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Are you claiming to be an artist or natural scientist? 

If you have never shown any interest or curiosity in the inner structure and functions of any living organism (plants, insects, animals or human body), then refrain from claiming to be an artist, painter, sculptor…or natural scientists.

Otherwise, what you are doing or designing is pure fiction of your imagination.

If occasionally one of your works or designs come close to match the natural reality, it must be by coincidence or a hidden knowledge that you failed to remember from your observations and curious spirit.

Even being a professional surgeon or in the medical field or in biology… is Not a sufficient condition to turn toward art if what you are doing is purely from a professional perspective.

Unless you have this longing to discover “what is life“and “what is death” in order to express the artistic feeling in your projects and designs.

The artist must have one of the senses sharper and more acute than normal people. He feels the need to express what others are oblivious to.

In order to express what he observes and notices, the artist must acquire the basic tools of the trade: essentially, investing these 10,000 hours on his trade to sharpen his talent.

The artist has to return to this humble state of an assistance and doing maintenance tasks in the work art place before he is permitted to do some touching to the works of his master.

The modern urgency for emancipation of the artist is nefarious to the art: emancipation and liberty of expression must intervene at the end of the formative period and never at the beginning.

Liberty has no value unless we feel that we have invested the necessary effort to liberate ourselves from the state of servitude.

Mostly, the artist must have acquired a wide comprehensive education, in schools and personal continuing education, regarding the various cultural backgrounds in humanities to express this urge that reflects a convergence of civilizations in various forms and means. Otherwise, how could an artist express anything of value?

Great masterpieces are the result of modest aspiration: the rank of ambition should never precede the work in progress. Ambition grows with the work as the little details take form from inspiration.

As mankind evolved and communicated his idea and cultures, spread and disseminated knowledge and varieties of arts, it is normal to admit that many factors came into play to influencing approaches to arts, perspectives, purpose of art, utility and personalization of artistic works.

Trying to take definite positions on the driving force in enhancing arts cannot be correct, but the discussion is nonetheless interesting and informative.

What is the critical influence, the core or origin of artistic impulses?

I tend to conjecture that the main catalyst was this drive for individual discrimination from the masses, the common culture, the predominant social environment, and  customs.

My conjecture is that as man evolved, and realized that he is more endowed than the surrounding animals, he got very frustrated that he also is to die like any other animal.

Worse, certain animals lived far longer than he did.  This discovery was not comforting.

Since we all have to die… my death has to be different” was the conclusion of mankind.  How different?

This is where imagination and art come into existence.

Art is an individual signature, no matter how it is influenced by external forces, and no matter how society would like to view artistic productions.

It is unfortunate that education systems are cutting down on artistic programs and courses and depriving students and children the opportunities to discovering their talents, passions, and potentials.

Note 1: The first part was inspired by the essay of Thomas Mann on “Goethe and Tolstoy”

Note 2: What use is of Art




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