lorsque les idées deviennent figées.
Lorsque le sentiment se liquéfie , et ne s’exprime plus que par d’effarantes odeurs.
Lorsque penser ne rime qu’avec impuissance.

Alors on reste là .
On demande asile au silence.
On ouvre tous nos livres sacrés aux pages qui parlent du diable.
Elles nous disent toutes ” mais le Bon Dieu veille ”
Seigneur …
Vous m’entendez ?

Curieux comme le temps s’est durci et hier revêt l’accoutrement d’aujourd’hui .
Curieux ce sentiment que j’ai ce matin .

Un deuil d’un genre nouveau qui me pousse à vouloir partager des condoléances pour la perte de personnes inconnues avec d’autres personnes qui me sont tout aussi inconnues .
Curieux ce voyage éclair au Liban , quand c’est la mort qui invite mon imaginaire .
Curieuse cette conception du dieu macro et son bordel de paradis …

( Jamil BERRY )

Note: I just heard of the Paris attacks. Very confusing narration. 15 assailants: 7 suicide bombers, 8 carrying machine guns and spraying people at will. Rock concert? soccer game? Dead climbing by the hours: Around 200 by now. State of emergency in Paris.




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