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Forcing face-to-face negotiations with extremist factions are bearing fruits

Question: Can you resume fighting, with the same abstract zeal, after you were squarely militarily defeated, surrendered and negotiated for your life and potential freedom?

Facts on the ground are proving that after surrender negotiation you become more reflective on your previous behavior and start a respectful communication with your previous hated enemy.

USA/Israel strategy and purpose is to maintain this abstract hatred within the extremist factions and prevent any face-to-face communication and negotiations. Iran discovered this evil strategy and worked to counter it.

USA/Israel are scared shit of Iran because it demonstrated the determined capacity to sustain long-term strategies against current obstacles and sustained campaign of “denigrement” (heaping on them all kinds of evil behavior)

Iran has infused to Hezbollah of Lebanon, the Syrian army and Russia this patient capacity to sustain long-term strategy consequences against short-term impatient reactions that the world community is pressuring them to behave accordingly.

USA/Israel can plan for the long-term, but their arrogance in the last 3 decades robbed them from the capacity to sustain any long-term planning with any consistency to destabilizing the Middle-East.

The Syrian regime negotiated countless agreements with extremist factions, after they were militarily and economically cornered, to transfer to the province of Edleb (north-west province of Syria bordering Turkey) and secure its internal security and start the reconstruction.

Hezbollah of Lebanon defeated Al Nusra in the eastern mountain chains of Lebanon (Jroud Ersaal) and negotiated with 1,000 fighters, and 7,000 other extremist supporters, to move to Edlib with their families.

The same happened with Daesh on Lebanon borders (Jroud Al Qaa3) and negotiations allowed 300 fighters to transfer with their families to the border city with Iraq of Boukamal.

USA expressed its ire with this negotiation that it bombed the bridge on the way to prevent the convoy to resume its transfer across the eastern desert stretch in the Euphrates.

In all these negotiations, Syria agreed upon them and provided the necessary buses to accomplish the transfer across her territory.

In the Edleb province, those factions that were allowed to transfer are putting the pressure on the “original” Al Nusra faction to ease up on its control and restrictions on the daily life of the people.

Eventually, with sustained period of peace, Al Nusra there will eventually sit down for meaningful political settlement with Syria administration. Regardless of Turkey refusal, but simply because the people got used to a peaceful life and refuse to resume this mindless war.

Additionally, the Syrian army and its allies are barely finding mush stubborn Daesh fighters’ resistance in their advances. Daesh fighters, when receiving order from their leaders in Raqq to resist, prefer to flee to neighboring towns, hoping that their eventual surrender to Syria Army will save their families from extermination.

Iraq, under the influence of USA, refrained to open channels of communications with Daesh (ISIS) and its victories and liberation of towns and cities resulted in countless casualties on both sides.

It is Not realistic to believe that military victories can eradicate the latent extremist abstract ideology.

While Syria and Lebanon managed to open lines of communications with extremist factions and secure the long-term appeasement of these factions, Iraq may still frequently face reactions of terrorist suicide attacks from Daesh for many years to come.

Note: On August 28, 2017, Lebanon celebrated its Second Liberation Day from concentrations of terrorist factions on all its borders. It can boast to be the first State of achieving this result, with enormous engagement of Hezbollah resistance forces and the Syrian army.

The First Liberation Day is on May 24, 2000 when Israel withdrew unilaterally from south Lebanon without any negotiation after 27 years of occupation since 1982. Israel suffered huge casualties by the Lebanese resistance forces






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