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Can Women Get Away With Wearing the Same Thing to Work Every Day?

I would like to confess something. Today I am wearing a short-sleeved grey dress with striping on the edges. I also wore it on Monday.

That’s OK, right?

The question is:

How large is your wardrobe? How it is designed and arranged? Who picks your dress every morning? How much assistance have you got in getting dressed up?

Female are trained to invest time and energy on looking good and presentable, at every minute of the day. Particularly when they feel under the weather.

Emily Peck Posted in the Huffpost: 04/03/2015

As I dressed this morning, I calculated the odds of anyone at the office picking up on what I’ve been led to believe is a major fashion “don’t do it”.

In my favor: I worked from home for part of the day on Monday, and today is Friday.

A lot of people are gone because of the holiday. So I crossed my fingers, grabbed my bag, kissed the kids good-bye and headed to the office.

If I were a man — a “powerful” man — I could wear this damn dress every day, I reckon. (Not because of power, but lack a female assistant in his wardrobe)

At least that’s my reading of this New York Times story, entitled “The Men Powerful Enough To Wear the Same Thing Every Day.”

The article features Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, notorious for wearing the same grey T-shirt each day. (Has no time to change or missing his university period)

He does this so he can focus on being in charge of the biggest social network ever. “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything, except how to best serve this community,” he reportedly said after being asked about the shirt during a Q&A session last year at his company’s headquarters. (Anyone got what Mark said?)

Other notable repeat wardrobers include President Obama, 80-year-old fashion designer Giorgio Armani and Apple founder Steve Jobs, whose black turtlenecks were legendary (perhaps he had several same black turtlenecks?).

To be fair, these men have multiple versions of the same item — not quite the same thing as my wearing the exact same dress.

Like Zuckerberg, they want to spend less time deciding what to wear and more time making decisions.

The article got me and others wondering if powerful women could also get away with slimming down their sartorial options.

I asked Twitter. Wall Street Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes also raised the question.

Patsy Z shared this link on FB

1000000000% agree. And YES we, women should be less worried about our clothes and our looks…
“Reducing the number of decisions you make in a day helps you make better decisions when you have to. It also reduces stress.

There’s actually a lot of research to back that up.”
If you have a lot of different clothes and each day you’re making decisions about how to piece together your outfit, you’ll eventually suffer a little bit of mental fatigue.”

I would like to confess something. Today I am wearing a short-sleeved grey dress with striping on the edges. I also wore it on Monday. That’s OK, right? As I …




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