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Lyrical song: Sick mother, singer Françoise Hardy, wishing to appease her son

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Françoise Hardy with her farewell song “so many pretty things” to her son Thomas.
Behind the lyrics of the song, hides a sick mother who wishes to appease her son, so well written, so much.

” even if i have to let go of your hand
Without being able to tell you “see you tomorrow”
Nothing will ever break our links
Even if i have to go further
Cutting Bridges, changing trains
Love is stronger than grief
Love that makes our hearts beat
Will sublimate this pain

Turning lead into gold
You have so many beautiful things to live
You’ll see at the end of the tunnel.

Draw a rainbow
And lilas will bloom
You have so many beautiful things in front of you

Even if i see another shore
Whatever you do, whatever happens to you
I’ll be with you like once before

Even if you go adrift
The State of grace, the strong forces
Come back faster than you think
In the space that binds the sky and the earth
Is hiding the greatest mystery

Like the mist hiding the dawn
There are so many beautiful things you don’t know
The faith that brings down mountains

The White Spring in your soul
Think about it when you fall asleep
Love is stronger than death

In the time that binds heaven and earth
Hides the most beautiful mysteries

Think about it when you fall asleep.
Love is stronger than death.”

This is just for you.

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