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Hezbollah: Prime gold goose for Rotten Lebanese sectarian leaders

Let’s consider for a minute that the military wing of Hezbollah does no longer exists in Lebanon.

What would the rotten thieves and sectarian leaders in Lebanon still be talking and commenting to the Lebanese “citizens”?

1. If Israel expresses its utter displeasure of the constant criticism of Lebanese medias toward this theocratical and apartheid State, and for Israel to abide by all UN resolutions concerning vacating occupied lands in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine…would the government in Lebanon impose self-censure on the media not to respond? On the basis that the Lebanese army is not prepared to oppose any nth Israel invasion?

2. Would the other religious sects leaders desist from amassing arms? No chance.

We had two official civil wars and several unofficially recognized, and all our civil wars objectives were for one religious sect to gain more power and privileges.

3. Would Hezbollah stop being the main social and political weight in Lebanon politics? I think not. The Shiaa represent more than 50% of the population.

4. Would Iran stop being a political presence in Lebanon? I think not.

5. Would Syria stop being the main political presence in Lebanon? I think not.

6. Would the world dignitaries and political leaders keep visiting Lebanon as they are doing now? I think not.

Actually, most of the orders from superpower States are sent by SMS to the sectarian leaders, and barely third secretaries will get the trouble to visit Lebanon…

7. Would the sectarian and trade comprador leaders start focusing on the needs and wants of the Lebanese? I think not. Lebanon is a set of monopolies distributed to each sectarian leader and his financial associates.

8. Would electricity be provided? I think not.

Even yesterday, the billionaire Mikati PM has declined the electricity project approved by two governments, simply because he received a project that suits his personal interest…

9. Would potable water flow in our pipes? I think not.

10. Would rotten meat, fish, and outdated imported products stop entering our supermarket and restaurants? I think not.

11. Would the foreign “helpers” imprisoned for invalid papers be treated humanly and not kept in jail for two years...?

12. Would women accede to the same legal rights as men? Not without a prolonged fight.

13. Would our election laws be reformed toward equitable, just, and fair criteria? I think not.

Shall I go on?

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