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This confusing business of spreading institutional propaganda?

Western media in the “confused business”: Writing Iran when meaning Saudi Kingdom?

Mind you that this article was posted in 2012

The Olympic game charter prohibits States to discriminate between genders  in at least two clauses. And yet, Saudi Arabia will not let women participate in sports, while Iran do send sport-women to games…

Suppose Iran was discriminating, wouldn’t international outcry be deafening us? But nobody is willing to make waves when Saudi Arabia is the culprit…

Saudi Arabia Wahhabi, theocratic and absolute monarchic State has executed 76 people in 2011, such as women condemned for witchcraft, non-noble class homosexuals, sodomizers, adulterous women, drug traffickers, apostasy…and cutting hands of robbers…But the UN is not interested in what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.

Except the UN High Commissariat for human rights, no international institutions bring up these violations in Saudi Kingdom…

Neither the UN Council, nor the G20 (that met this year in the Kingdom), nor the International Monetary Fund (IMF)…care of what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Kingdom is practically untouched and never blamed (the same as this colonial apartheid implant of Israel)…

For example, in 2008, French Sarkozy declared: “Under the vigorous impulse of his Majesty Abdullah, Saudi Arabia is developing a civilized policy…” (Coming from Sarkozy under justice investigation in France and the instigator of the civil war in Libya)

Saudi Arabia impulse is still in funding and supporting the most obscurantist Islamic extremists in Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali…

They are funding TV cables channels dedicated to Islamic salafism, erecting Mosques in every street, sending free million of Korans (Wahhabi version), and million of books on “How to subjugate wives and daughters in obeying patriarchal systems…”

Saudi Arabia is lethally crushing youth demonstrations under the banner of “New form of terrorism”, killing peaceful Shia demonstrators in the Eastern region, jailing over 20,000 each year for freedom of expression charges, and has sent military reinforcement into Bahrain to crush the civil uprising, and is supporting the Al Qaeda in Yemen and Somalia…

The irony is that Saudi Arabia is the refuge for all dictators, Tunisia Ben Ali, Egypt, Uganda Idi Amin, many African dictators… And current Tunisia Hamadi Jebali PM visited Saudi Arabia and lauded the good deeds of this archaic monarchy, and refrained from demanding the extradition of Tunisia dictator, or the return of the stolen billion…

Saudi Kingdom would want everyone to believe that the main nemesis is Shia Iran, as Israel would want everyone to believe this strategy…

As  if peaceful nuclear energy program is the enemy to human rights, democracy, freedom of expression…

And it is the Iranian people who are to suffer from economic and financial sanctions, while Saudi Arabia fund and sustain terrorism everywhere in Islamic States

Western media are persisting in the “confused business” of not politically discussing the current US policies in the Arab World: Are they Writing Iran when meaning Saudi Arabia?

The big picture can be described as follows:

1. China keeps the US economy afloat with “fresh money” in buying government bonds

2. Saudi Kingdom keeps the US Federal budget afloat by cyclically infusing funds, particularly in crisis situations such as preemptive military operations, changing “rogue” regimes, enforcing oil embargoes…(And lately, succumbing to Trump blackmails to eliminate hundreds of $billion loans and buying useless weapons Not under the control of the Kingdom military…)

3. The US cyclically rectifies Israel endemic budget deficits, using Saudi Kingdom largess. Can’t we claim that Saudi Arabia is the main funder of the theocratic and apartheid Zionist State?

Is the US cowing to Saudi Arabia strategy of reducing all States in the Middle-East to theocratic Sunni Wahhabi salafism and archaic regimes and encouraging Israel to be a carbon copy of the surrounding States?

Note: Since 2012, Qatar, Bahrain and Gulf Emirates have shared in US order to fund the terrorist movements participating in Syria “civil war”, destabilizing Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Somalia, and many African States.

I’m  bored. Quick, Fresh Money

An Act I play

Lord Edward Campbell and his wife Lady Victorine are sitting in the reading room, a fire roaring in the traditional fireplace. Victorine is leisurely flipping delicately a fashion magazine.

Edward has dusted off an old volume, red leathered cover, and sitting tight, legs resting on a cushion, and meticulously lighting his pipe.

Apparently, Edward is not coming to term to start reading. Victorine looks sideways at her husband.

Victorine: Dear, I have been noticing that you were not yourself lately. Any bother?

Edward: You’re quite perceptive dear. It is my impression that any promotion is not forthcoming any time soon.

Victorine: Oh my! Those nasty budget cuts have long arms. The cuts attained the hard working professionals in the foreign office, the best in the kingdom, I hear say…

Edward: My impressionof this predicament  has preceded the budget cut frenzy for a couple of years. And I have my idea on the causes for my tacit demotion in the eyes of the higher ups.

Victorine: Do you mean that you are ready to open up to me dear? Frankly, I barely can wait any longer. Our friends have been murmuring on our feet-dragging for receiving guests…

Edward: Do you recall that evening we had dinner with Lord Gordon three years ago?

Victorine: I surely can recall this lovely evening. It was quite an eye opener and the frank communication on this “double moral standard” that is practiced within the aristocratic institutional circles… Something in that direction, I guess…

Edward: It was pretty much an easy going conversation. Expressing our opinions and openly divulging our emotions that got me in hot water…

Victorine: As I can remember, Lord Gordon told stories of his own kinds of double moral standard practices in the Exchequer circles. Am I wrong?

Edward: All higher up in institutions have variations on these practices, and the extent of talking about.

Victorine: Do I surmise that the foreign office is far more tighter on these stories, keep them under lid outside the circle?

Edward: You see, the trouble comes for telling our stories in the privacy of our homes. At work, we are entitled to express all our scorns and doubts and concerns… An attitude that never tarnish obeying orders and following guidelines…

Victorine: Am I to understand that the moral standard at work is an institution of its own and barely can be reformed or modified?

Edward: What I learned since my tacit demotion is that we must keep at work the details of moral standards accepted at work, and never transfer it outside the premises. This attitude is categorized under State Secret interests

Victorine: And at home, only home moral standards are to be discussed?

Edward: It is agreed upon in the circle that this a good pragmatic scheme that is very feasible to maneuver around for the types of people hired in the foreign office. Still, there are occasions whee it becomes too hard not to rebel against what is obviously a blatant tyranical and hypocritical situation to handle, day in, day out. There are conditions that make us fail to put the lid on these stories…

Victorine: Am I getting the hint that the institution denied you jobs that imposes you Not to make improper decisions, until further notice, ever since it got wind of your babbling during that dinner?

Edward: I like your witty a clever innuendos, your interpretation of matters. Actually, it took me more than a month to realize that I was considered not of a character, strong enough to juggle and withstand two moral standards. Practically, you are correct…

Victorine: Do you feel relieved that you were saved from making obnoxious decisions? Are you more comfortable not being obligated to deal with confounding emotional equilibrium?

Edward: I cannot but miss the good old time when I were welcomed in this vicious circle of authority figures. It was a convincing motto: “What is good for the Crown is good for the British citizens”

Victorine: This is a normal behavior: Frankly, it is hard to change after two decades of getting into a certain habit…

Edward: It is not necessarily a matter of seeking higher pay checks.  It is not easy to be carted out of exquisite privileges of this bad elite club.  There was this palpable sentiment that “All is legitimate and commendable as long as you are a member of an institution of old traditions and customs

Victorine: Are you referring to the elite clubs of old money or old aristocracy?

Edward: They are the same elite clubs and interchangeable.

Victorine: I was under the impression that the clubs of old money are behind maintaining the behavior of two moral standards in our Empire…

Edward: The difficulty is that the clubs of old money are frequently in a state of boredom and badly need fresh excitements, which can only be satisfied by constant infusion of fresh money

Victorine: Fresh money? Why? I thought they had plenty of money to go around in philanthropic associations…

Edward: They do have plenty of money and this kind of money is tied up in well-oiled business cycles. The old money is already codified, legalized, cleaned, and transferred within formal and expected disbursement. This old club has difficulty dipping into the old  and stable money without getting into risky investigations of “where did you get all that money in the first place…”

Victorine: And where are the sources of fresh money?

Edward: Mostly, fresh money comes from overseas, from shady governments in developing countries that still rely on their former colonial powers to cover up their oligarchic business dealings

Victorine: You mean like casinos, sex slave, illegal weapon shipments…

Edward: Those business are peanuts. The old money hit the jackpot when a few of the old mandated States have vast oil reserves and the oligarchy wants most of the money to be transferred to their own accounts, in countries like in Guinea Equatorial, Gabon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia…

Victorine: And extraction of diamond, gold…

Edward: The interesting raw materials that old money invest in are uranium, copper, tin, heavy metals… any material used in technology and aerospace industries, just to keep a military edge… The basic interests of the military and old money cannot be dissociated…

Victorine: Do you feel my dear that a cultural change is overtaking the foreign office?

Edward: Fundamentally, I may say never. The Office is getting more sensitive to public outcry and is gearing up to a wave of public soft announcements that would appease the citizens. Mind you, direct mandated power is over and it is no longer a la mode.

Victorine: I am thinking of testing your approach

Edward: What do you mean?

Victorine: How about inviting to dinner the personal secretary to the minister, or someone very close to him personally who is known to immediately relay the discussion?

Edward: And exacerbate my situation?

Victorine: I think this is kind of targetting two bird in one dinner. If nothing changes in your position then we have tried. Most likely, you might be elevated to send the right message in the circles, for a while. And the other benefit is that you may revert to your normal self: dealing comfortably with double moral standards…




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