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Smile or laugh? Frown or get outraged? What chocolate bars have to do here?

Smiling is good, by default.

A speaker on TED got hot on the benefits of smiling.  He mentioned something like a single smile is worth 400 chocolate bars in exciting our brain; I am pretty sure he said 4 thousand bars, but I blocked it out of my mind!

A few numbers are downright ridiculous, and we are better off reflecting a bit more before believing that outrageous numbers are necessary to making our speech credible.

Suppose an individual is on a tight diet:  Would he ever attempt to smile?  Wouldn’t the person imagine that smiling is fattening?

Suppose someone loves to eat chocolate, and he experienced the benefit of a chocolate bar in several occasions during his hectic life, wouldn’t he feels apprehensive smiling? Knowing how high he felt after eating a chocolate bar, and how much miserable he felt after the effects wore down?

If a single smile can have such a powerful effect on the brain, how down may we feel after we got tired to attaching a smile for 5 minutes?

I read somewhere that smiling involves far more muscles than frowning.

I try to keep a smile for two minutes and I inevitably fail: Smiling is a very tiring exercise.

Frowning is so much easier and seemingly a normal behavior for adults.  The speaker said that children smiles 400 times a day, while a jovial adult barely make number 20.

Even the ever jovial Dalai Lama could not revert to childhood habits:  Those Chinese occupiers ruined his good humor. Actually, the Dalai Lama preferred to retire from this exhausting exercise of smiling to reporters and interviewers and quit his responsibility as representative of the Tibetan people.

I wish that I am surrounded with laughing people.

Since both smiling and laughing are contagious, I had rather get more occasions to laughing:  Laughing is a real energy recharging exercise and I feel a new person during and after a good laughter.

Smiling is good, by default:  I had rather contaminate surrounding people to responding with smiles.  Why not:  I am generous distributing thousands of chocolate bars for free!

I have demonstrated that frowning is not necessarily a sign of intelligence:  Have you seen another animal specie smile?

Frowning is a sure proof that the individual is taking the easy way out in life:  He hate to reflect and exercise undiscovered muscles.

The frowning person believes that smiling is childish and people would fail to respect him.  Most probably, he frowns so that no one tries to challenge his deficient intelligence:  He likes to be left alone and to resume his drama acting.

There are so many issues to be indignant about, and the more “developed” we are, the worse it gets.

Getting outraged is another “energy recharging” exercise, similar to laughing frankly and gorgeously, as long as we learn to get engaged non-violently and resist oppressors and those in power treating us like stupid kids.

I have read somewhere that a prisoner got it in his mind to laugh for each physical  blow and insult he received.  I think that he got away from constant beating:  How can a laughing executioner do the beating if he has to hold his waist from laughing?

I doubt that secret services in Libya, Syria, and Bahrain have any sense of humor.  So many problems could have been temporarily resolved and most infamous regimes could have been saved to resume their wrongdoing, simply because a martyr generates thousands of outraged demonstrators.

I like to eat chocolate bars and also laugh: They are both energizers to looking at life from a positive perspective, the mind wide open to the harsh reality.

I have set my mind. If I ever stumble on a single friend who can make me laugh, I’ll quit smoking: It is impossible to laugh wholeheartedly and choke on your coughing.




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