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Winter is catching up on the fleeing refugees:

In November, 135,000 flocked to the borders and they were mostly children and women blocked on borders

They’re fleeing terror… running from violence just as vicious as the attacks that have shaken Paris, Beirut, and Bamako.

Yet they risk becoming tragic scapegoats unless we act now.

More than ever, thousands of women, men, and children are arriving at Europe’s doorstep — hungry, exhausted, sick

Only hoping that someone soon will just open one door, and the nightmare they’re fleeing from will be over.

But harsh weather is setting in, and the prospect of a chilling winter of death isn’t moving governments to act.

On the contrary, they’re building more and bigger fences to keep refugees out.

Now we, people, remain the key source of hope for those trapped by Europe’s shameful walls.

From the Slovenian forests to the Greek Islands, to the streets of London and Berlin, teachers, fishermen, pensioners and the young, including many Avaaz members, have stepped in to throw a lifeline to tens of thousands of refugees —

the unsung heroes of this unfolding tragedy.

And over the last 5 months, our community has funded private rescue operations at sea that have saved thousands of lives, set up a project that has seen thousands of Avaazers offer assistance, and even homes, to people fleeing war.

We also built a 1.2 million strong campaign, which helped push world leaders to offer sanctuary to hundreds of thousands.

Now the recent attacks have made this a much harder battle. But this is what we can do if we raise enough:

  • Help the UN Refugee Agency provide the buses and vans needed to offer transport and protection to thousands of the most vulnerable refugees stranded along Europe’s borders, and take them from arrival points and no man´s land to safe reception or transit centres.
  • Launch a targeted campaign to ensure Greece provides safe and legal access to refugees through the land border as the best way of stopping the drownings.
  • Ramp up the pressure on EU governments to ensure they immediately deliver on, and scale up, their promise to relocate and host refugees across Europe.
  • Run nimble campaign actions to counter fear-mongering and hatred against refugees.




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