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Tidbits #2

Raising children by valuing play and education over work, turned children into consumers in their own right.  And Advertisers took notice, before TV invention.

Frankly, I feel lucky that I lived long enough in this century to realize that books of females authors are far more interesting than their gender’s counterparts

Elon Musk’s firm intentionally destroyed a Falcon 9 rocket in a test to show how it would keep astronauts safe in a failed mission. SpaceX’s first crewed flight test could take place as soon as March.

Single-use plastics: Plastic bags will be banned in big cities, and plastic straws will be forbidden in restaurants, both by the end of this year. The prohibition will expand to all Chinese cities over the next two years.

Inequality is a public health issue: Just look at the link between the minimum wage and the suicide epidemic in the US.

Nitrogen oxide, a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide, is emitted everywhere something is burning. That usually means humans are at work

GM sold around 20 times as many cars as Tesla in 2019, while Ford sold more than six times as many. But it’s Tesla that is now by far the most valuable car company in America. Does it have to do with China market and the electric cars?

By 2050 Europe will have one person over 65 for every two of working age. Spain and Italy are expected to lose more than a quarter of their workforce. ⁠

50% of European Union citizens identify climate change as one of the three biggest challenges facing their country right now, ahead of access to healthcare and unemployment.

About 1.1m school pupils live in New York City. They are mostly non-white, and attend some of the most segregated schools in the country.⁠

“Wild dogs” do share a common ancestor with wolves and they might be renamed “painted wolves” for their coat markings. This species is endangered

A new lithium-ion battery is invincible: It can work despite being cut, bent, soaked, shot, and lit on fire.

Florida has no income tax or estate tax, letting some homeowners potentially shave tens of thousands from their tax bills. Over 600,000 US citizens flock in from other States each year.

Thailand’s annual road-death rate is almost double the global average and more than seven times the rate in nearby Singapore, a wealthy financial hub.⁠ The problem is acute in poor countries. Deaths are thought to have risen by 40% since 1990 in countries that the World Bank defines as low-income, such as Afghanistan and Malawi.⁠ road-death is more than the combined deaths in malaria and Aids…

The theme of this year’s jamboree in Davos is “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World.” The impulse to cohere with fellow humans will be tested by slow-moving security lines, a strict badge hierarchy, and arbitrary event guest lists, but the intention is admirable

In Davos 2020, everything revolves around the roughly 2,800 official delegates and their entourages.  At the top of the Davos hierarchy, there are 53 heads of state or governments attending the forum, roughly the same as last year.

In geopolitical power—there are only three leaders of G7 countries, and none from the BRICS and 119 billionaires. 

Again, What’s the purpose of companies? Of the six thematic tracks that guide the Davos official forum program, the most sessions are devoted to “Society” (89) and the least to “Economy” (27).

Aside from public letters and speeches of CEO for concern to climate change priority, in its latest global survey of CEOs, PwC found that climate change did not even make it into the top 10 threats the executives see to growth prospects.

China confirmed human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus. 

About 60% of Americans play video games and a third globally. And as the global gaming industry grows, it’s influencing much more than how we spend our free time.

Sperm donations from dead men should be allowed: no differently than organ donation.

A survey of 34,000 people in 28 countries found that no institution is considered both ethical and competent.

More than 50% of young adults surveyed by the Red Cross think a nuclear attack will happen in the next 10 years.

Earth outer-space crowded with 17,000 space manned debris: And how Island of Man is contributing?

In 2012, earth outer spaces, constituted of the suborbital (less than 2,000 km high), the Global Positioning System satellites (20,000 km up), and the TV and fixed telecommunication satellites (36,000 km)…is crowded with over 17,000 artificial debris, and not counting the natural debris of asteroids….

To make the situation worse, China destroyed in 2007 one of its satellites by missile, to be emulated by the US in 2008.

Only 7% of the orbiting space vehicles are operational. The remaining rotating debris are waiting for private space companies to collect them and ship them back to the polluters.

About 1,800 launching rockets are left as debris in space.

Over 3,000 are fragments of rockets

Over 4,000 are space vehicles

And more than 8,000 are parts of over 10 cm in length

There is a dividing region between earth and the Moon called Lagrange L1 point where space vehicle are not submitted to any force of attraction, and where gravity is nil…In this point the vehicle need minimal energy to be maintained there, an ideal point for “stationing” space vehicles. This point is closer to the Moon, about 1/6 of the distance from earth to the Moon, corresponding to the respective proportion of the masses of earth to the Moon…

Since equilibrium is unstable in L1, there are no debris (artificial or natural): Debris either fall to earth or on the Moon.  Ken Murphy, president of The Moon Society, explains:

“As we reach the L1 point, space activities will dilate outward. The Moon will be a kid game to land on and to exploit…”

Naveen Jain, an ex-Microsoft billionaire, said:

“The Moon has 20 times more platinum and titanium than anywhere on earth. It has helium 3, a rare isotope estimated to be the future for energy. The Moon is going to be the 8th continent to earth…”

There are currently 23 missions to observing earth, and the projected numbers in 2020 will be reduced to about only 7 missions. Consequently, State funded missions are being phased out to be compensated by private space companies, companies heavily financed by State and Federal contracts, or public money…

For example, Space X of Elon Musk (PayPal founder) signed a contract for $1.6 bn in order to launch 12 missions for re-supplying the International Space Station of 450 kilo of materials and foodstuff, and bring back the wastes…

Space X has already successfully tested a first launch using Falcon 9 rocket (at a cost of $60 million compared to about $700 million by NASA for each launch). Most probably, this low-cost is a bait, waiting for the government to completely stop being a competitor in launching space vehicles and prices will skyrocket…

Orbital Sciences (Virginia) signed a similar contract with NASA

XCOR Aerospace of Richard Bronson is focused on the suborbital missions

Blue Origin is going for inhabited missions

Masten Space Systems and Armadillo Aerospace are planning for non-inhabited missions…

It is estimated that many wealthy people are ready to pay $200,000 to observe earth from the stratosphere. In the medium term, it is expected that the stratosphere, in a reduced gravity environment, will be used for quick transport from New York to Tokyo in just 2 hours.

And what of the Island of Man, situated between Ireland, Scotland and England? This Isle has 85,000 inhabitants and vying to be the preferred choice for launching commercial missions and inhabitant missions to the moon, at a cost of $20 million per client.

Of the 54 societies working on satellites, 30 have subsidiary on the island.

Christopher Stott, who worked for Lockheed Martin and Boeing, has decided to set his island into orbit, by reserving Space Parking Lots since the year 2000, in a private/public partnership ManSat. Stott has founded Excalibur Almaz for space tourism and acquiring second-hand Soviet station of the Salyut type.

Note: Inspired from an article in the French monthly Le Monde Diplomatic number 701 by Philippe Reviere




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