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Damascus under canon and airplane bombs in 1925: During French mandated power

Note: Re-edit of “In Damascus under the bombs, Year 1925 by Alice Poulleau”  May 19, 2013

In 1925, the French journalist and painter Alice Poulleau finished writing her book “In Damascus under the bombs”, a collection of 3 years of diaries,  and was published in 1926. The book was banned by the French authority in every colony and territories occupied by the French troops. The book was re-published only in 2012.

The Syrians revolted against the French mandated power in 1924-26 and the troops pounded Damascus for 48 hours with heavy artillery shells and air raids. Entire blocks in Damascus were devastated and over 1,500 civilians were killed within 48 hours of insane hatred and arrogance of the occupying troops.

Alice dedicated the book to the mothers in France and Syria who suffer the same afflictions. She blamed the French writers and journalists who never set foot in Syria and never witnessed the calamities and horrible massacres and yet, insisted on diabolizing (devils) the Syrian people, relying solely on the High-Commissariat reports.

The devastation hit the antique and ancient souks of Hamidiyeh, the block of the street of Midhat Pasha, the Via Recta, which was later called “Harika” to being burned to the ground…

It was the French mandated power that incited sectarian passions among the various religious entities in order to divide and rule. The occupation power favored the minorities such as the Christians, the Alawites… in the administrative positions…

Alice worked in the Nile Delta and occasionally pushed forward to discover parts of Palestine, such as Rafah, Gaza, Ludds… and further on into Haifa, Mount carmel…

In 1923, Alice had this revelation to investigate Syria and Lebanon. She visited the Houran province, Damascus, Baalbek, Beirut, Sidon, Tyr, Bissan (south of the Sea of galilee), Samak…

Poulleau was under the spell of so much beauty and mythical environment until she got in contact with her French countrymen, officers and soldiers in Syria.

Her wrath grew by the days against the arrogance and ignorance of her French citizens in Syria.

Her encounters opened her eyes to the calamities that the French brought in into Syria…

As Alice returned to Egypt in 1923, she wrote:

“I had this persistent and strong impression that France never attempted to investigate the level of acceptance of the Syrian people to the mandated power, and simply relied on the reports of the High-Commissariat.

I felt this growing disenchantment and the growling of discontent among the Syrians relevant to the one-sided decisions, mismanagement and high-handed reactions due to their baffling of human rights of the Syrians and their dignity…

This was the reason for me to return the next year 1924 to Damascus and witnessing the slaughter hood two years later…”

Note: More summaries and translation of these diaries will be forthcoming. 1,500 Syrian civilians died within 48 hours of bombing and air raids of the Capital Damascus by the French troops.

Tidbits and Notes. Part 408

In eighth-century Egypt and Syria, for example, Christians wore blue turbans, Jews yellow and Samaritans red, while Muslims generally sported white ones (the Sunnis). Currently, the Muslim Shi3a clergymen wear black turban, particularly those designated as descendant from the Prophet’s House

Germany extend its prohibition for another 6 months its exporting weapons to Saudi Kingdom. However, Germany biggest weapon manufacturer RheineMetal still export to Saudi Kingdom through third parties.

Is the census more than a count: it’s civilization? It’s one of the first steps for a new country. It taught us how to quantify society. It reflects how economies and people change. (Many states dread census because if demonstrate the demographic expansion of the minorities)

Lebanon has never conducted a census since 1932, during the French mandated power. The government claim the population is 5 million and just give percentage of increased demographics for each of the 18 religious sect.

2.3 million: Census workers used to count India’s population in 2010

80,000: Census workers used to count Beijing’s population in 2010

58 million: Population of China in the year 2 AD, according to the Han Dynasty’s census

A two-week civil disobedience campaign in dozens of cities around the world kicks off as climate activists demand urgent government action. I am curious the kinds of disobedience the campaign will select.

Strange. States buy gold and reserve them in the USA volts? Germany was Not able to retrieve but a small portion. Are the gold robbed from the central banks in Baghdad and Libya, just on reserve or they already constitute USA war chest?

The center of our galaxy exploded 3.5 million years ago. The energy flare started near the Milky Way’s massive black hole, and spread 200,000 light-years away. (Not sure how to take in these information: will not call them facts anyway)

Des symbols incompatibles? Alors, on brule des voitures et des roues. La misère et le chomages ne sont que des corollaires a une identite brumeuse, voire obscure.  On vit avec des croyamces magiques qu’on ne peut pas assumer.

So the only thing that holds me back is people’s negative stereotypes and assuming what I am, or can or can’t do, or [how I] feel about things. The whole point about hijab is it was meant to facilitate mobility in society.”

Le problem de differencier entre une reponse fausse et l’absurde cher l’eleve est de le faire resonner, patiemment.
Une tentative après une autre, a la raison, en refusant de leguer un zero, peut aboutir a une percee. On ne repond pas pour repondre a une question

The People’s Republic of China turns 70. The celebrations include a grand military parade—15,000 troops, 160 warplanes, 580 tanks—and a massive fireworks display.

On Sept. 27, China information-technology ministry announced that telecom carriers, from December, must scan the face of anyone applying for mobile and internet service. Using facial-recognition technology, the companies will verify that the applicant is indeed the owner of a valid ID. (Now that an achievement for this technology do differentiate among the 1.3 billion Chinese)

A Christian Syrian PM, head of Parliament and UN representative: Late Fares Khouri فـــارس الــخــوري

Khouri sat in the seat of the French mandated power representative at the UN in 1947 who got furious. Khouri replied: I sat on your seat for barely 5 minutes and you are frustrated. How do you think we feel of your 25 years occupation of Syria?”

As General Gouro entered Damascus with his army, he proclaimed that the French are there to protect the Christians. Khouri entered the Omayyad Mosque and declared: If the French says they are here to protect us, I now declare There is No God but Allah”

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ارشيف حلب المصورLikePage February 6 at 5:08pm · 

شخصية سورية ترفع لها القبعة..

الأستاذ الجامعي الذي قبّل يدَ تلميذه المُلَوّثة بالفحم

هو رئيس مجلس الأمن الدولي عام1947 وأول ممثل دائم لسوريا في الأمم المتحدة ، كان وزير اً للمالية والداخلية والمعارف وترأس المجلس النيابي ومجلس الوزراء ،وهو المدافع الشرس في الأمم المتحدة عن إستقلال سوريا عن فرنسا وحادثة جلوسه الشهيرة مكان المندوب الفرنسي الذي استشاط غيظا منه حتى رد عليه ذالك الرد التاريخي : إنك لم تتحمل ان اجلس على طاولتك لنصف ساعة كيف تقبل ان تجلس جيوشك في بلدنا مايزيد عن خمس وعشرون عاماً … ونال اثرها على قرار استقلال سوريا وخروج الانتداب الفرنسي

و يوم أبلغه الجنرال غورو أن فرنسا جاءت إلى سورية لحماية مسيحيي الشرق، فما كان منه إلا أن قصد الجامع الأموي في يوم جمعة وصعد إلى منبره, وقال:

“إذا كانت فرنسا تدعي أنها احتلت سورية لحمايتنا نحن المسيحيين من المسلمين، فأنا كمسيحي من هذا المنبر أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله”

فأقبل عليه مصلو الجامع الأموي وحملوه على الأكتاف وخرجوا به إلى أحياء دمشق القديمة في مشهد وطني تذكرته دمشق طويلا وخرج أهالي دمشق المسيحيين يومها في مظاهرات حاشدة ملأت دمشق وهم يهتفون لا إله إلا الله ….

لم يكونوا مسلمين ولا مسيحيين ولكن كل أبناء الوطن, ان موقف فارس الخوري الرافض للاحتلال الفرنسي واتخاذ حماية اقلية او طائفه ذريعة للتدخلات الخارجية

وهو مؤسس معهد الحقوق العربي ،وساهم في تأسيس المجمع العلمي العربي ،ولكن الأغرب في مسيرته أنه أستلم مهمة وزير الأوقاف الإسلامية ،حيث دافع عنه النائب عبد الحميد الطبّاع آنذاك قائلاً :

“إننا نؤمن بك على أوقافنا ،أكثر مما نؤمن أنفسنا “

وفي إحدى محاضراته التي كان يلقيها في جامعة دمشق ،دخل طالبٌ متأخراً عن المحاضرة ،فسأله عن سبب تأخره ، ولكن الطالب ارتبك وتقدّم من المنصّة ليشرح للأستاذ بأن سبب تأخره ،هو أنه يشتغل فحّاما في الليل ليحضر المحاضرات في النهار ..عندها أمسك الأستاذ بيد الطالب وقبلها أمام الطلبة !

إنه الرمز السوري المضيئ ، إنه انموذج للانسان المسؤول والساعي الى خدمة المجتمع الانساني بمعزل عن دينه :

انه فـــارس الــخــوري

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 133

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Et pourtant, si on ne pend pas un recit de roman pour une histoire personnel veridique de l’auteur, comment peut-on terminer sa lecture?

On ne lit jamais un livre si on a la conviction complete que c’est seulement une fiction totale.

De nos jours, si on attend d’ecrire et publier que lorseque nos parent sont morts, on n’autographe que comme des auteurs seniles.

Le plus triste des dernieres memoires c’est d’avoir entrepris une aventure risquee’ et majestueuse pour se cloitrer dans une cellule etroite et essayer d’accepter l’idee’ de la mort.

On n’entreprend pas la derniere des aventures, essayez d’accepter l’idee’ de la mort, sans perire un minable.

La plupart des aventuriers qui sont revenus vivants ont finis dans leurs propre prisons.

Chauvinistic Europeans are relying on entrenched illusions: They claim that it was Christianity that set the foundation of the individualistic character in Europe, a non-conformist attitude to the collective norms, rituals, and traditions, the will for self-realization rather than clinging to the behavior of rank and file…

For the same quality, would youth and students buy equitable products instead of world trade marks?

In Syria, all war-like empires invaded its land, but never any occupation force managed to administer or centrally hold any power, not even the Romans or the Arabic/Islamic Empires.

Ask the French mandated power how it quickly withdrew from Syria because of resistance to occupation: In revenge, France ceded valuable northern Syrian lands to Turkey in 1936 (the Alexandretta city and the strategic region of Adana). Currently, Turkey wants even larger “buffer zones”, as Israel was always demanding on its borders (Not even delimited in her constitution). Since then, France governments hate the Syrian people.

Historical facts prove that there existed the Province of Judea during the Greek and Roman empires. An Israeli Kingdom never existed, but in imaginary stories to match the history of the Land in the Levant and give a semblance of history to the Jewish Bedouins down south

Near East: Levant Union States?

Levant (Rising sun with respect to Europe) is the name given by the French mandated power to the Near East independent States of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine.

The current total population of the Levant is about 30 millions, or less than half each of Turkey, Iran, or the third of Egypt and about the number in Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula (all bordering the Levant region).

Thus, focusing on internal trades among the Near East States will not make a serious dent toward expanding economic development in the short-term, but that is the best economic strategy for establishing a complementary economy that satisfy internal needs.

At least 70% of the land of this union is mostly desert and its total area is barely the third of France, but it is relatively rich in water compared to the neighboring larger States with the exception of Turkey.

The advantages of a policy of opening up the borders among these States for trades and easy communication are enormous.

For one thing, an economic coordination of the Levantine States can negotiate better deals with the bordering larger States by constituting a larger common market that may ease up the frequent tensions and anxiety that the people have been experiencing for so many centuries.

A few guidelines may go a long way toward a project of common market.

First, it is inevitable that all borders among the Near East States be definitely demarcated, resolved, and registered in the United Nation.  This first step will eliminate foreign interventions in our internal affairs and appease unfounded fears of forced or implicit annexation.

Second, The Levant Union States (LUS) should drop all territorial claims with the neighboring States (except with Israel) that do not agree with the UN drawings.

Third, the LUS needs to institute a restricted Parliament that deal with the most urgent laws applicable to the union.  The prime areas for legislations are: Water resources, agriculture and industrial production coordination,  financial coordination, infrastructure, education, military, and energy resources.

Fourth, the establishment of a unified internal currency for internal trades among the States and leaving the States independent national currencies for external trades.  Thus, the central banks in each State will set aside reserves for the internal united currency to cover up any internal difficulties for conversion into particular “national” currencies as the internal market expand.

Fifth:  The institution of a central bank for managing and administering the internal currency to satisfying the growing internal trade.

Sixth, establishment of standards for armed forces and internal forces in the eventual coordination for securing the borders of the LUS.

Seventh, establishment of standards for public schooling systems in order to facilitating transfers of students among the States. It is essential that uniformed textbooks in geography of the region, its common history, and the various civic educational systems be introduced to all citizens.

Eight, establishing “Free trade zones” with neighboring States.  For example, one in Iskandaron (Alexandretta) between Turkey and Syria on the coast, one at the junction among Turkey, Iraq, and Syria (in the Kurdish populated zone), one between Syria and Iraq in the desert region on the Euphrates River, one among Jordan, Syria and Iraq, one in Gaza between Egypt and Palestine, and one in Aqaba between Jordan and Saudi-Arabia.

Nine:  Having coordinated foreign political positions with respect to the UN assembly.

Tenth, setting up a high political command in charge of negotiating any peace treaty with Israel as a Union of common interests.  The piece meal negotiation process with this antiquated vassal mentalities is not going to insure any lasting peace.

Note: This post is an ongoing process and will be frequently edited for more details.  Your focused comments will enrich the re-editing process.




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