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Favorite Fonts From Around Beirut

From old fashioned street signs to boldface type and trendsetting forms of modern Arabic calligraphy, a stroll through Beirut’s city streets offers a walking history of the beauty in our culture’s unique designs typography.

(Probably a tad of advertisement could be contemplated?)


In this photo essay by Leah Souweid, visually explores the powerful role fonts play in shaping the aesthetic of the city.


Located all over the city, these large white signs are always pointing passersby in the right direction (Bliss Street).

One of the better-known supermarkets on Hamra Street.

Signature blue road signs found all over Beirut.

Signature blue road signs found all over Beirut.

Signature blue road signs found all over Beirut.

Signature blue road signs found all over Beirut.

One of the many Lebanese shops for delicious ‘mana2eesh’ (Clemenceu).

This literally “homey” bistro is a great place to sit, talk, and eat (Clemenceu).

Half-lit French sign, translating to “square”, located on Hamra street, an identifier of the area.

One of the many chains of banks all over Lebanon (Ashrafieh).

Temporary homes for visitors or students (Hamra).

Exchange for change (Hamra).

“Maxime’s Spaces for Events and Occasions”, in beautiful Arabic typing. (Sadat Street).

Some signs are telling of this multilungual society (Sodeco).

“Housing Bank”, in bright Arabic letters (Hamra).

Hotel by the Mediterranean sea, perfect for summer visits (across from Corniche El Manara).

Aged words as old as a city (Gemmayzeh).

These brown signs make an appearance frequently in front of churches (Gemmayzeh).

“Leila’s coffee” restaurant–perfect for a quick bite (Verdun)

Go-to eatery, with locations all over Lebanon, an affordable favorite (Kaslik).

Busy street corners full of signs, mirroring the business of the people in Beirut (Mar Mikhael).

The constant creation of new concrete and steel (Hamra).




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