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A few countries to split into smaller ever more dependent States on Western dictates?

And why all these vast States to be divided up have to be in North Africa and the Middle-East?

This ROBIN WRIGHT “would love to be” military general, disguised as an Analyst (of what?), has forgot to try her pencil drawing more boundaries on the other vaster States such as Algeria, Mali, Chad, Sudan, Congo, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Egypt,.. All of them with arbitrary borders drawn by the colonial powers of France, England, Italy…

Kids receiving suggestions from the Strategic Club to disseminate long-term wishes and desires to keep the Middle-East unstable…?

How 5 Countries Could Become 14

ROBIN WRIGHT posted this analysis in the NYT Sunday Review this Sept. 28, 2013

Slowly, the map of the Middle East could be redrawn. Read related article »


In the simplest of several possibilities, northern Kurds join the Syrian Kurds. Many central areas, dominated by Sunnis, join Syria’s Sunnis.

And the south becomes Shiitestan. It’s not likely to be so clean.

In a more powerful twist, all or part of South Yemen could become part of Saudi Arabia.

Nearly all Saudi commerce is via sea, and direct access to the Arabian Sea would diminish dependence on the Persian Gulf — and fears of Iran’s ability to cut off the Strait of Hormuz.


The poorest Arab country could break (again) into two pieces following a potential referendum in South Yemen on independence.


As a result of powerful tribal and regional rivalries, Libya could break into its two historic parts — Tripolitania and Cyrenaica — and

possibly a third Fezzan state

in the southwest.


Long term, Saudi Arabia faces its own (suppressed) internal divisions that could surface as power shifts to the next generation of princes.

The kingdom’s unity is further threatened by tribal differences, the Sunni-Shiite divide and economic challenges.

It could break into the 5 regions that preceded the modern state.


Sectarian and ethnic rivalries could break it into at least three pieces:

1. Alawites, a minority that has controlled Syria for decades, dominate a coastal corridor.

2. A Syrian Kurdistan could break off and eventually merge with the Kurds of Iraq.

3. The Sunni heartland secedes and then may combine with provinces in Iraq to form Sunnistan.

And guess what, this lunatic “military would be general” ROBIN WRIGHT would love to re-establish City-States as in antiquity: the dots represent the possible city-states…

And so Lebanon is absorbed into Alawistan? And the Sunnis in Lebanon should be transferred to Syria Sunnistan?

I thought the Syrian Sunnis have already be transplanted in Lebanon…

This Map is to be redrawn by a professional “analyst” who knows the Middle-East.

Robin could have named the new partitions by their ancient names such as Chaldea, Akkad, Babylon, Ashur, Canaan, Phoenicia... just to fool the readers that she knows something about the history of this corner of the world.

Mind you that Libya is already divided up into de-facto 3 “self autonomous” States, pending the UN approval…

Note 1:  Andrew Bossone offered other perspectives:

“ROBIN WRIGHT claims to be “rethinking” the map of the middle east to reflect facts on the ground, but her fantasy map is completely unrelated to said facts and actually betrays a deep lack of knowledge about the region….

This offensively non creative naming of all these regions with a “-stan” suffix, which isn’t Arabic but an indo-persian language feature.

Hey, we’re all brown and violent, so what’s the difference, right?”

“The title given to this article had me hoping this was an interactive game where we could play as Western imperialists and redraw the boundaries of the Middle East.”

“Oh look they even picked out national capitals in case you were worried about the noble nation of North Arabia having to do that for themselves.”

“Any worse than sticking to the arbitrary post-Ottoman colonial cookie cutter?”

“Literally sticking -stan on every single word for the love of god.”

“Wow. just wow. those names couldn’t get any more cliche than this.  Wahabistan? Freaking sunnistan?

And how on earth we should believe that Saudi Arabia would let its eastern region (where most of its oil is) become its own Eastern Arabia state?

And how in hell would the southern part of Yemen become part of Saudi Arabia when the Saudi gov. has a long history of supporting Northern Yemen and even supported it over the South in 90s?

I still cant’t get over sunnistan wallahi, like did she just shove most of the Sunni-Syrian population and Duruz in ‘Alwaistan?’”




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