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I “feel I should have the same rights as many enjoy”?

Why and for what purpose?

At the clanish level, community, district, national level?

As in the community of “humans” or in the category of “Homo Sapiens“?

Suppose you have been living for many years in a town, a community. The day of municipal election has “chimed” and there are a few unusual activities around you.

You are a very valued person in that town because of a particular profession, a handyman, an artisan… that allow you to visit most houses, connect with the family members, the visitors…

And you ended up knowing more of the town and decisions taken and activities that failed to materialize… from the families, directly or indirectly.

And people are flocking to the urnes to vote, for clannish reason, monetary incentives, promises given and promises received to be extended after election…or to flaunt your importance (Rakkiz Tarboush), kind of reminding the community that you are One of them and a very valued person outside the community…

And you know that most of these voters never cared about the town, the community for all these years. They don’t know the names of the members of the council, of the mayor even.

Not a single member of the municipal council ever visited you during the tenure of the municipality and you never cared to visit any one of them or ask pertinent questions.

But you know all of the members of the council, by name and in person and you extended valuable contribution, personally, to the house, to the municipality institution…

For some reasons you are Not in the list of people “permitted” to vote. You are Not from the town, from the country, from the Caste System ruling the community, the level of education…

How would you “feel”?

Just feeling others should Not be eligible to vote because they are unaware of the candidates, the needs of the town, Not living there… and you feel you are more eligible to cast your vote…

Is this feeling a valid ground to demand your “right” to vote?

This is one of the dozens of cases where you feel that your rights were thwarted as an eligible person to be considered at par with others.

Genders rights, “Race” rights, marriage rights, civil rights, human rights…

Forward you “feeling” of robbed rights and develop your basis on your feelings, activities, values… in each case.




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