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Communication technology activists: The challenge to the Syrians secret services

The Irish NGO Frontline, located in Jordan, trained Syrian activists on how to erase data at long distance, secretly exchanging e-mails, and saving sensible database (videos, pictures…). 

For example, the Iranians have provided the Syrian security forces GSM antennas that can expand (balloon) the reach of signals and thus, capture the coordinates of anyone using performing satellite mobiles.

Fidaa al-Sayed, communication Syrian specialist and activist, located in Sweden, countered that breach in security by asking his “operators” on the ground to shut down automatic mode and using solely the manual mode.

Since March 15, If you are caught in Syria publishing images and videos on YouTubes or sending videos to Al-Jazeera channel, you are more likely to be beaten silly or killed in prison.

Transmitting, emitting news from Syria is resembling to activities engaged in Radio London during the occupation of Nazi Germany to France.

Usama Monajed, 31 of age and residing in London since 2005, is one of the precursors for clandestinely supplying communication equipments into Syria.  Usuma had assimilated the “non-violence tactics” of Gene Sharp.  Usama held seminars on communication technologies to Syrian activists, able to visit Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon without visas.

The sophisticated equipments included satellite modems, smartphones, and portable computer. Usama manages the network “Shaam News”, a site based in the USA and functioning since February, three weeks before the start of the Syrian uprising on March 15.

On March 15, 2011, two dozens of young activists demonstrated in the Souk of Damascus, by the Great Mosque.  They shouted: “Syrians, where are you?”  They shot a video of their demonstration that made the tour of foreign news media.  All these youth were detained, and not a single one has emerged from prison since then.

The Syrian regime tactics are to close-off a city, cut electricity and internet connections.  In Daraa, the activists recharged their mobiles using electric generators: They filmed the repression, particularly the beating to death of marchers by the security services, the “Mukhabarat”.  The activists vacated Daraa in the night, walked to nearby villages by the borders with Jordan, and remitted their communication equipments to their contacts.  The videos were transmitted on Al Jazeera.

The “authorities” or the 4th brigade of Maher Al Assad, brother of Bashar, ordered a few neighborhoods to either hand-over the activists or face occupation.  The neighborhoods opted for the second alternative. Maher Al Assad is on top of the wanted list for crimes against humanity.

Amrou is a Syrian activists residing in Paris.  He is 29 of age and has been transmitting live videos to Al Jazeera.  Amrou had smuggled to the activists in Banias quality communication equipments and explained to them how to use the software Bambuster. Bambuster can transmit high quality images directly from a phone. On Skype, the operator in Banias relayed the news: “It is done.  He is on the roof. The manifestation is starting.”  Amrou calls his contact in Al Jazeera in Doha and tells him: “All is in place”.  Three seconds later the live video is on TV stations.

The operator on the ground has to cut filming within 30 minutes, lest he is localized by the Syrian communication specialists to the regime.  Amrou prefers the Iridium satellite phone instead of Thuraya, because it is far secure.   Amrou suggests to his operators to use the software YouSendIT to post on YouTubes: It leaves “no trace on your portable computer.”

The Syrian activist Firas Atassi, residing in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), is in charge of the “communicators” in Homs.  Ammar Abdulhamid of Silver Spring (USA) is managing the activists in Damascus. Syrian communication leaders overseas are centered in Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Australia; every where there are heavy Syrian immigrants.

Note 1:  Since March 15, over 15,000 Syrians have gone throught the prisons revolving doors, after suffering harsh and savage torture.  More than a thousands have been assassinated, even within the prisons.  Bashar Al Assad has called upon the retired old guards in the secret and intelligence services to join in the efforts of taming the revolts.  Most probably, things are getting out of hand and Bashar has to pay for not demonstrating firm control over his brutish oligarchies.

Note 2: Most of these information were taken from the French weekly “Le Nouvel Observateur”




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