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The Mouth: First defensive line for well-being

In a previous article I expounded on The Intestine: Your second brain.  Care for the good bacteria

Everything that we eat comes from living organisms.

And every living species (including plants) in nature is constituted of sugary molecules, amino acids (called proteins) and lipids (fats).

Are you suffering lactose intolerance, quick cycles of losing and gaining weight , lesions on your thighs, face and other parts of your body that don’t heal, bad breath, gastroenteritis and a whole bunch of health problem?

You are Not taking good care of the good bacteria in your intestine and mouth.
Beware of antibiotics that kill the good and bad germs equally well.

I recommend to read “Le charme discret de l’intestin” by Giulia Enders.
Mind you that the intestine is the second brain.

To reduce the # of bad bacteria in fruits, vegetable, and in the kitchen:
1. Dilute the fruits and vegetable
2. Let all Dry up (food, kitchen utensils, cleaning sponges…)
3. Regulate temperature to cold level (Below 5 degree) occasionally in the house during the year
4. Clean the surfaces from fatty films with just water
5. Let a few iodine crystal evaporate in kitchen and rooms
6. Rub your body with odorless bacteria

Anti-biotic (kills the good and bad bacteria) are produced by intensive growth of particular bacteria in huge water containers:  antibiotics are generated bacteria

Pre-biotic (Before life bacteria) are good bacteria found in artichaut, asperges, andive, green banana, topinambour, ail, onion, poireau, panais, salsifis, seigle, avoine…

Pro-biotic (For life) are good bacteria like bifido and lactobacils

To get rid of body odors, rub the body with a lotion of odorless bacteria that repel stinky bacteria

No need to use soap when taking showers: Plain water is totally enough and keep a thin film of fat on the skin to trap the offensive bacteria
Usage of soap worsen the defenses of the skin.

Brush your teeth right before going to bed: Since you don’t salivate during your sleep,  a brushing and swallowing a cup of water will eliminate most of the bad bacteria.

Mind you that saliva is a filtered blood and contains ionized calcium, hormones, antibiotics of the immune system, a potent kind of morphine (opiorphine) which has also anti-depressive properties

Brush after you wake up: this brushing will initiate the salivating process for the day to kill bad bacteria.

I brush with vinegar and add a tiny amount of bicarbonate. If vinegar and bicarbonate are the main ingredients for cleaning, they should clean the teeth too and eliminate huge amount of bad bacteria and reduce gases.
The various kinds of amygdala in the esophagus recognize the bad bacteria, trap them and attack them.

Note 1: I have this hypothesis:
If you wear eye glasses designed to keep the eyes humid, you’ll save many hours of fatigue and exhaustion during your working day

Note 2: In one hour, our organs consume 100 Watts bulb
We salivate about one litter a day
The total surface of our small intestine is 7 km long





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