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Is the “idealistic open sources” wave still going strong?

In 1996, the Internet pioneer John Perry Barlow wrote the manifest:

” Government of the industrialized world, giants of fatigued flesh and steel, I come from the cyberspace, the new comer in the motherhood of spirit. In the name of the future, I demand of the representatives of the past, to leave us in peace.  You are not welcomed among us.  You have no power wherever we gather…Our world is different. Cyberspace is weaved in relationships, exchange, and pure spirit.  Our world is everywhere and nowhere.  Matter does not exist in cyberspace.”

There was a wave of global democracy, of virtual civil society, newer social guidelines, no indigenous people would be chased out of their lands. The new kingdom is virtual:  users would not be discriminated on genders, race, ethnic, languages, boundaries, physical handicap or deformities…

The slogan was “Another world is possible” to be built piece by piece within cyberspace. The new world order was not to be addressed to consumers:  Thus, this trend of open sources, based on the premises of free programs and liberal usage of inventions, was to set the foundation for a counter-capitalist model.

Actually, internet and social platforms would not have been possible before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

The two superpowers of the US and the Soviet Union would never open the vaults of cutting-edge research, saved in the military coffers.  The two powers didn’t feel confident that their citizens would not diffuse and disseminate valuable “secrets” for world domination.

By the by, mercantilism accompanied internet development and discovered many ways of making easy and quick money.  The international financial companies and institutions would set the stage for world domination, reaping the material wealth inherent in cyberspace.

The class of virtual impassioned individuals, hanging tight to their individual liberty to create new programs and internet systems, generated a climate of economic liberalism, which was supported by powerful developed political structures biased to the rich classes, reversed the social acquisitions of decades of struggle by the common people and syndicates.

The wave of revolts against consumerism and capitalist manipulation and exploitation is still going strong.

Social platforms and new technologies are empowering common people to communicate and exchange opinions fast and efficiently.  The explosive leaking of secret documents on WikiLeaks is one striking example. Or the exchange of pirated copies…

Powerful institutions, among them financial institutions, governments, the military, and police forces are making the best of these technologies: Basically, mining all kinds of data and pieces of intelligence to controlling the behavior of the masses.

The fusion of the parallel virtual world or its integration with the world of reality has changed the premises.

This augmented reality is supplementing the controlling organisms with far more effective means of control and implicit power.  There is this inexorable trend of massive diffusion of interconnectivity among space (environment), objects, and subjects.

The possibility of interacting with anyone and everywhere in real-time is within the realm of new inventions like “smart dust“, these nano particles in technologies, invading our bodies without our consent or knowledge, and miniaturized “wearable computing” devices that permit to localized and identify anyone who dared to post his photo or profile in any social platform…

The new challenge is: “If we are beyond controling the applications of the new sophisticated technologies, and are reduced to renounce comprehending how they functions…sort of technology generating new technologies without the contribution of any scientific model and how to control and manage the complex man-designed systems, shouldn’t the next logical trend be focusing on the ethics, responsibilities, and rational transparency?”

How the modified political systems should be changed to preserving privacy, human rights, and human development indicators?

Note: The current oligarchic regimes exploited the capitalist liberal financial transactions in “open financial markets” to mortgage the wealth of nations to the benefit of the few around the power-to-be political systems, borrowing at usuary interest rates that no one or entity is supposed to be able to pay off.

If these old dictators, known to be sober, lived in this era, they would have inevitably fallen pray to all the temptations of family and close-circle exploitations.




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