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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 75

Most of my brain power since I was born in West Baltimore (or Chicago west end) was directed to preserve my black body from being destroyed, annihilated, broken down… by police force, gang members, drug addicts.. in a fraction of a second.
Le dispositive idéologique et culturel de USA  est de faire croire qu’ils sont l’oeuvre de Dieu. Tous ces Noirs qui circulent encore prouvent que c’est la creation de l’homme.
Dans ce pays construit sur le racism, j’ai rejetté toute form de pensée magique et douté de la gloire predestine’ de USA. Non mon fils, ne prend pas pour acquis son innocence du mal fait partout.
Comment vivre avec un corps noir dans un pays perdu dans ses Rêves? Rêve de cabane dans les arbres, barbecue du Memorial Day, allées privées…
On rigolait de ceux qu’on craignaient leur fouet le plus: ceux qui nous aimaient le plus et avaient toujours peur, pour nous sauver de la destruction de nos corps noirs.
Black people in the USA live in constant fear since childhood, everyone of them, learning that their black body is meant to be destroyed by the white laws and the scared gang members on drugs.
Beware of these pronouncements such as Eleanor Roosevelt’s: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” She was a white privileged person who blew much fumes on individual responsibility while the system was built to destroy every black or colored person.
La disculpation á grande échelle: les erreurs criminelles en chaines sont le résultat du manque de responsabilité individuel, bien que les intentions etaient peut-etre bonnes
Chaque fois qu’on se pose une question, elle devient plus clair: ce sont les comments qui génerent et clarifient les pourquoi.
La conscience politique est un questionnement permanent du comment qui aboutit á répondre au pourquoi des situations et conditions.
In the early 1990, the rap singers borrowed heavily on Malcolm X speeches and recording. “N’abandonne pas ta vie, preserve-lá. Si tu es forcé á l’abandonné, donner le change” par la facon qu’ils usent. “Le bulletin de vote ou le fusil”.
Black is Beautiful was meant to deter blacks from emulating the beauty stereotype of the white monopoly. No whitening of your skin, no surgeries for your mouth, lips and nose, keep your hair Afro…
Le system en Amerique est parvenu á fourvoyer les noirs de leur résistance originelle des 60’s dans des chemins obscures, dead ends. Plus de Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Nanny, Cudjoe ou Malcolm X. Les Black Flights des classes moyennes ont abandonnés les rues aux gangs and aux drug dealers.
Lebanese Expatriate Contractor Class ( arriving from the Gulf, Saudi Kingdom and Africa) are managing our contracted national debt that keeps increasing every years by leaps and bounds

Justice only means that someone will have to pay for the crime. Not necessarily the criminal.

Hundreds dead beneath the rubble in Mosul: A very few are rising from the dead. Over 50,000 civilians dead and 12,000 from the Iraqi fighters of Hashd sha3bi

Mind you that any new pedagogical method attracts only the highly motivated teachers: Not every teacher can be passionately above average

Blacks and Latinos, these minorities soon to become majority, do Not enjoy same job and financial opportunities wherever they decide to settle down in different cities. their dynamic mobility rate is low and remain in their respective ghettos

In 1973, Fidel Castro said: USA will talk to us when it has a Black president and a Pope from Latin America. The two combination opened the door

Using several accounts under various pseudonyms and feeling free to express everything that comes to mind is virtual reality. It is these virtual communications in social media that excite the prospective potential racists and extremist jihadists to bloom and expand

If you are Not angry, how do you live?

If Islam is to be held accountable for gangs of Muslim criminals Not elected as their representative, why should Western liberal democracies Not hold accountable for mass murderers like Tony Blair and George W Bush?

If you don’t have the courage to express your anger, raw and confusing, why anyone should read you?

So busy doing my job, I can’t get any work done. Just keep running away from home.

Stimulating choices among opportunities is different from stimulating desires. Choices is a stabilizing factor in a society. While stimulating desires can have a counter productive effects that bring chaos

What you do? I read, take notes and write. Why you do that? I know I’m No Coward

Every one, who considers himself a minority in a State, trying to comprehend the confusion in his emotions through investigating his ethnicity, is worth reading.





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