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Freud got it reversed:  It is permanent excitement Freud…

Do you want pleasures to last? Freud beg to differ:  “This is not you real wish“!

Freud explained the tendency of our organism to reduce a disagreeable tension by re-establishing an antecedent state of rest that has been perturbed by an external force or impulse.

Freud stated:  “our organism craves for the previous state before the external impulse of feeling in order to satisfy an urgent and temporary pleasure.”  Thus, we eat to appease hunger, we sleep to counter fatigue, we make love to get rid of the excitement…

This unilateral direction is meant to restrain a state of pleasure.

Freud calls this principle of constancy the “Nirvana principle.”  This nirvana principle is valid to mammalian species since we are mammalian.  Beasts run and chase for food so that they return to their state of repose and sleep.

I am positive that the act of masturbating excited the imagination of Freud into erecting this scaffold for his principle.

I think mankind managed to reverse this principle in many ways as he evolved:  I believe this is the main discriminating factor with mammalian species.

Mankind is now normally in a state of excitement: whatever he does on impulse, his organism reverts him to his previous state of excitement.

For example, mankind implicitly do not eat so that he may experience the excitement of hunger: He eats to stay excited with his companions… A person extends the period of foreplay and delays orgasm so that he will not have to return to witnessing the feeling of void after the exercise.

Mankind is so addicted to excitement that even his cherished desires are made of past memories of excitements, and his prevalent types of desires are of missing or lacking objects and subjects.

Mankind has to relearn to desire what he already own in object and subject; to enjoying the present moment.

I think that make more sense.

Our daily living emulate the excitation theory, instead of Freud’s pleasure principle:  We feel boredom more frequently than excitement simply because excitement is our natural state.

Mankind organism need to rest, but his spirit frequently revolts in order to re-experience states of excitements.  I can call this principle of excitement the “Samsara principle“.

Only people who lack the energy to struggle for one reason or another, for example in old age or when ill, prefer the nirvana state or what is common among mammalian.

Mankind invented exciting life-styles and entertainments to keep challenged:  Mankind tend to fight back a death state to survive the longer. Boredom is the most frightening feeling among mankind.

Mankind is trying to learn methods for resting his mental excitation.

Mankind must be witnessing far higher cases of neuroses and other mental disturbances than other mammalian species, simply because of the direct consequences of our acquired excitement steady state principle through evolution.

I think that mankind civilization can be summarized into this dichotomy:  Kids and old people stick to the nirvana principle, while cultured mature adults follow the samsara principle.




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