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US disengagement process from the Middle-East region

I was writing the second part of the pragmatic discussions on Syria when I realized that a most important trend is unfolding and needs to be factored in the discussion equation: The US disengagement process from the Middle-East region.

The US is starting the disengagement process from the Middle-East region. I am convinced that all the Israeli aggressive fuss about Iran nuclear program is the realization that the US no longer envision a return on the cost for getting heavily involved in the Middle-East.

The ME is becoming a very troubled and uncontrollable region, and will keep in such turmoil for at least a decade. The ME is but headaches and the sinking of too much energy and financial expenses, for just negative return.

The Far-East Asian region is the strategic new “containment” policies for the US administrations.

The US decided to focus its energy and resources on the Far-East Asian markets, where the future of economic growth and development is being taking place…

And also on the new oil and gas resources in the six Central Asia States. For example the 6+2 (Russia and the US) new economic group for investing in pipelines

Israel thinks that only the US deep involvement in this region will keep US yearly financial and economic support, updated weapons, subsidies, free grants, lavish donations…flowing into Israel to sustain the apartheid system. Otherwise, Israel will have no choice but to consider policies as part of this region, within its means, and deal with its goyim people

Since 1967, the Zionist lobby in the US has been practicing and oiling its political pressure machine on side issues that didn’t obstruct the US strategy of dismantling any State with potentials to be a dominant force in the region. And the Zionist lobby worked hard on not to concede any minor defeats on these side issues…

The current problem in Israel and with its lobby in the US is that this time around the stake is huge: The strategy of the US in the ME has shifted to oppose Israel wishes for continued US active involvement. The only involvement the US envision is just to secure Israel “military safety”…

Consequently, Israel and its lobby in the US have been showing signs of disarray and confusion, due to the quick pace of events that are unfolding, and behaving too impatiently, and alienating the US administration with undiplomatic terms and extreme and radical positions that are no longer tenable in the world community.

Israel wants to resume its apartheid policies, as an extension to western colonial powers, and to be allowed to remain the sole dominant military power in the region.

For decades, Israel has been biting on large chunks not commensurate to its status as a little State, with minor resources to chew on, thanks to the unconditional backing of the US and western European States…

Things are changing, and Israel has to start dealing seriously with the surrounding realities, a region the US has decided to get out and let the people remove the thorns on their own…

The US is trying to secure a minimum containment of Russia incursion in the warmer seas in the Mediterranean basin, kind of “don’t go beyond Syria seas shores”, and dealing with China for minimal economic investment in the Middle-East.

Mind you that oil and gas are commodities to be sold in the global market, and military occupation of oil fields in Iraq turned out to be a total fiasco…and not worth contemplating in the near future…

The total involvement in Iraq for 8 years has opened the eyes of the US administrations that “What is good to Israel does not necessarily match what is good to the US interests in the Middle-East“. And the US is not about to forget these fresh and bleeding lessons of the terrible consequences in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya…and the melting of Wall Street…

US imperialist expansions were historically conducted in period of affluence: Wealth seeks to generates more wealth. As the internal market in the US expanded and generated wealth, the Federal government looked beyond its frontiers for expansion.

The preemptive wars against colonial Spain for Cuba and the Philippines were done consequent to Spain failing to pay its sovereign debt to the US.  The capturing of Panama and the digging of the Panama Canal was done when the US was the dominant economic power, followed by Germany.

The US decided to get involved in WWI after competitor Germany was exhausted and wanted to have a say during the Peace Treaty.

The US resolved to engaged in WWII when it was certified that Japan was frantically going after all the oil resources in the Pacific and conquering every island and country.

The US took over from France in Viet Nam because it was flush with money and developing like crazy

The latest preemptive war in Iraq was encouraged because the US had experienced a stable economic and financial situation after the Clinton administration…

Time is bad for any new preemptive war, particularly against a giant country such as Iran.

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