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Transitional governments or potential democratic systems?

It is the year 1876 (Lebanon): Yaacoub Sarrouf and Fares Nemr published a weekly “Al Moktataf” of 24-page focused on scientific and technological breakthrough! The Ottoman Empire was horrified, and the two journalists had to move to Egypt to resume the publishing of their weekly. Al Mouktataf (Selected topics) survived to 1952.

It is the year 1886 (Lebanon):  A periodical concerned with women rights is born.  The Arab Summit this year didn’t even mention women rights, not even the Palestinian rights for an independent State, not the horror taking place in Bahrain and Yemen and Libya…

This Arab Summit focused its attention on “how to arm the Syrian opposition forces”! As if democracy is established in the States that removed dictators. As if democracy is in the mind of the absolute monarchs and Emirs in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, and the gulf Emirates…

The irony is that no other publication replaced it or competed with since then. You are under the strong impression that reflective, experimental, and scientific mind was and still is irrelevant in this part of the world.  Hundreds of bright scientists from the Near-East have immigrated to greener pastures and became illustrious figures such as Hassan Kamel Sabbah (General Electric and the competitor of Thomas Edison in number of registered patents), Chebli Shmaeyel, Girgi Zeidan

And the “Arab Spring” uprising inflamed the imagination for potential democratic systems sweeping the Arab World States…

Do you recall Wajdi Ghoneim? The western media lauded Wajdi as the forerunner of the democracy spirit in Egypt.  And what Wajdi said after the Christian Copt Pope Shnouda died three weeks ago? He farted: “Thanks to God for the death of this heretic.  We are over joyed and God punished him…”

Do you believe that democracy can survive and bloom in an environment lacking scientific mind? Funny, in the Gulf Emirate an invention is the rage: A small cuff is connected to the refrigerator that repeats religious songs so that water is purified and the drinker is safe from evil eyes…

In Morocco, the “Association of research and sciences” is permitting women to using dildos when the husband is not present at home for long periods in order not to be tempted to committing sins…

In Tunisia, the extended family members of the new leader Rashed Ghanouchi are being appointed high public positions, as it used to be the case during the former dictatorial regime…

The European Union was very close adopting the charter that Christianity was the religion of the union.  In the Arab States with vast Moslem sunnis sect, Islam is the religion of States.  The current discussion is whether to includeIislam Chariaa laws as the main source of civil laws of the State…

Democracy is a long process of including all kinds of minorities, religious, race, color, genders…In “democratic USA, it took centuries for Blacks to enjoy partial civil rights, and women could vote in 1920… Without sustained environment of free expression and the spirit for reflecting on scientific research, how can anyone expect any quick breakthrough in the Arab States?

Note: Post partially inspired by an article of Samir Attallah in the daily Al Nahar, April 4, 2012




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