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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 234

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

The researchers who discovered Viagra weren’t even looking for it. Sildenafil, the drug’s active ingredient, was originally developed to treat cardiovascular problems—specifically to dilate the heart’s blood vessels by blocking a particular protein called PDE-5. In phase-one clinical trials in the UK, an observant nurse reported men enrolled in the study were lying on their stomachs: the men were embarrassed [because] they were getting erections.

Pfizer tried to use Viagra to treat “female sexual arousal disorder” in the early 2000s: clinical trials were inconclusive and the efforts were scrapped.

If blood isn’t flowing well to the penis, chances are it’s not flowing well elsewhere in the body: erections serve as a barometer for overall health.  “Lousy erection often happens 18 months before a cardiac event.”

Le succes de Freud pendant un siecle fut batit par introduisant le Sexe comme une pensee’ refoulee’ par les occidentaux et qui a cree’ un corps nevrose chez eux.

Comme traitement, la psychanalyse  n’est qu’un couteux placebo, s’il n’aboutit au pire. Les gouvernement occidentaux lui on donne’ credibilite’ en versant un part important des couts aux patients.

“Homeland Day” 42 anniversary for Palestinians (Yawm al Ard). Not like any other event this year: Israel army is begging the settlers to carry arms to defend it from the unarmed Palestinians that might flock from Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon. By noon, 55 Palestinians were injured, 35 from live bullets and two martyrs.

A couple days ago, a dozen Palestinians crossed the borders from Gaza, through Israeli barbed wire fences, and military towers. They burned equipment and towers and returned safely. Israel restricted cabinet met twice to confront this incursion.

US ambassador Friedman to Israel is indeed a Dog, as described by Palestinian President Abbas: His tongue dangles constantly to his masters the US Evangelical Zionists

Mayhem in Israel: State of Israel starting its downhill trend toward Chaos: Army commander begging settlers to carry arms to defend it. Sort like during colonial America, settlers should carry arms when out of their settlements

122,000 Syrians vacated al Ghouta and more every day. 65 buses waiting to transfer terrorist factions to Edlib. (Edlib province by the Turkish border is the actual front line to be re-conquered from the extremist factions)

Can you recognize these German empires that flourished before, during Nazi power, afterward? Krupp, Bayer, BMW, Daimler, IG Farben, Opel, Agfa, Shell, Schneider, Telefunken, Siemens, Struthof…

Jaish Islam fil Ghouta daaye3: wala dawli badda testa2blo. La Turkey, la USA, wa la Saudi Kingdom

FB comments: part 3

Jean-Christophe Rufin, member de l’Academie Francaise, accuillit Amin Maaluf en Juin 14, 2012 par ces mots: “Entrez ici avec vos noms, vos langues, vos croyances, vos fureurs, vos egarements, votre encre, votre sang, votre exil… mais surtout, restez vous-meme…” Est-ce que Amin a dernierement oublier ses racines?

Quoi de plus objective que de se rappeler ses origins a un moment ou Israel fait fi de toutes les pressions et continue a humilier les Palestiniens quotidiennement?

Puisque la plupart de l’humanite est devenu des “companion de voyages“, racontons plus souvent les histoires personnelles de chaque émigré et immigrant: ce sont ces histoires individuelles qui peuvent eclaircir ce que l’humanite souffre

“Les homme font ce qu’ils peuvent, le destin fait le reste” (Renauld). Le destin intervient quand la generation future n’a pas étée prise serieusement pour valable de continuer la bataille des ideaux de liberte, de transparence dans le processus democratique, de l’ égalte des droits et des opportunites

Le silence est le dernier refuge de la liberte des vaincus. Continuez de parler et de crier et tu ne sera jamais considerer comme vaincu,

Every morning, I find that somebody has just discovered some general and eternal law that I never heard of. General ideas that pack a lot into a small volume. And the “professionals” who are researching details and facts on the ground are rare because Not paid to do these dirty fundamental jobs. What irks me most is that scientific papers fail to extend additional hypotheses and conjectures to what they have researched in order for the rest of us to follow up and demonstrate them

Dans la vie, on n’est jamais a un calvaire pres

A quel instant “pas maintenant” se transforme en “jamais”? Martin Luther King

With equal opportunity to learning and training, people in each profession will focus more on examining the details and fact sheets and steer away from the laziness of basing decisions on general ideas

“The exaggerated social system based on general causes is a source of consolation for mediocre historians ( and current reporters). It invariably provides them with a few grand explanations, useful for quickly extricate themselves from any difficulties they encounter in their work. And it favors weak and lazy minds to garner a reputation of profundity (Tocqueville in the 18th century). How fitting for current times.

If we have to rely on the Torah, many times the Syrians allowed the Jews to take refuge in Palestine. Once during Abraham immigration from Ur in Iraq, another time for Moses and his successors, next after their return from Babylon, next after the Romans expulsed them from Jerusalem… and lately after the Europeans expulsed them from Europe in order to create Israel. During all this history, The jews basically lived in Jerusalem and the desert southern part of Palestine. Israel can resume digging for artefacts for another century and dig deeper under the Dome, they will Never find any artefacts related to their culture or any State: They had none. All their stories are manufactured history. The Jews were a minority fraction of the Syrian culture and civilization. Jesus was Not a Jew or recognized as such by the Sanhedrin. Jesus was born and lived in Upper Galilee, administered and under the jurisdiction of the province of Tyr, throughout the various foreign dominion of this land.

Petition de principe: Tous les hommes doivent jouir des meme opportunites pour s’egaliser dans chaque communaute.

The US can provide Israel with all the latest weapons of destructions. Germany, England and France can extend to Israel all the pieces of intelligence and trade facilities. The monarchs in the Arab world can link up with Israel any which way they like. The tide has turned: The people in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine have crossed the barrier of fear for continuing the existential fight. No weapons can subjugate a resisting people again occupation and an existential enemy.

In “The Disoriented”, Amine Maaluf let Nidal (a Moslem) says to Adam (a Christian, and represented by Amine Maaluf opinions: “You says that the historians must remain neutral? Giving equal weight to the butcher and victim, the occupier and the subjugated, the predator and the prey…? You should Not appear as the defender of your own people and your roots? Is that what you consider as intellectual honesty?”  

Traditions of classes, professions, family and social structure, and religious beliefs… have been initially drawn from observations of human nature and establishing general notions, before the politicians (men of actions) in each sphere of influence in life organized them to self-serve the interests of the elites. If we seek reforms by bringing up human nature then we are following the wrong direction.

What is needed is to develop a belief system based on that all born people have the rights to enjoy equal opportunities to learning, getting training, health and due processes with a fair justice system. This new belief system or petition principle is feasible because in transparent democratic processes people rely on the majority opinion to extend any rational excuses for their attitudes. Equal practical opportunities circumvent the wrong implication that opinions are reached independently of their surrounding. The effects of community sanctions to deviation attitudes from the belief system can then formalize the equal opportunities rights to everyone.

Every belief system is Not to arrive at the “truth”, but to guide action. Daily routine actions form the basis of our decisions in major matters.

“In the rare centuries of doubt (rational trends dominate), people cling stubbornly to his belief systems. People are Not ready to die for their opinions, but they do Not change them. And you find both fewer martyrs and fewer apostates” Alexis de Tocqueville.  The problem in this period of doubt, certain categories of communities are transforming it into a century of horror stories of faith.

Beware of the tyranny of the majority in “democratic republics“:  “The Master no longer says: You will think as I do or die. He says: You are free Not to think as I do. You may keep your life, properties, retain your civic privileges… but the majority in your community will ostracize you and refuse to esteem you, or to demand your vote. Those who believe in your innocence will steer away from you lest they are shunned in turn” A de T.  Isn’t what happens to Whistler blowers? At the doors of Abortion clinics, or gay marriages…? In France they even deny him the citizenship.

“It may be plausibly asserted that there is an infant-school ignorance which precedes knowledge and another doctoral ignorance which comes after it” (Montaigne). This is the state of education affairs in the Arabic speaking Islamic countries: coranic schools and doctors in fikh and other religious degrees… Ignorance lies at the ends of knowledge

Adelard de Bath (1080-1160) translated into Latin the scientific works written in Arabic (it was the scientific language at that period). Adelard is the first English scientist, a Benedictine moine and an arabophile. He wrote: “J’ai appris quelque chose aupres des Maîtres Arabes, qui m’ont guide par la raison. Toi, tu est mene par la bride de l’autorite”

In Lebanon, we have common conditions of daily strife to survive in any dignified level. What we need is to spread a unified common pragmatic reform model that share common rights for education, health, opportunities and transparent democratic processes

“When an opinion takes hold in a “democratic” nation and establishes itself in a majority of minds, it becomes self-sustaining and can perpetuate itself without effort: Nobody will attack it. No one combat the doomed belief openly. This hollow ghost of public opinion is enough to chill the blood of would-be innovators (in political sphere) and reduces them to respectful silence” A de T in Democracy in America

China is #1 exporter with 13% of world market share. Next the USA with 9% and then Germany with 8%. If we discount the weapon sales, Germany becomes #2.  France, England and Canada barely hold 2%: No wonder why these countries are kissing the asses of Saudi Kingdom and the Gulf Emirates to them weapons.

Replace Arabic scientific works” by “scientific works” written in Arabic (the scientific language in the period of Arabic caliphate empire) and the expression is set right.  In the first century of the empire, Syrians were the foundations of scientific work, all the way to the Tigers River. During the Abbasid dynasty, the Persian took over the scientific works and dominated the culture from the Tigers to Afghanistan, India and central Asia. During the strong centralized administration periods, the hundred of religious sects wrote in their own slang language (except in science) and few revolts emerged to launch any military campaigns. The Romans were frequently on the march to squash relentless revolts, though all the peoples adored the same idols under different names. No wonder that the Syrian and Persian civilizations were well routed in the region and were Not considered cultural occupations.

Le Christianism est tombé entre les mains masculines, devenue sanglantes. Alors que Jesus avait parle d’une voix feminine: les valeurs de tendresse et de compassion. C’est ce que nous essayons de vivre, meme si on l’a rate (Romain Gary)

The American life-style is to taking short-cuts by adopting general, all-purpose ideas: They are bombarded with so many individualistic responsibilities that they lack the necessary leisure time to indulge in reflective time-consuming periods (A de T in the 18th century) An observation that was valid 2 centuries ago and worsening. Worse, spreading like wild fire all over the world and in Asia.

The Americans seldom admit that they give in to selfless altruistic endeavors: They are pleased to explain all their actions in terms of self-interest properly understood. They will obligingly demonstrate how enlightened their behaviors regularly lead them to help out one another and makes them ready and willing to sacrifice a portion of their time and wealth for the good of the State.

The norms make a difference and they cannot be switched at will: either your norms are of the “honor kinds” or of the “material interests”

“Politicians have this capacity to manage the creation of ephemeral convictions in accordance with the feelings and interests of the moments: They can, with a tolerable good conscience, do things that are far from honest” A de T

Individualism is a recent expression, a reflective and tranquil sentiment achieved by creating a small community (modern tribe) for his use. he gladly leaves the larger society to take care of itself” A de T

Prisoner’s Dilemma” of two persons involved in the same crime:

1. If you inform on the other, and the other refuses to inform on you, you are set free

2. If both inform on one another, both get 5-year prison term

3. If both refuse to inform, both get a year prison term.

The rationale of this Dilemma is used to explain:

1.The weakness of public institutions: people want strong institutions but refuse to pay the necessary taxes

2. The case of lobbying interest. Ironically, the more the number of lobbies, the more the central power imperceptibly expand, which the lobbies don’t want

3. The more frequent the number of private bankruptcies (risk takers) the more the State/casino win.

“In order to reap the priceless good that derive from the freedom of the press, one must learn to accept the inevitable evils that it breeds.”

“Americans want the Union, but reduced to a shadow: they want it strong in few case and weak in most case, particularly in period of peace” Is that why the US government launch frequent pre-emptive wars outside its boundaries?

“”The aristocratic families would willingly preserve the democratic habits of the (political system) if only they could reject its social state and laws” Actually, the elite classes always succeed in circumventing the few laws that theoretically could have been applied to them.

“Ce qui rend la religion forte, ce n’est pas sa verite reelle, mais bien l’ historique (the stories retold, embellished, re-edited according to different periods, le retour du refoule, les reminiscences de processus archaique disparus et hautement effectifs” Freud in a letter to Lou Andreas-Salome, 1935)

Moise n’avait jamais entendu parler de Jehova (an idol of war adored by tribes living in the desert region between Palestine and the western part of Arabic Peninsula, the Midian), les Juifs n’ont jamais traverse la mer rouge, jamais ete jusqu’au Sinai. La religion de Moise, un Egyptian qui adore le monotheism d’Anon d’Egypt, avait fini par s’imposer sous forme d’une tradition a demi-eteinte”  (Freud in a letter of 1935)

Les femmes, survivantes de l’inceste, regnaient le monde, et le régnent encore. La mobilite dynamique dans certain pays n’a fait qu’augmenter the rate of les survivantes. Ils one maintenant de facilities modernes pour fuir leur isolement. Cette fois-ci, les survivantes ont tendance a se vanger de n’impote quelle maniere avec les opportunites et les lois en applications

Je prefere qu’une femme belle et intelligente m’admire et ne m’aime pas. La compassion m’etouffe et je renacle devant une tendress mal meritee.

Si je dois publier un receuille de poem, le titre serait: “Pas d’amour. Mais tout le reste

“La guerre n’est qu’une rechute temporaire dans un etat primitive”? Ca ne veut rien dire. Un état primitif est une bonne connotation. Les armes modernes et les guerres trop frequentes  (pre-emptive wars and civil wars…) doivent avoir un term trop fort revelant de “the Evil state of affairs” in human conditions

La ou Freud passe, l’herbe tender de l’innocence ne repousse pas? Many of Freud’s disciples quit his teaching, or mostly were discarded by him, because they had problems with their sexuality and couldn’t bare a psychanalysis disciplines mainly based on sexual fundamentals. Adler had to say: “Une broutille, la sexualite” Women can get rid of sexual passions et problems in mid-age, but it is the males who suffer from these difficulties most of their lives.

Have you read or seen Lolita of Nabokov? I read sections of this book, standing in one of Barnes and Noble bookstore in Montgomery County (Maryland), because there were no facilities to sit. The book sounded more erotic than the chaste movie, and I was glad in was directed that way. I saw the movie twice. I saw it again last night and was happily surprised to notice that it was Lolita who was running the show from beginning to end. The times she got angry was calculated: She was seeing Clare (Peter Sellers) from the start before meeting James Mason (who played a difficult and convincing part of a middle-aged man, total in love with Lolita but managing to retain  his responsibly as a father-in-law.) Lolita (with all her instinctive smartness as an enticing girl) was duped by Clare who intended to use her in porno movies and she refused and was kicked out to survive on her own. They overcrowded funny Sellers in his role, even when he knew that he was about to die. How could Mason be duped by Sellers in so many occasions if he didn’t care that much about Lolita?

Have you seen Basic Instinct? I saw it at least twice. Last night was wonderful because I saw it again before they showed Lolita. I loved this film that was packed with plenty of erotic scenes and a smart content. Who do you think was the killer? Until the last second, showing the ice pick under the bed of Sharon Stone, you would side with everybody that it was the psych professional woman who was the killer (another great body). Apparently, after finishing a book about a targeted killer, Sharon made sure to kill the real life character of her story.  Douglas is to be ultimately murdered by Stone since she had finished the new book about him: she was totally clear about it when she told him so: he refused to believe her because he started to believe in her innocence.

Do you think that every belief system pre-suppose that there is a fact of the matter in the mind of the community? That people gravitate toward the position they would like it to be true? And attach any supposed facts to it in order to satisfy any rational process? Belief systems such as an afterlife, causal link between minimum wage legislation on unemployment, affirmative action elevate the civilized culture, human rights legislation is typical of our species…?

Laziness of the mind adopts conformist dispositions and accepting the authority of others. For example,

1. Heuristics and cognitive short cut biases

2. Reflecting and perpetuating the economic and political system under which they live, by following what is dangled to them as a majority opinion

Tout cela, les mals d’amour, la honte de sa faiblesse, les letters non repondues, les echeques… continueraient a la devorer, de la consumer jusqu’a la fin de sa vie.

Tout cela, c’etait l’experience. Elle pourrait ecrire un livre. Elle pourrait ecrire une chanson. Se metre a la musique. Faute de se tuer (Rosamond Lehmann)

“The authority that rests on instinctive respect is absolute, as long as nobody contests its right. It is reduced to almost nothing, the day it becomes an object of discussion” A de T

The spirit that guided the French Revolution was the books and pamphlets written in the abstract. The same fondness for general theories, complete systems of legislation, and exact symmetry in the laws. The same taste for the original, ingenious, and novel in institutions. The same urge to remake the entire constitution in accordance with the rules of logic and a uniform plan… What is meritorious in a writer is more often than Not a flaw in a statesman.” A de T. Isn’t the same path that Lenin undertook in the soviet revolution? Isn’t what happened in 1848 when the republicans failed to deliver what the people demanded after ousting Louis Phillip from power? Is the EU Constitution  based also on abstract notions?

Botros Maaluf, grandfather of Amine Maaluf, an enlightened man throughout his life, wrote in 1923, a year before his death: “I am tired, tired of decrying the sate of affairs in our countries of the Orient. Replace country by calamity. Replace Orient by malediction. You’ll have an accurate idea of what I’ am talking about”

Botros opened schools where the students in higher levels taught student in lower levels because of shortage in adequate teachers after the years of famine and mass immigration.

Another proposed Senate institution in Lebanon (Majless Shouyoukh)?  Why, have we started generating oil revenue to sustain more of these redundant characters? These militia leaders have gone way beyond showing their despising behaviors toward the citizens

This parliament is Not going to elect a president to the Republic, until the system is ripe to fall. The Parliament will then elect any symbolic President to fool the people that the system has been repaired. Even a reformed election law will Not save this system: Lebanon is surviving on a daily basis and the citizens can long forgotten what public planning means. What the youth movement should be doing is to accelerate  its investigative reporting on all the institutions, gathering facts on the ground for pragmatic reforms and laws.

You are bored when in good health. When you become senile, you stop feeling bored, but people observing you feel bored for you. Accumulated feeling of boredom. The innovating person is the one who can break a breach (une fente de perspective) in the fort of boredom. An alternative is to carry a light backpack and start walking: hoping that one of the media will discover you dying of hunger of totally dehydrated. Better yet, just dead: Let them investigate on you for 15 minutes.

Bacteries sans odeur: ils repoussent les bacteries puantes.
Wa dawini billatti kanat hiya al da2ou.
It works almost all the time if you know the taxonomy and experiment with the opposing functions of the same entities

Le nerf vague, la plus importante voie de communication entre l’intestin et le cerveau, raconte tout un tas de nouvelles au cerveau: les molecules des repas, les hormones dans le sang, les status des cellules immunitaires et les types de bacteries.
Une frequente stimulation de ce nerf ameliore le bien-etre et bloque l’angoisse.
Manger toujours

Le muscle le plus puissant (80 kilos de pression) est fait pour le broyage et le concassage: la langue est le coach qui distribue et guide les particules et puis attrape une bouchee de 20 ml et la propulse vers le palais mou.
Sans ces passe temps, l’homme mourrait d’ennui

It does Not matter what is your religion, gender, race, color… If you don’t carry a colonial passport, your death in any assassination attempt will go invisible

Free access to tools that permit private and individual power to tailor-made education, find inspiration, model our environment and share our adventure with all who need them…”(Stewart Brand in his Whole Earth catalogue, 1968)  Sound that the less fortunate can make good use of these opportunities. That was half a century ago, many are applying this opportunity when available, though only the elite class is mainly profiting from any of these facilities.

La formation durait 6 mois chez LF Rothschild (the richest family ever and dominating all the other financial multinationals). J’etais un connector: J’avais a place 500 coups de fil par jour pour essayer de franchir le barrage des secretaries. Quand je reusssis a en avoir un “client” au bout du fil, j’avais a dire: “Boujour Mr, Machin, Ne quittez pas. Je vous passé Scott, mon patron” Wall Street c’est fait pour les tueurs, les mercenaires. C’est la meme procedure pour commencer en Real Estates: J’avais a placer 50 coups de telephones par jour et dire “Do you want to buy or sell your property?”

In Canaan mythology, the body (basar) was the domicile of 2 kinds of souls: The vegetative nephesh (nafess) and the spiritual rouah (rou7).

Betyle (Beth El), the stone of God, les obelisques. Byblos, book, gebel, Gobel, Giblet. Reschef: Maritime God of war.

My greatest pride and achievement in my life so far is when I publicly dared to condemn the Saudi Kingdom in its savage pre-emptive war on the Yemenis (Hassan Nasr Allah)

Women who were engaged in the emancipation of women in Lebanon and their human rights since 1947: Ibtihaj Kaddoura, Laure Tabet, Eveline Bustros, Julia Tohme Dimachkiyeh, May Ziadeh, Najla Sa3b, Emilie Fares Ibrahim, Myrna Bustani, Laure Moghaizel, Alia Berti Zein, Leila B3albaki…

Regret: There was a French girl student in my class of Physics/Chemistry at the university. We spent 2 years in that program and I don’t recall I have ever talked to her. She was slim, slightly red-headed, hair cut  a la garcon, rather flat-chested and elegant in her sober attire and wore the same flat shoes. I think she was pretty. It would have taken a forceful determination from any girl to take the initiative and lead me to utter a few sentences.

Don’ try to make me scale any piece of art from 1 to 10. It is either I like or I better Not offer an opinion. Artistic talents and knowledge are acquired in your early years and I was Not educated on these matters.

This parliament is Not going to elect a president to the Republic, until the system is ripe to fall. The Parliament will then elect any symbolic President to fool the people that the system has been repaired.
Even a reformed election law will Not save this system: Lebanon is surviving on a daily basis and the citizens can long forgotten what public planning means.
What the youth movement should be doing is to accelerate its investigative reporting on all the institutions, gathering facts on the ground for pragmatic reforms and laws.

Lebanese Women who were engaged in the emancipation of women in Lebanon and their human rights since 1947: Ibtihaj Kaddoura, Laure Tabet, Eveline Bustros, Julia Tohme Dimachkiyeh, May Ziadeh, Najla Sa3b, Emilie Fares Ibrahim, Myrna Bustani, Laure Moghaizel, Alia Berti Zein, Leila B3albaki

In Canaan mythology, the body (basar) was the domicile of 2 kinds of souls: The vegetative nephesh (nafess) and the spiritual rouah (rou7).

Ni heros, ni bourreaux. Un peu de douleur, un peu de plaisir. Je ne lui aurait donne que cela (Colette)

Another regret. She occasionally paid her grandmother visits, from the other part of the continent. I occasionally wrote her letters in the name of her mentally handicapped grand mother. One of the letter included a convoluted sentence that she picked up as a confession of love. And it was. A couple of weeks later she showed up. She went jogging and rubbed her feet with lotion. She then asked me to go for a walk. She wanted a verbal confirmation. I was in a rot with my PhD dissertation and lacked the spirit for such kinds of conversation. I couldn’t master enough craziness to blurt out: ” I find you lovely, natural and compassionate woman…”  I didn’t see her again: I moved out to another old lady house whose son wanted someone to live with.

Qui repondrait en ce monde a la terrible obstination du crime, si ce n’est l’obstination du temoignage? (Abert Camus)

Mind you that we live in a world of appearances amid symbolic unassimilated meaning. We are sleepless creatures howling in our night dreams

Most probably, we are linked to the invisible: everything that our senses captured but failed to interpret it for our survival sake.

مدير عام الامن العام اللواء عباس ابراهيم صاحب الرؤية الوطنية والثاقبة والاستباقية في قوله ان توطين النازحين “يساوي مباشرة الحرب”، وان المطلوب هو الكف عن الرهانات الخارجية واستجداء الحلول المستوردة.

The Global Footprint Network also encourages people to eat vegetarian meals, shrink their energy use, and reduce their paper waste

Australia and the U.S., use a lot of resources in a year.
Others, like Brazil and India, use far less.
Many factors contribute to a country’s ecological footprint, including population size, standard of living and eating habits

The exact date of Earth Overshoot Day is determined by a simple formula.
Global Footprint Network takes the planet’s biocapacity (pdf), or the amount of natural resources available, divides it by humanity’s ecological footprint, or how much of the planet’s resources we use up, and then multiplies it by the days in a year

Enjoy the game. We are born to be suckered, and more times than we cared. This is the attribute of an addictive normal person: The harder we resist, the harsher we succumb.

360,000 foreign fighters were engaged in Syria since 2012. Currently, 90,000 are still on the ground, mostly fresh central Asians.
And more than 90,000 of them were killed and disappeared in thin air, never to be recognized.
Over $45 bn were spent with the objective of destabilizing the Syrian society.
Turkey, Saudi Kingdom and Europe contributed each 25,000 extremist fighters

Anyone can provide me with a link to a taxonomy for pains? A table, a graphics, an article that include a table of various pains and aches…names of the various pains, scale levels, sources of the pain… I have a day dream project of constructing a machine that delivers all sort of pains and to physically initiate the youth of what to expect as they grow up in life. I read that every contraction when delivery a baby, the mother feels like suffering from heart attack. Maybe by being subjected to pains, youth will desist from their absurd behaviors in inflicting pain, and decrease in number of wars, and pre-emptive wars.

Recently, there is a flurry of articles trying to give the connotation that the Near-East and the Middle -East is a Jewish region by its civilization or culture. For example, whenever there is a tribe anywhere else in the world, like “the Cherokees of North Carolina Mountains spoke an ancient Jewish language that was nearly unintelligible to Jews from England and Holland” or a “savage” tribe in New Guiney, or Ethiopia… researchers try to attach a DNA originating from a “Lost” Israeli tribe with unknown language related to an archaic Hebrew. If there were ever any Jewish tribes outside the Tora, whatever lost tribe was lost in our melting pot. After more than a century of excavation, Israel couldn’t find any proof of Jewish civilization, Not even a tablet written in Hebrew. The Jews were located around Jerusalem and the southern desert. They never took to the sea to spread any of their DNA

If there is a single stable theory of the spread of homo sapiens in the Mediterranean Sea Basin or the Black Sea, like in Europe, North Africa, Turkey and the Caucasus regions… is that the varieties of homo sapiens in the regions flocked to Egypt and the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine) and constituted a melting pot for thousands of years before immigrating every which way.

70 Republican leaders are demanding to stop funding Trumpcampaign.
I am sensing that the Zionist lobby in the USA is scared shit of the political positions of Trump on many critical matters that hurt their interests financially and politically.


Lou Andreas-Salome by Francoise Giroud

Une histoire de femme libre

Loise, Loita, Lou Salome (1861-1937). She was compared to George Sand, half a century ago, for a free life style, though Sand had a richer gamut of emotions and engagement.

She could lead this kind of life because she received a monthly stipend from the Russian government due to her officer of a father.

Lou got close relationships with Nietzsche, Rainer Maria Rilke, Freud, Paul Ree, Heinrich Gillot, Zemek (Friedrich Pineless, a Danish neurologist who was 7 years younger)…

Before the age of 35, Lou never engaged in love making: She was anorexic, flat chested, and had probably bad experiences in physical contacts with her brothers and father (incest?).

After the age of 35, she got totally in sexual activities, mostly with younger men.

Zemek was the first man she shared sexual intercourse with and she confined to Ernst Pfeiffer at a late age: (Zemek) was the man she feels most ashamed of (the muddy routes of sensuality?)

She decided to marry Andreas, a professor of Oriental and Central languages at the university of Gottingen where she settle down till her death.

Each Spring, Lou would travel around Europe, tackled by Zemek, until he was sick and tired of carrying around her luggage while she had sweet eyes to the young boys.

She wrote: Natural love is based on the principle of infidelity (like many animals?)

Lou could Not dissociate love from spirituality: Sexual Love must be short and fugitive: Must be regenerated at each amorous fiesta.

She never had the courage to put in this world a human being: We had to be more than ourselves, a course of living that requires immense focus.

At the age of 50, she gets initiated to psycho-analysis around 1912.

She landed in Vienna in August 1912 in order to attend the Wednesday sessions of Freud disciples

Freud mentioned that that her stay in Vienna may have been the most exciting and fruitful period in her destiny.

Lou and Freud had frequent and lengthy correspondence for many years.  They started the trend of exchanging portraits.

She disagreed with Freud on the subject of narcissism.

She practiced psycho-analysis during and after the WWI in Russia and invested many hours treating soldiers of their trauma.

She adopted Marienchen, an illegitimate girl of her husband, and made her heritiere.

Her abundant correspondence and articles were Not translated from German. Such as “Anal und sexual, 1916”, “Creation of God”, My life, Love of narcissism, Eros.

Fenitchka and Rodinka were translated.

Lou might have destroyed many lives (men committing suicide, like Victor Tausk, Paul Ree…) and laid waste to many marriages, but her company was stimulating.

Men felt larger in her presence and she delivered them from their strong personality, though she was never delivered herself from her personality

“I acknowledge Apartheid Exist” Noam Chomsky, and Ben Gurion

Ben Gurion, Israel first Prime Minister, had a strategic plan before the creation of Israel by a single vote in the UN in 1948.

He stated clearly: “We will create a Christian State on our northern border, beyond the Litany River. We will ally with this Christian State (Lebanon).

After we destroy the “Arabic armies”, bomb Amman (Capital of Jordan), we shall enter the West Bank (in Palestine). These preemptive wars will put Syria on its knees and surrender to the existence of Israel.

If Egypt is still enthused on confrontation, we will bomb Port said, Alexandria, Cairo…

In this way, we shall get revenge for our forefathers with the Egyptians, the Assyrians, and the Arameans (Canaan)…”

In his diary of July 18, 1948, Ben Gurion wrote:

“If I were an Arab leader, I  would never sign an accord with Israel. This is plainly normal: We have taken their country. It is true that God had promised us this land, but how this should be any of their concern? Our God is not their God. There have been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler,  Auschwitz… Are these event of the Palestinian Arab’s faults? They should see a single matter: We have stolen their country.  Why should they accept this theft?

We have to do everything to insure that the Palestinians never return. The old Palestinians will die, and the younger ones will totally forget…”

Shlomo Zand wrote in 2009  “The Invention of the Jewish People”.

Zand insisted on the separation between going on pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the myth that it was a Jewish city.

The successive exodus stories in the Jewish bible were myths, and the concept of a National State built on Zionism is also a myth, and plainly invented in the last century…

Freud was invited to head the State of Israel as President (an honorific position) after Einstein declined the offer.

Freud said: “And do we have to kick out entire people out their lands, every time a Jew bangs his head on the lamentation wall”?

“O Jews of the world. Free yourself from Zionists and save yourself from another holocaust”

Noam Chomsky wrote:

One of the most effective devices is to encourage debate, but within a system of unspoken presuppositions that incorporate the basic principles of the doctrinal systems.

These principles are therefore removed from inspection; they become the framework for thinkable thought, not objects of rationale consideration

This Is Gaza || Noam Chomsky - brilliant professor, thinker and humanitarian. Respect ..

Maimonides (1138-1204) resurrects Ibn Rushd (Averroes) rational works

Maimonides (Mussa ibn Maimun) was 12 years younger than Ibn Rush (Averroes); they both were born in the same cultured city of Cordoba (southern Spain).

Cordoba was for over a century the center of intellect and civilization around the Mediterranean Sea basin.  In 1149, the family of Maimonides were given the option of leaving the city or convert to Islam:  A new Islamic tribe from Morocco (Almohades or the Al Muwahhidun) imposed a conservative climate in that free-spirited city where Moslems, Christians, and Jews lived in harmony.

The fathers of Maimonides and Ibn Rush are friends:  Ibn Rushd’s father is a Moslem judge while Maimonides’ father is a Rabbi of the Jewish community. Maimonides’ father encouraged the Jews who could not afford to leave to convert to Islam:  Islam is one of the purest monolithic religion and the mosques have no idols, icons, or pictures, on the basis that in due time, converted Jews can leave in order to resume their traditional ceremonies and way of life.

The family of Maimonides opted to leave:  It stays in Toledo (a city under King Alphonse VII of Castile), then move on to southern France to join a large Jewish community.  In 1160, the family is in Fez  (Morocco) and stayed there for 5 years; the family transfer to Tanger where Ibn Rushd is judge there.

In 1165, the family immigrated to Palestine. The father dies in Akka.  Maimonides is head of the family and they move to Alexandria (Egypt) and then to Fostat, 5 miles away from the Capital Cairo.  Maimonides will remain there and become the Ayubid Sultan’s physician.

Maimonides relied on Ibn Rushd’s works to perpetuate the rational and scientific trend.  He wrote:

“We may dispense of Platon’s works:  Aristotle’s works suffice, since they are the foundations and roots of scientific rational methods.  Aristotle’s works are difficult and many propositions cannot be comprehended without the commentaries and interpretations of Ibn Rushd.”

When Ibn Rushd was banned from publishing books or communicating what he wrote  in the last six years of his life, the increased pressures on Ibn Rushd’s freedom of expression resulted in regular events of  public burning of the scholars’ manuscripts.  Luckily, copies reached Cairo, northern Spain, and southern France (Languedoc province) where they were read and translated in Hebrew, Latin, and local languages.

As Ibn Rushd, Maimonides believes that “It is proven that all actions done by man emanate from his own volition.  No external forces oblige him to tend to virtue or evil doing.  Every man can become just or guilty, good or bad; it is his own will that select the way of what he desires.  If we suffer, it is by what we inflict upon ourselves; we tend to attribute our pains as originating from God. Mankind is but another species and element in this cosmos and the universe does not revolve around man.  God is but an abstract concept, even if the Books refer to hands and fingers of God just to accommodating the limited abstraction power of common people.  God should not be described as good, benevolent, compassionate, jealous or any other character attributes since they will break the unity of God.”

In 1199, Judah bin Tibon, who had been translating Maimonides works from Arabic to Hebrew in southern France, expressed the desire to visit him in Cairo. Maimonides discouraged Tibon to undergo this perilous voyage since he won’t have time to meet with him because of his tight schedule.

Maimonides wrote:  “Early every day I have to ride 5 miles to check on the health of the Sultan, his extended family, and the officials in the castle.  I rarely returns home before late in the afternoon.  When I arrive I am met by many visitors, judges, notable people, and mostly patients waiting for health check up.  I barely have time to have my only meal of the day.  By the time the patients are gone it is late at night, frequently until 2am.

On the Sabbath, the Jewish community pay me visit after morning prayer and we study till noon and give them instructions for the week. Frequently, they return after the afternoon prayer and we study some more til evening prayer.  Thus, I never have time for any private meeting.”

Maimonides spread the advice of Ibn Rushd:  “Have no fear searching for truth in sciences.  Truth cannot contradict truth; sciences is in accord with God’s revelations. God has nothing to fear when you use your rational intelligence to discovering the universe and the causes of phenomenon.  Dialectical and rhetorical reasoning cannot compensate for demonstrative reasoning.

Generally, common people confuse inferences with conclusions that are drawn from several premises. For example:  common people say “this person is a thief because he was seen wandering at night” and do not evaluate all the other factors that determine a thieving behavior.  Common people conclude that they will see God as we see the sun when they are told that God is light.

Learned people comprehend that beatitude and grace increase knowledge.  Truth is not intuitive but the accumulation of knowledge; we cannot become astronomer without learning and assimilating geometry and mathematics. Forbidding people from applying scientific methods on the ground that they lead to errors, abuse, and blasphemy is like forbidding someone from drinking lest he dies of thirst on the excuse that some people die from drowning.

Scientific methods of reasoning is not meant to defining God or the operations that lead to the creation of the universe:  It attests to its existence.  We cannot apply to God the categories and human concepts””

In 1180, Maimonides wrote to a Jewish community in Yemen asking for a second opinion:  A Jew proclaimed to be the Messiah

“It is not rare that such type of persons appears in history.  The Messiah cannot keep the promises that this person is spreading of happy eternal life:  The Messiah is not to change the laws of nature; pain, suffering, and injustice will not disappear; deserts will not become green and mountains will not be leveled out. The Messiah is not supposed to be a supernatural entity but someone to put an end to violence.  Those proclaiming to be messiah are but charlatans and mentally sick.”

One of the most known manuscripts of Maimonides is “Guide to the perplexed” or those who cannot help it but constantly raise questions relevant to the meaning of life, the universe, the identity of God… He suggested that the perplexed person gets on with the effort of studying philosophy and apply reason and scientific methods to resolving their uneasy conditions.

In Central Europe of the 18th century, the Hasidic Jewish sect would proclaim Maimonides and all the followers who consider him as their spiritual leader as “heretics”.  Nevertheless, Maimonides works influence Spinoza, Kant, Fichte, Darwin, Freud, Lancan, and Leo Strauss.

Ibn Rushd dared reflect on every single question exposed by the civilization of the period concerning the coherence among religious dogmas and scientific verities; he dared to write his answers.  Maimonides reflected too on the corny questions but refrained from writing them down; you could know his positions by inference to his answers.

A brief background:  In Maimonides life, Europe is still battling among its various Christian schisms of monophysite, Niceans  (Catholics), Nestorians, Arianus followers (predominant among the Germanic and Slavic people).  The Calif of Baghdad is reduced to a figure-head while the Turkish princes are the main power (the Mogul hordes will soon sack and destroy (in 1250) this famous city of Baghdad that concentrated 3 million urban citizens back then).

The Western Roman Empire had vanished, and the Byzantium Empire was weakening (soon will be reduced to a vassal condition to the Ottoman expanding power in Turkey).  Papal Rome is being selected by the Germanic monarchs as well as the bishops, and in many occasions, two popes are elected and backed by various monarchs. The political and military confrontations among the many Christian religious schisms on the nature of Jesus have taken their toll on Europe.

The crusaders are loosing their grips in the eastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea, and Saladin recaptured Jerusalem.  The Catholic monarchs of Castile and Aragon (Spain) had started the “reconquista” and Andalusia was wracked by wars among the multiple small kingdoms of Islamic monarchs; these internal wars were called “wars of Tawaif”.  In

In 1112, Ibn Tumar, a literate Berber from Algeria who spent ten years in Iran, returned to proclaim that he is the awaited “hidden” Mahdi (since 874) of the Islam sect the Shias and formed the Almohades (Al Muwayidun) or united Islam.

The Spanish Catholic monarch Alphonse 7th put siege to Cordoba in 1148.  The  Caliph of Cordona Abd Mu2min calls on the Almohades for rescue and outset the Almoravids dynasty (Al murabitun) or the ones in vigilance.  The Almoravids originated from Mauritania and were a powerful tribe of traders in the western Sahara that captured Morocco.

In 1497, Papal Rome encouraged the institution of a university in Padua (Italy) to teaching Aristotle’s works and be translated directly from ancient Greek.  It was a strategy of ignoring the influence of Islamic culture that was spreading in Catholic Europe.  The Renaissance scholars dared not communicate the sources of their knowledge and learning.

Since then, European scholars have continued this custom of deliberately ignoring seven centuries of Islamic civilizations when accounting for western Europe civilization.

Note 1:  I refrained to approach the theological questions and their corresponding responses because I am not interested in abstract concepts that lack demonstrative methods for confirming or denying veracity. Mind you that current borders among the Maghreb States were delimited by the mandated powers of France and Spain. Unless we know exactly the name of the towns and regions, it is difficult to confirm from which current State the persons were from…

Note 2: Ahmed sent me an interesting comment stating that Maimoune had racist attitudes, pretty normal during the Middle Age and and still going strong even today.

“I copied and pasted the translation you mention from the following website:

This website gives the source as the following: Maimonides, Guide To The Perplexed, Translation from the Hebrew Version.

The popular Jewish Israeli thinker Israel Shahak confirms that Maimonides did indeed express anti-black racist views, also confirming that Kushite means Black people in his book called, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years,” which was first published in 1994 by Pluto Press. It can be found online here:

Understandably translations vary from author to author and an example of this can be downloaded from the University of California internet archive:

Download the PDF book. On page 384 you will see the racist quote and the context.

The version of the book I have at home is translated by Michael Friedlaender. You can find it Online here:

Go to Part Iii, Chapter Li. The second paragraph is the following:

“I will begin the subject of this chapter with a simile.

A king is in his palace, and all his subjects are partly in the country, and partly abroad. Of the former, some have their backs turned towards the king’s palace, and their faces in another direction; and some are desirous and zealous to go to the palace, seeking “to inquire in his temple,” and to minister before him, but have not yet seen even the face of the wall of the house. Of those that desire to go to the palace, some reach it, and go round about in search of the entrance gate.

Others have passed through the gate, and walk about in the ante-chamber; and others have succeeded in entering into the inner part of the palace, and being in the same room with the king in the royal palace. But even the latter do not immediately on entering the palace see the king, or speak to him; for, after having entered the inner part of the palace, another effort is required before they can stand before the king—at a distance, or close by—hear his words, or speak to him.

I will now explain the simile which I have made. The people who are abroad are all those that have no religion, neither one based on speculation nor one received by tradition. Such are the extreme Turks that wander about in the north, the Kushites who live in the south, and those in our country who are like these. I consider these as irrational beings, and not as human beings; they are below mankind, but above monkeys, since they have the form and shape of man, and a mental faculty above that of the monkey.”

“Sophie’s World” on David Hume; (Written on Dec. 4, 2009)

How I stumbled on Jostein Gaarder’s “Sophie’s World”, one of New York Times best seller?

My niece is reading this book as required textbook in high school. The manuscript is of 513 pages divided in 35 chapters and talking of a wide array of philosophers and concepts from Socrates, to Descartes, to Hume, Hegel, Kant…, Freud, and the Big Bang.

A short introduction to the story might be entertaining.

The first chapter introduces us to Sophie Amundsen, a 15-year-old girl. Sophie arrives home from school and finds a first envelope addressed to her. The sheet of paper has a single hand written sentence “Who are you?”  Sophie finds another envelops that says “Where does the world come from?

The last delivery of the mailbox is a postcard “Hilde Moller Knag; c/o Sophie Amundsen, 3 Clover Close. Dear Hilde, happy 15th birthday. Forgive me for sending the card to Sophie. It was the easiest way. Love Dad.”

Sophie knows of no Hilde and the phonebook was of no help. Sophie has now three problems to resolve, all in one day. Sophie is baffled and confused:  She is starting her philosophical initiation.  Would Lillemor be the same person? If her hair was not straight and defying all cosmetics for a curly appearance, then would she behaved different? If her nose was a tad bit longer or her mouth smaller, would she be the actual Sophie?

The next problem is even harder to reflect on. Can anything come from nothing? If not, then how far has she to go to the sources in the creation process? Can a creating God come from nothing?

I jumped to page 267 on the British philosopher David Hume (1711-1776). 

Hume was the contemporary of Voltaire and Rousseau or the Age of Enlightenment.  The previous Age was of the “rationalists” such as Descartes, Lock, and Spinoza.

Hume published his main work “A treatise of human nature” when he was 28 of age.  He claims that he got the idea when he was 15.

The empiricist Hume (believing in experiments as the most valid method for acquiring knowledge) said:

“No philosophy will ever be able to take us behind the daily experiences or give us rules of conducts that are different from those we get through reflections on everyday life.”

For example, people have experienced or sensed wings on birds, but that does not mean that the complex idea of “angel” exists. Angels are associations in man’s imagination; thus, the concept of angels is false as an experienced reality and should be rejected from the knowledge baggage.

If a textbook does not offer any experimental reasoning concerning matter of facts and existence then it should be committed to the flames as a book of knowledge.

Hume wanted to know how a child experienced the real world. Hume established that man has two types of perceptions:

1. impression (immediate sensation) and

2. ideas of external reality.

Ideas are recollections of impressions.  For example, getting burned is not the same sensation as remembering getting burned: this would be a pale imitation of actually the stronger feeling of being burned.

Ideas can be simple or complex; we may form complex ideas of the world for which there is no corresponding “object” in the physical world such as angels or God. Each element in the complex idea was previously sensed and the mind constructed a “false object” if not actually existing for the senses.

Descartes indicated that “clear and distinct” ideas guarantee that they corresponded to something that really existed.

One example for Descartes affirmation is the ego “I”, which is the foundation for his philosophy.

Hume begs to differ.

Hume considers that the ego I is a complex idea and constantly altered.  Since we are continuously changing our alterable ego is based on a long chain of simple impressions that we did not experienced simultaneously. “These impressions appear, pass, re-pass, slide away, and mingle in infinite varieties of postures and situations.” It is like the images in a movie screen: they are disconnected single pictures, a collection of instants.

It is the same concept of Buddha (2500 years earlier). Buddha said “There is nothing of which I can say “this is mine” or “this is me””.  Thus, there is no “eternal soul” since “Decay is inherent in all compound things. Work out your own salvation with diligence.”  Hume rejected attempts to prove the immortality of the soul or the existence of God but he never ruled out their possible existence or that of miracles.

On his deathbed, Hume said “It is also possible that a knob of coal placed upon the fire will not burn.

A miracle works against the laws of nature; but again, we have never experienced the laws of nature.

All that we know results from “habit” of our experiences, such as witnessing relationship or “cause and effect” occurring many times, but that we can never say that it might happen “always”.

For example, adults are more awed by magic tricks than children: a child is no more impressed by an apple falling or just floating because he didn’t acquire the habit in his mind for natural occurrences.  Expectations lie in our mind and not in one thing following another.

We human are great in the task of cutting and pasting everything that impresses upon us. Hume says that the preconditions to assembling complex ideas is to have entered all the elements in the form of “simple impressions”.   If we imagine God to be infinitely “intelligent, wise, and good being” then we must have “known intelligence, wisdom, and goodness”.

(How man brought in the “infinitely” in his concept? Did it come from watching the sky as a substitute to the experience of infinity? Somehow, man is able to extrapolate on piece meal experiences).

Hume wanted “to dismiss all this meaningless nonsense which has long dominated metaphysical thought and brought it into disrepute.”  (The introduction of the term metaphysical gave terrible nightmares to the succeeding philosophers fearing that they might sound metaphysical and had to explain at great length their concepts).

Hume cut off the final link between faith and knowledge.

(I conjecture that the deficiencies of our perceptual senses provide rich sources of strong impressions that modify our view of the real world.  For example, when we see double for a while (a temporary affliction), or we feel the ground waving and shaking under our feet when drunk, or under the influence, or when we hear background noises, then these sensation are real first impressions and not just ideas.

Thus, the weaker our constitution, the more acute and varied are our experiences; the more adapted our brain for capturing associations the far more complex is our perception of the world.)




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