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Lebanese Billionaires with account in Switzerland and Not able to withdraw a cent?

From Wikileaks?
Note that our Parliament chief, Nabih Berry, his wife and his son have accumulated $15 bn. Former Prime minister Fouad Seniora deposited over $9 bn in less than 4 years after Not recording in the Central Bank $11 bn from foreign loans received . Former Prime minister Najib and his brother Taha Mikati $16 bn. Our central bank chief Riyad Salameh deposited $5 bn, our former President Michel Sulaiman $2 bn…
And not counting the hundreds of politicians and deputies who hoarded in the millions

لائحة إسمية بالمسؤولين اللبنانيين الذين لديهم حسابات مجمّدة في البنوك السويسرية ، الغير قادرين على سحب دولار واحد منها بتعليمات من الإدارة الأميركية(المصدر ويكيلكس)

١-فؤاد السنيورة ٩.١ مليار دولار
٢- نجيب ميقاتي٧.٨ مليار دولار
٣-طه ميقاتي ٦.٨ مليار دولار

٤-نبيه برّي ٦.٣ مليار دولار
٥-ميشال المر ٥.٩ مليار دولار
٦- سعدالدين الحريري ٥.٩ مليار دولار
٧-رندا بري ٥.٧ مليار دولار
٨-رياض سلامة ٥ مليار دولار

٩-وليد جنبلاط ٤.٦ مليار دولار
١٠- الياس المر ٣.٦ مليار دولار
١١-عبدالله بري ٢ مليار دولار

١٢ ميشال سليمان ٢ مليار دولار
١٣- نقولا فتوش ١.٩ مليار دولار
١٤- فؤاد مخزومي ١.٩ مليار دولار
١٥- مريام سكاف ١.٦ مليار دولار.

بالإضافة إلى مئات الأسماء التي رصيدها يتراوح بين نص مليار دولار صعودا حتى مليار دولار. وهناك المئات أيضا أموالهم مودعة في البنوك الأميركية والفرنسية ستصدر لائحة بأغلبيتهم تباعاً

للأسف هذا لبنان وهؤلاء زعمائه.ويجب على الشعب اللبناني أن يعرف أين مقدرات البلاد.
عاش الزعماء ….مات الشعب
سرق الزعماء….افتقر الشعب

Lebanon National Debt: A rough computation?

Note: this article was published in 2013 and nothing changed but the amount of debt that ballooned from barely $9 bn in 1993 to $90 bn (or 130% of Lebanon GDP. Same as in Greece). A third of the budget goes to repaying the interset on the debt

As clear as water….thank you George Sabat !
The story of the Lebanese National debt is simple to tell to the uninitiated citizen who cannot understand how a small country like Lebanon could have built a $60 billion (reached 90 this year of 2018) debt in the short space of 20 years.
It starts with an initial budget deficit of some $2 billion of Lebanese Budget in 1993 to which one ought to add the entire civil war reconstruction cost that amounted to some $7 billion as declared officially and detailed by the Authorities in their famous book: “Rebuilding Lebanon”.
From this initial debt of some $9 billion that has never been repaid, one ought to add the accumulated compound interest at the end of every year.
Of course the table shown below is not the authentic one that appears in the Government Accounts but, for the uninitiated, it explains clearly enough how this Debt has grown from an initial amount of nine billion US dollars in 1993 to reach today over sixty billion US dollars.
The Authorities will never explain to you such matters so simply.
They will use a lot of complicated and obscure terms and definitions to keep you in the dark over a matter which is, after all, frighteningly simple.
The people of Lebanon, represented by their government (that is you and me and four and a half million other Lebanese citizens) borrowed in 1993 some two billion US dollars, then another seven billion US dollars to pay for the reconstruction.
The rest, or some $53.5 billion is the amount of interest paid to bankers and foreign depositors over the past twenty years. That’s all folks.
Note 1: The late Rafic Hariri PM clan (known as the Future movement, Al Moustakbal) pread the word to its close friends to deposit their wealth at 18% interest rate and each one of them reaped millions in 3 years.
Most of the borrowed money were distributed to the militia/mafia leaders who kept running the country after the war. No political party won the war, but the militia leaders stayed in power and were absolved of all the killing and mischief against humanity they committed during the war
Note 2: After the assassination of Rafic Hariri in 2004, his wealth amounted to $14 bn  (from barely $2 bn when he first became Prime Minister with the total support of the Syrian regime of Hafez and then his son Bashar Assad) and his family members paid just a single million as taxes to the government run by his protegee’ Fouad Seniora PM
Note 3: It is common knowledge that Rafic gave his first wife to the Saudi Monarch Fahd to marry.
Note 4: Lebanon has since been begging borrowed money for no economic reasons, and the loaners didn’t mind to raise Lebanon national debt to $90 bn (130% of its GDP). Obviously, those loans are meant to take Lebanon hostage for later deals related to regional situation and giving the Palestinian refugees the nationality.
Note 5: More than a third of the population are in the public sector and most of them don’t even show up to work and receive another third of the budget.

Why Israel begged for an immediate cease fire in its preemptive July War of 2006?

If you want to know the context of the July War that lasted 33 days, you may read the Note first.

Hassan Nasr Allah, Hezbollah Secretary General, gave an extensive interview to Ghassan Ben Jeddo on the channel Al Mayadeen, a day before the car bombing of Bir Al Abed that harvested 26 killed and over 270 injured.
In that interview, corresponding to the anniversary of the cease fire of Israel preemptive war on Lebanon in 2006, Nasr Allah explained:
“In the first 29 days of the war, Bush Jr. and his administration vouched that this war will not end until Hezbollah is wiped out or decide to turn over all its weapons…”
On day 30, Israel sent messages that it is ready to consider a cease fire, but preferred to play coy and insisted on the preconditions:
1. The UN peace keeping forces should be increased to 15,000 instead of the present 2,000 soldiers
2. No Lebanese southern refugees (about 400,000) will be denied the right to return until the 15,000 UN force has arrived. It was estimated that this UN force to assemble will take 5 months to be ready to be deployed.
3. Hezbollah military forces will vacate behind the Litany River and be substituted with the Lebanese regular army…
Hezbollah refused, and its missiles kept showering the Israeli settlements and reaching far inside Israel. About over 600,000 Israelis fled their settlements.
On day 31, Israel ambassador to the UN woke up Qatar ambassador Hamad at 3 am and begged him to do his best to arrange for an immediate cease fire.
US ambassador George Bolton insisted on Hamad to do his best effort for this most urgent demand, claiming that their friend Israel have begged Bush Jr. to desist and accept a cease fire.
(Mind you that Bolton is the one who ironically asked the Arab ambassadors to the UN to take their yearly vacation since this war is going to last…)
At the first meeting of Hamad with Nasr Allah, the main question on his mind was:
What happened for Israel to drop all its preconditions and beg for a cease fire?”
Nasr Allah gave his own interpretation:
Israel has used up all its tactical and strategic means to conduct successful operations within Lebanon.
1. Israel air force bombed everything and even all Lebanon infrastructure, electrical power centers, bridges and production facilities… and yet, Hezbollah missiles increased in numbers, in reach and in accuracy within Israel…
2. Israel navy suffered direct hits and casualty and was taken out of further coordinating operations
3. The many land operations were disastrous and the most modern Merkava tanks were not match to the Cornet missiles
4. Israel failed to hold on any small village during the previous days, even those on the borders. Israeli troops would show up in the morning and retreat in the evening…
5. The last major incursion to reach the Litany River, 6 km away from Israel, the supposed dividing line for a cease fire, was a total fiasco: Over 150 tanks were destroyed and hundred officers and soldiers were left on the field of operation…
Israel thought out one last shot, a night operation: Israel realized that Hezbollah never tried to shoot down any helicopter at night and assumed that Hezbollah lacks night facilities and gears.
And consequently, on the 30th night, Israel dispatch a helicopter carrying 5 officers to prepare the ground for the night operation and landing.
A Cornet missile shot down the helicopter and the 5 officers died. (Cornet missiles are meant to target tanks)
And Israel lost every hope for any meaningful operation in this war. Israel was to be on the receiving end of Hezbollah missiles for any additional day that this war last. Hezbollah was launching over 300 missiles every day and reaching far away strategic installations within Israel.
Nasr Allah confirmed that Hezbollah had missiles that could reach Tel Aviv if Israel refused to take his warning seriously by bombing Beirut.  And Israel refrained from bombing the Capital Beirut because it believed the words of Nasr Allah.
On the last minutes before the cease fire took effect, Hezbollah had the last word and showered Israel with hundreds of missiles.
And why the Lebanese government delayed its response to the Resolution 1701 with devastating consequences?
Note: War in context.
On July 12, Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers on the borders. Hezbollah has been Warning Israel and the Lebanese authorities that it will kidnap soldiers to swap with Lebanese prisoners in Israel.
Israel had already conducted prisoner swaps before with Hezbollah under German hospices, and it was to be business as usual this time around. Two difficulties emerged:
1. A tank arrived on the scene and was destroyed by a land mine, killing all its crew
2. Bush Jr. and Saudi Arabia were totally upset with Hezbollah successes, and pressured Israel to launch a total preemptive war.
A preemptive war was already programmed and planned for late September, and Israel was not ready for an earlier war.  Israel Chief of Staff Halutz promised his government a swift air strike that would put Hezbollah on its knees within two days.
Three days and nights of intensive airstrikes didn’t prevent Hezbollah from delivering hundreds of missiles within Israel.
Israel Foreign Minister Livni asked the government to stop the war since the Jews in the settlements were fleeing en mass and Israel had no experience with these internal problems due to Israelis taking refuge elsewhere. And the settlement had no underground refuge or bunkers for these kinds of wars.
Bush Jr. and his administration would not listen to Israeli dilemma and insisted on the resumption of total war until Hezbollah is wiped out…




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