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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 77

J’ aurais donne beaucoup pur voir une range’ de policiers patrouille’ nos dangereuses rues le long de mon trajet vers l’ ecole. Ca n’arrivait jamais.

For Americans, industry is like a vast lottery, in which a handful of undertakers risk their fortune and lose daily, but the State constantly win. No stigmat to bankruptcy

L’ emancipation est lie’ aux facteurs exterieures (guerres) auquel ont a ete force’ de contribuer

“On veut maintenir notre communaute’ fermee’, impartiale et non discriminatoire”. Jamais un age d’ or pendant lequel les scelerats auraient fait leur besogne tout en la revendiquant haut et fort.

Many in the new generation are living in a shell of self-satisfaction, steering away from anything that the media label “politics”. Soon, politics will catch up with them and reduce them to bewildered and hapless smart-asses.

In the medium-term, for any increase in the rate of dynamic social mobility, two basic requirements are needed:

1. Equal individual rights for voting and participating in decision making wherever you decide to settle in across the State

2. Equal economic and social opportunities in the region you settle in

Jamais je ne considererai le moindre citoyen Americain comme pur.

A chaque fois que je voyais des policiers dans mes rues, je savais que quelque mals se passent

To go on the journey from a place of fear, to begin precisely because there is fear. Not to wait for the fear to go away before you begin

If you gaze long enough into the abyss, it will return your gaze.
It’s Not catastrophes. It’s the way people look and laugh, and run up the steps of omnibus
The library saved me of the attitudes of the talented people and the busy bodies
Les marques des ghettos des Noirs aux USA: l’ abondance d’ instituts de beaute, d’eglises, de Liquor Stores et de maisons delabrees.

The liberation of Western Kalamoun mountain chains from terrorist factions on the eastern Lebanese borders has started. Total coordination among Lebanon and Syrian armies and Hezbollah

“Letter to my son: Une Colere Noire” by Ta-Nehisi Coates (2015). You won’t stop shivering on how the White system fabricated racism to ” dispose” of the Black bodies

Racecraft: the White system design that fabricated the racism illusion to resume the disposition of black bodies and exploitation

You cannot stare that hatred down

You cannot chain the fears that stalks the watches

Even “One single drop of black blood” of your ancestors codifies you as Black in the USA. Same is true for indigenous Indians

Black Panthers: Fred Hampton and Mark Clark assassinated in 1969 in their home by Chicago police

Black Panthers: Assassination of George Jackson in 1971 resulted in Attica prison revolt that was crushed in plenty of blood

Le Passage du milieu de Marcus Garvey: Europe colonial ships bartered merchandise with slaves. Slaves were unloaded in Europe and America and ships reloaded with raw materials.

Les Blancs pensent que l’ humanite est blanche et l’ on menee au bord de l’ oubli.

To have peace, a hybrid human species must be created: No Sex inhibition like the bonobo chimps. When aggressive moods flare up, yalla, hop and everybody is relaxed 

Faire la greve, les marches et les mobilisations pour pouvoir vivre avec les memes droits que tout le monde s’appelle “faire de la politique”, 

On n’apprend jamais rien a un gars en le tuant. Israel et les blancs de USA ne veulent rien apprendre a leurs minorites.

La plupart des Noirs de USA qui pouvaient acheter un billet pour l’ etranger choisissaient Paris pour se sentir libre et ne plus regarder derriere leurs epaules.

Il y a des moments (natural calamities) ou le ciel decide d’ arracher ses plus belles racines de la terre. These moments are becoming far more frequent: we tend to forget that human species played the worst major catalyst.

If our immune system is not given a chance to learn to adapt to the full counter-offensive strategy, the enemy will prevail and the body would need even “stronger antibiotics”.

Two human species: Mothers and the kids (regardless of gender, race, age and level of education)

L’ ultra sionist Emmanuel Macron (France President) sucked Netanyahu behind by saying: « Nous ne céderons rien aux messages de haine, à l’antisionisme parce qu’il est la forme réinventée de l’antisémitisme ».

The BBC sucks: it mentioned that 3 Israeli soldiers were stabbed and failed to report that scores of Palestinians were shot with live bullets, praying outside mosques in Jerusalem and West Bank




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