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Worker: I want some bread

You don’t live by mere bread.

Youth:  I want some freedom

The only freedom we have is reserved for import-export activities.

Consumer:  I want the song record “Green is my country” and “Lebanon beautiful Green”

Not available.

How about the book “Red Freedom has one door to knock at”

Listen; the only green or red colors that could be seen were on stop lights: they are currently out of function.

Patient:  I want corrective glasses.

What for?  Palestine, you are not to see; your hometown, you are not to return to; Liberty is out of reach; Spring is far away; the Future is unheard of.  Why would you hurt your nose wearing redundant glasses?

Divorced lady:  I want the movie “I need a resolution” by Fatiha Hamama

All solutions are in the hands of the USA; just target the proper provider.

A martyr of a husband died during a patriotic demonstration.  His soul is calling the wife who forgot him.

Martyr:  How are you wife? Are you happy?

Wife: Sure, I am

Husband:  Are the kids doing fine at school?

Wife: They are fantastic

Husband: What is the status of freedom of speech and opinions in the Arab World?

Wife:  All kinds of freedom and liberty kiss your hands.

Husband:  What is the status of prisons?

Wife:  There are no prisoners.  We need no prisons to keeping kidnapped traitors.

Husband:  Are land reforms, educational reforms, election reforms, development programs being executed they way I died for?

Wife: All reforms rolling on skates and more than you dreamed of.

Husband:  I learned that the Arabs are rich from oil production.

Wife:  We are so rich that we are supporting the faltering US economy.  Sleep tight and stop worrying.

Husband: We, the Arabs are known to be generous and welcoming strangers in our home as if home is theirs.  How about Palestine? Have we recaptured it yet?

Wife:  What? I hear interferences.  I told you everything is going smoothly. I have to tend to my kitchen now: I have a casserole cooking.

Husband:  You know, we Arabs are known to be equitable during occupation.  Don’t throw the Jews into the sea like the barbarians.  Ship them back ito their country of origins or whatever States they wish to go to.

Neighbor:  Would you shut up?  Woman, how could you suffer this stupid husband?

A Moslem extremist salafist boasting his strategic program: “We are going to kill millions in the bordering Arab States to Israel until the total population with Israel is equal.  Then, the foreign infidels will have no cause to boast that the war is unbalanced between us and the Zionist enemies. We will show the foreigners what is our metal!”

Arab regime is Seven Up:  You love it, it loves you back.




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