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I like to add the elite classes of economists, mathematicians, and scientists to the big hoax of “the market”.  Let me explain what is meant by the market and you might draw your conclusion on the indirect supporters and followers of the financial multinational institutions.

So far, the market hoax is used by politicians, economists, traders, and journalists as their guiding rod to explaining this “complex” crisis and to discharge their responsibilities for engaging in serious reforms for the financial and economic structures and laws.

They think that they can resume living comfortably spreading this all-powerful and insiduous hoax “the market” as a scapegoat to the difficulties in adjusting and re-establishing economic stability and equitable negotiations.  For them, “The market” is the spouse of growth and development.  Is growth asking for divorce because the economic growth is at zero level?  Is development undergoing a free fall and about to reaching bottom?

Never mind.  “The market” will find substitute wives in no time; a totally neutral spouse, an impotent government, ever ready to infuse the financial market with fictitious liquid money to keeping internal trade in a state of inflation and faked growth.  (Do you know the Federal government, via the CIA, is involved in encouraging the printing of faked “super $100 bills” dumped in Asia?) Another choice for spouse is to go global and sucker the pocket of people in other nations.

All the supporting organizations of “The market”, paid and funded by multinational financial institutions (private and public), blame any failure to the “closing” of borders for free trade and not enough open air, open sea, open tariffs to dumping subsidized products and services.  They put the blame the bloated numbers of redundant employees, to the high cost of retaining human workers, to the challenges of syndicates for equitable negotiations, to the high tariffs of other developing States (never the developed States) in order to safeguarding their internal productivity and enlarging their industrial base.

Thus, impotent governments opted for “The market” to decide for them and just take seats among the audience watching the evolution and fluctuation of “The market”.  The supporters of free trade and open market claim that for world growth and development to get moving then, every State has got to jump on the bandwagon and affront the challenges of the superpower subsidized economies and political pressures.  Other wise, you might as well get crushed to pulp.

“The market” is described in terms of sports activities or global war:  Attack, counter-attack, preemptive engagement, assault, strength, pulverizing records, crushing opponents, team spirit, challenges, aggressive take-over… “The market” is given the good connotation of liberty, freedom, energy, efficacy, dynamism, ambition…

Is the sky darkening?  Is thunderstorms chasing women and children to makeshift refuge?  The financial traders are courageous and standing firm (like rocks) under their fiscal golden umbrella and ready to bang at the doors of governments, demanding to hand over the surpluses in sovereign savings.

The bright graduates in economics, math, sciences, and lawyers are hired by the multinational financial institutions as technocrats.  Those technocrats are to find math models, tests them for “bright” new ideas of the “high priests tapping into fundamental products like fresh potable water sources and clean air to be traded on the world market.  Those technocrats might be upgraded in the higher echelons as they demonstrate willingness to amoral attitudes and behaviors toward the suffering people.

The lower grade graduates serve as expert to environmentalists and “green” enterprises to proving to the sorts of Bush Jr that the climate is changing, that water sources are heavily polluted, that erosion is gaining grounds…  The impotent governments lack the needed technocrats to challenging the financial multinationals and suggesting the needed reforms for a sustainable world.

So far, as long as the economists, mathematicians, scientists, and lawyers are not getting involved into other branches but financial businesses then, I can confidently categorize them as hoax professionals.




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